15th International Workshop on Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control
July 9-11, 2018, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

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Last updated on July 4, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday July 11, 2018

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WePL1 lecture hall i7
Plenary III Plenary Session
08:45-09:30, Paper WePL1.1 
Sliding–Mode Control - from Theory into Practice
Horn, MartinGraz Univ. of Tech.
WeA1 lecture hall i7
Sliding Mode Theory II Regular Session
10:00-10:20, Paper WeA1.1 
Multi-Input Nonlinear Systems with Time and State Dependent Uncertain Control Direction
Bartolini, GiorgioCnr
Estrada, AntonioInria
Punta, ElisabettaCNR-IEIIT
10:20-10:40, Paper WeA1.2 
Linearization-Based Integral Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Constrained Nonlinear Systems
Zambelli, MassimoUniv. of Pavia
Ferrara, AntonellaUniv. of Pavia
10:40-11:00, Paper WeA1.3 
Sliding Mode Identification and Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
Meza Aguilar, Marco AntonioCentro De Investigacion Y Estudios Avanzados Del I.P.N
Loukianov, Alexander G.CINVESTAV De IPN, Unidad Guadalajara
Rivera, JorgeCinvestav Unidad Guadalajara
Navarrete, AntonioInst. Tecnológico De Tepic
11:00-11:20, Paper WeA1.4 
A New Design Methodology of Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with State Dependent Uncertainty Bound
Roy, SpandanIndian Inst. of Tech. Delhi (IITD)
Basu Roy, SayanINDIAN Inst. OF Tech. DELHI (IITD)
Kar, Indra NarayanIndian Inst. of Tech. Delhi
11:20-11:40, Paper WeA1.5 
Disturbance Decoupling Using a Novel Approach to Integral Sliding-Mode
Posielek, TobiasGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Wulff, KaiTech. Univ. Ilmenau
Reger, JohannTU Ilmenau
11:40-12:00, Paper WeA1.6 
On Stability of Event-Triggered Systems with Sliding Mode Control
Behera, Abhisek K.Seoul National Univ
Bandyopadhyay, BijnanIIT Bombay
WeB1 lecture hall i7
Applications IV Invited Session
Organizer: Steinberger, MartinGraz Univ. of Tech
Organizer: Horn, MartinGraz Univ. of Tech
13:00-13:20, Paper WeB1.1 
Robust Parameter Identification for Railway Suspension Systems (I)
Zoljic-Beglerovic, SelmaVIRTUAL VEHICLE Res. Center, Graz Univ. of Tech
Golkani, Mohammad AliGraz Univ. of Tech
Steinberger, MartinGraz Univ. of Tech
Horn, MartinGraz Univ. of Tech
13:20-13:40, Paper WeB1.2 
High Accuracy Sigma-Delta Modulator Implementation Via Suboptimal Quasi-Sliding Mode Control (I)
Pilloni, AlessandroDIEE-Univ. of Cagliari
Franceschelli, MauroUniv. of Cagliari, Italy
Pisano, AlessandroUniv. Di Cagliari
Usai, ElioUniv. Degli Studi Di Cagliari
13:40-14:00, Paper WeB1.3 
A Super-Twisting-Like Sliding Mode Observer for Frequency Reconstruction in Power Systems: Discussion and Real Data Based Assessment (I)
Rinaldi, GianmarioUniv. of Pavia
Prathyush, Purushothama MenonUniv. of Exeter
Ferrara, AntonellaUniv. of Pavia
Edwards, ChristopherUniv. of Exeter
14:00-14:20, Paper WeB1.4 
A Robust Sensorless Control for PMSM with Online Parameter Indentification (I)
Colombo, LuigiUniv. Pol. Delle Marche
Corradini, Maria LetiziaUniv. Di Camerino
Cristofaro, AndreaUniv. of Camerino
Ippoliti, GianlucaUniv. Pol. Delle Marche
Orlando, GiuseppeUniv. Pol. Delle Marche
14:20-14:40, Paper WeB1.5 
Decentralized Integral Sliding Mode Approach for Frequency Control and Unknown Demand Reconstruction in Power Systems (I)
Rinaldi, GianmarioUniv. of Pavia
Ferrara, AntonellaUniv. of Pavia
14:40-15:00, Paper WeB1.6 
LPRS Analysis of Sliding Mode Control of a Boost Converter (I)
AlZawaideh, AymanKhalifa Univ. of Science and Tech
Boiko, IgorKhalifa Univ. of Science and Tech
WeC1 lecture hall i7
Chattering Analysis Regular Session
15:30-15:50, Paper WeC1.1 
On Loeb’s Criterion of Orbital Stability of Self-Excited Periodic Motions
Boiko, IgorKhalifa Univ. of Science and Tech
15:50-16:10, Paper WeC1.2 
On Parametric Uncertainty in Dynamically Perturbed Sliding Mode Controlled Systems
Rosales Martínez, José AntonioTecnologico De Moonterrey
Ibarra Moyers, Luis MiguelTecnológico De Monterrey
Fridman, Leonid M.National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico
Shtessel, Yuri B.Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville
Ponce, PedroITESM-CCM
Molina, ArturoTecnológico De Monterrey
16:10-16:30, Paper WeC1.3 
Frequency Domain Analysis of the Extended Super-Twisting Algorithm (I)
Pérez, UlisesUniv. Nacional Autónoma De México
Jauch, Gerke HannesUniv. Nacional Autonoma De Mexico-UNAM
Moreno, Jaime AUniv. Nacional Autonoma De Mexico-UNAM
Fridman, Leonid M.National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico
16:30-16:50, Paper WeC1.4 
Anti-Noise and Anti-Disturbance Properties of Differential-Algebraic Relaxation Applied to a Set-Valued Controller
Kikuuwe, RyoHiroshima Univ
16:50-17:10, Paper WeC1.5 
Robustness of Smooth Sliding Control to Unmodeled Dynamics: Overcoming First-Order SMC and Super-Twisting Algorithm
Oliveira, Tiago RouxState Univ. of Rio De Janeiro - UERJ
Hsu, LiuCOPPE - Federal Univ. of Rio De Janeiro




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