15th International Workshop on Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control
July 9-11, 2018, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

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Last updated on July 4, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday July 10, 2018

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TuPL1 lecture hall i7
Plenary II Plenary Session
08:30-09:15, Paper TuPL1.1 
Sliding Mode Control and Observation in Aerospace Systems
Shtessel, Yuri B.Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville
TuPO1 foyer 1st floor
Poster with Coffee II Poster Session
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.1 
Position Synchronization Control of Multiple Robotic Manipulator Systems Using Low Pass Filter Based Integral Sliding Mode
Phukan, SumiIIT Guwahati
Mahanta, ChitralekhaIIT Guwahati
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.2 
Nonlinear Feedback Super Twisting Field Oriented Control of Linear Induction Motors Considering Dynamic End Effects
Zhang, LeiUniv. Bourgogne Franche-Comte/UTBM
Obeid, HusseinUniv. Bourgogne Franche-Comté/UTBM
Laghrouche, SalahUniv. De Tech. De Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM)
Hamerlain, MustaphaCentre De Développement Des Tech. Avancées, Algiers
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.3 
A Combined High Gain-Higher Order Sliding Mode Controller for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Gaaloul, AbderraoufTVTC, Coll. of Tech. of Taif
M'Sahli, FaouziMonastir Engineering School
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.4 
Artificial Potential Field and Sliding Mode Strategies for Proximity Operations with Obstacle Avoidance
Bloise, NicolettaPol. Di Torino
Capello, ElisaPol. Di Torino
Park, HyeongjunNew Mexico State Univ
Punta, ElisabettaCNR-IEIIT
Romano, MarcelloNaval Postgraduate School
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.5 
Finite-Time Consensus for Uncertain Nonlinear Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems
Wang, XiangyuSoutheast Univ
Li, GuipuSoutheast Univ
Li, ShihuaSoutheast Univ
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.7 
Global Multivariable HOSM Differentiator for Output-Feedback Unit Vector Control of Nonuniform Relative Degree Systems
Oliveira, Tiago RouxState Univ. of Rio De Janeiro - UERJ
Rodrigues, Victor Hugo PereiraState Univ. of Rio De Janeiro
Battistel, AndreiState Univ. of Rio De Janeiro
Fridman, Leonid M.National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.8 
Switching Surface As a Filter and Its Application to Anti-Synchronisation of Lü Chaotic System
Samantaray, JagannathIndian Inst. of Tech. Roorkee
Chakrabarty, SohomIIT Roorkee
Roy, Binoy KrishnaNIT Silchar
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.9 
Quaternion Based Sliding Mode Attitude Controller for a Spacecraft with Control Moment Gyros
Priya, P.S LalIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Nair S, DurgaIndian Inst. of Tech. Palakkad
Narayanan, ArjunVSSC Trivandrum
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.10 
On a Discrete-Time Quasi-Sliding Mode Control (I)
Yong, FengHarbin Inst. of Tech
Xue, ChenHarbin Inst. of Tech
Yu, XinghuoRMIT Univ
Han, FenglingRMIT Univ
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.11 
Digital Implementation of Sliding Mode Controllers with DC-DC Buck Converter System (I)
Chakrabarty, SohomIIT Roorkee
Samantaray, JagannathIndian Inst. of Tech. Roorkee
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.12 
First-Order Continuous Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Robot Manipulators with Finite-Time Convergence of Trajectories to Real Sliding Mode
Zeinali, MeysarLaurentian Univ
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.13 
Cooling Control System with Sliding Mode Approach for Electrical Vehicle with Range Extender
Abdulhamitbilal, ErkanKale ArGe
Jafarov, Elbrous M.Istanbul Tech. Univ. Faculty of Aeronautics and Astrona
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.14 
Adaptive Back-Stepping Speed Tracking Controller for a Brush-Less DC Motor with a SM Observer for Back EMFs
Gil, RaúlCINVESTAV-IPN Unidad Guadalajara
Loukianov, Alexander G.CINVESTAV De IPN, Unidad Guadalajara
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.15 
Fault Detection and Isolation for a 3-DOF Helicopter with Sliding Mode Strategies
Pérez, UlisesUniv. Nacional Autónoma De México
Capello, ElisaPol. Di Torino
Punta, ElisabettaCNR-IEIIT
Perea, JeshuaNational Autonomous Univ. of Mexico, Department of Control
Fridman, Leonid M.National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.16 
Cyber-Attack Reconstruction Via Sliding Mode Differentiation and Sparse Recovery Algorithm: Electrical Power Networks Application
Nateghi, ShamilaUniv. of Alabama in Huntsville
Shtessel, Yuri B.Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville
Barbot, Jean PierreENSEA
Zheng, GangINRIA, Lille-Nord
Yu, LeiWuhan Univ
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.17 
Estimation of Contaminants in Solid Phase Ozonation by Differential Neural Networks with Discontinuous Learning Law
Poznyak, TatyanaESIQIE-IPN
Chairez, IsaacUpibi - Ipn
Poznyak, Alexander S.CINVESTAV-IPN
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.18 
Novel Higher Order Sliding Mode Observer for Output Noise Attenuation
Tamhane, BhagyashriColl. of Engineering, Pune
Kurode, ShailajaColl. of Engineering, Shivajinagar, Pune INDIA
Bandyopadhyay, BijnanIIT Bombay
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.19 
Higher Order Sliding Mode Based Dead-Beat Control with Disturbance Compensation for Multi-Input LTI Systems
Huseinbegovic, SenadFaculty of Electrical Engineering Univ. of Sarajevo
Perunicic, BranislavaUniv. of Sarajevo
Veselić, BobanFaculty of Electronic Engineering, Univ. of Niš
Milosavljević, ČedomirUniv. of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
09:15-11:00, Paper TuPO1.19 
H-Infinity Optimal Parameters for the Super-Twisting Algorithm with Intermediate Disturbance Bound Mismatch
Zhang, DaipengTU Ilmenau
Reger, JohannTU Ilmenau
TuA1 lecture hall i7
Applications II Regular Session
11:00-11:20, Paper TuA1.1 
Use of Second-Order Sliding Mode Observer for Low-Accuracy Sensing in Hydraulic Machines
Ruderman, MichaelUniv. of Agder
Fridman, Leonid M.National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico
11:20-11:40, Paper TuA1.2 
Control of Grid-Connected Shunt Active/LCL Filter: Continuous Sliding Mode Control Approach
Shtessel, Yuri B.Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville
Barbot, Jean PierreENSEA
11:40-12:00, Paper TuA1.3 
Selection of Switching Surface Parameters in the Presence of Control Constraints in Aerospace Applications
Rao, SachitInternational Inst. of Information Tech. Bangalore
12:00-12:20, Paper TuA1.4 
A Single-Loop High-Order Sliding Mode Controller for a Missile Interceptor
Cross, MichaelUniv. of Alabama at Huntsville
Shtessel, Yuri B.Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville
12:20-12:40, Paper TuA1.5 
Fast Extremum Seeking for Bioreactors Using a Variable Structure Control Approach
Ramírez-Carmona, UlisesUNAM
Moreno, JaimeUniv. Nacional Autonoma De Mexico-UNAM
Vargas, AlejandroUniv. Nacional Autónoma De México
12:40-13:00, Paper TuA1.6 
Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control of Cancer Chemotherapy
Dey, Bhabani ShankarNIT Silchar
Bera, Manas KumarNational Inst. of Tech. Silchar
Roy, Binoy KrishnaNIT Silchar
TuB1 lecture hall i7
Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control Invited Session
Organizer: Reichhartinger, MarkusGraz Univ. of Tech
14:30-14:50, Paper TuB1.1 
The Implicit Discretization of the Super-Twisting Sliding-Mode Control Algorithm (I)
Brogliato, BernardUR Rhone-Alpes
Polyakov, AndreyINRIA Lille Nord-Europe
Efimov, DenisInria
14:50-15:10, Paper TuB1.2 
Discrete-Time Equivalent Homogeneous Differentiators (I)
Koch, StefanGraz Univ. of Tech. Inst. of Automation and Contr
Reichhartinger, MarkusGraz Univ. of Tech
15:10-15:30, Paper TuB1.3 
Consistent Discretization of Finite-Time Stable Homogeneous Systems (I)
Polyakov, AndreyINRIA Lille Nord-Europe
Efimov, DenisInria
Brogliato, BernardUR Rhone-Alpes
15:30-15:50, Paper TuB1.4 
Reaching Law Based DSMC with Higher Relative Degree Sliding Variables (I)
Latosinski, PawelTech. Univ. of Lodz
Bartoszewicz, AndrzejLodz Univ. of Tech
15:50-16:10, Paper TuB1.5 
Disturbance Observer Based Discrete Time Sliding Mode Control for a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (I)
Zhao, DongyaChina Univ. of Petroleum
Spurgeon, Sarah K.Univ. Coll. London
TuC1 lecture hall i7
Applications III Regular Session
16:40-17:00, Paper TuC1.1 
Sliding Mode Anti-Windup Strategy for Mass Flow-Rate Regulation of Compressors with Rate-Limited Motors
Eldigair, YousifBrose Fahrzuegteile GmbH
Kunusch, CristianBrose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Würzburg
Ocampo-Martinez, CarlosTech. Univ. of Catalonia (UPC)
Camocardi, PabloBrose Fahrzuegteile GmbH
17:00-17:20, Paper TuC1.2 
Robust State Estimation for Linear Time Varying Lateral Vehicle Dynamics with Unknown Road Curvature
Tranninger, MarkusGraz Univ. of Tech
Steinberger, MartinGraz Univ. of Tech
Fridman, Leonid M.National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico
Horn, MartinGraz Univ. of Tech
Zhuk, SergiyIBM
17:20-17:40, Paper TuC1.3 
Quad-Rotor Robust Tracking: A Continuous Sliding-Mode Control Strategy
Falcón, RomeoTecNM/Inst. Tecnológico De La Laguna
González, Oscar A.TecNM/Inst. Tecnológico De La Laguna
Ríos, HéctorCONACYT - TECNM/Inst. Tecnológico De La Laguna
Dzul, AlejandroTECNM/Inst. Tecnológico De La Laguna




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