ANZCC 2019 Paper Abstract


Paper TA1.9

Nurdin, Hendra I. (The University of New South Wales)

Stability Analysis of the Sinusoidal Orbits of a Nonlinear Proportional and Resonant Current Regulator for Islanded Microgrids

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular Session "Complex and Nonlinear Systems" (TA1), Thursday, November 28, 2019, 12:15−12:30, WZ Building Room WZ416

2019 Australian & New Zealand Control Conference (ANZCC), November 27-29, 2019, Auckland, New Zealand

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Keywords Nonlinear Systems and Control, Time-varying Systems


Conventional control of islanded microgrids employ power electronic inverters as voltage controllers. However, inverters can also be operated in current control mode with a number of desirable features. One proposed scheme is to use a proportional and resonant controller to regulate the inverter output current and use the phase estimate from a PLL as a nonlinear feedback signal. It was recently shown that for linear time-invariant loads this current control scheme has a family of sinusoidal orbits in its state space, producing a sinusoidal output at the inverter. However, it remained an open question as to whether this family of sinusoidal orbits is stable in the sense that it attracts nearby trajectories in the system's state-space. In this work we establish stability theorems for the sinusoidal orbits, providing explicit conditions for their stability.



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