The 59th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences
March 6-7, 2019, Tel-Aviv & Haifa, Israel

Last updated on March 13, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

The 59th IACAS Keyword Index

A   C   F   G   I   M   P   S   V  

Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, and AeroacousticsThL1T1.1, ThL1T1.2, ThL1T2.1, ThL1T2.2, ThL1T2.3, ThL1T2.4, ThL1T2.5, ThL2T1.1, ThL2T2.1, ThL2T2.2, ThL2T2.3, WeL1T4.1, WeL1T4.2, WeL1T4.3, WeL1T4.4, WeL1T4.5, WeL2T3.1, WeL2T3.2, WeL2T3.3, WeL2T3.4
AeroelasticityThL2T6.1, ThL2T6.2, ThL2T6.3, WeL2T1.1, WeL2T1.2, WeL2T1.3, WeL2T1.4, WeL2T3.3
Aerospace Design, Manufacturing, and MaintenanceThL1T6.3, ThL1T6.4, ThL1T6.5, WeL1T1.2, WeL1T5.3, WeL1T6.1, WeL1T6.5, WeL2T4.1, WeL2T4.3
Aerospace Systems Testing and Measurement TechniquesWeL1T3.5, WeL2T4.2
Air-Breathing and Rocket PropulsionThL1T2.5, ThL2T1.1, ThL2T1.2, ThL2T1.3, WeL1T5.1, WeL1T5.2, WeL1T5.3, WeL1T5.5, WeL1T6.2
Aircraft Structures and Fatigue Life EvaluationThL1T6.2, ThL1T6.5
All-Electric Aerospace VehiclesWeL2T4.2
Astrodynamics and Space SystemsThL2T5.2, ThL2T5.4, WeL1T3.1, WeL1T3.2, WeL1T3.3, WeL1T3.4, WeL1T6.3
Autonomous Systems and AvionicsThL1T4.1, ThL1T4.2, ThL1T4.3, ThL1T4.4, ThL1T5.4, WeL1T1.1, WeL1T1.2, WeL1T1.3, WeL1T1.4, WeL1T6.4, WeL2T2.1, WeL2T2.3, WeL2T2.4, WeL2T4.2, WeL2T6.2
Combustion and Reactive FlowsThL1T1.1, ThL1T1.2, ThL1T1.3, ThL1T1.4, ThL2T1.1, ThL2T1.3, ThL2T2.1, WeL1T5.3, WeL1T5.4, WeL1T5.5, WeL1T6.2
Computational Fluid DynamicsThL1T2.5, ThL2T2.1, ThL2T2.2, ThL2T2.3, ThL2T2.4, WeL1T4.3, WeL2T1.3
Cyber Security in AerospaceWeL1T4.5
Flight Mechanics, Performance, Modelling, and SimulationThL1T2.2, ThL1T3.2, ThL1T4.3, ThL2T5.1, ThL2T5.3, WeL1T5.4, WeL1T6.1, WeL2T2.3, WeL2T2.4, WeL2T3.4
Flight Testing and Evaluation of Aerospace SystemsThL2T5.3, WeL1T5.4, WeL1T6.1
Fluid Mechanics and Flow ControlThL2T2.4, WeL1T4.2, WeL1T4.4, WeL1T4.5, WeL1T6.5, WeL2T3.1, WeL2T3.2, WeL2T3.3, WeL2T3.4
Guidance, Navigation, and ControlThL1T4.1, ThL1T4.2, ThL1T4.3, ThL1T4.4, ThL1T5.1, ThL1T5.2, ThL1T5.3, ThL1T5.4, ThL1T5.5, ThL2T4.1, ThL2T4.2, ThL2T4.4, ThL2T5.1, ThL2T5.3, ThL2T5.4, WeL1T2.1, WeL1T2.2, WeL1T2.3, WeL1T2.4, WeL1T2.5, WeL1T3.1, WeL1T3.2, WeL1T3.3, WeL1T3.4, WeL1T3.5, WeL1T6.4, WeL2T2.1, WeL2T2.2, WeL2T2.3, WeL2T2.4
Indrustrial Projects, Navigation Guidance and ControlThL1T3.1
Industrial Projects Challenges and Lessons LearnedThL1T3.4, WeL2T4.1
Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and OptimizationThL1T3.2, ThL1T3.4, ThL2T6.3, WeL1T1.2, WeL1T1.3, WeL1T1.4
Parameter Estimation, Fault Detection, and IsolationThL1T5.5, ThL2T4.2, ThL2T4.3, ThL2T4.4, WeL1T3.4
Plenary LectureThPl1PL.1, ThPl2PL.1, ThPl3PL.1, WeKLPL.1, WePl1PL.1, WePl2PL.1, WePl3PL.1
Solid Mechanics and Aerospace MaterialsThL1T6.1, ThL1T6.3, ThL1T6.4
Structural Mechanics and DynamicsThL1T6.3, ThL1T6.4, ThL2T6.2, ThL2T6.3, WeL2T1.4
Student CompetitionWeL1T6.3, WeL1T6.4, WeL1T6.5, WeL1T6.6, WeL2T6.1, WeL2T6.2
Systems EngineeringWeL1T1.1, WeL1T1.3
V/STOL ConfigurationsWeL2T6.2




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