2019 International Workshop on Research, Education and Development
on Unmanned Aerial Systems
November 25-27, 2019. Cranfield, UK

2019 Workshop on Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED UAS)
November 25-27, 2019, Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK

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Last updated on November 8, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday November 26, 2019

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TuD21T1 Room T1
Keynote Speech 3 Plenary Session
TuD22T1 Room T1
Air Vehicle Operations Regular Session
10:10-10:30, Paper TuD22T1.1 
Teleoperation of a Drone Based on a Virtual Environment
Rojas, BelemUniversité De Technologie De Compiègne
Abaunza, HernanUniversité De Technologie De Compiègne
Castillo, PedroUnviersité De Technologie De Compiègne
Thouvenin, IndiraUniversité De Technologie De Compiègne
Lozano, RogelioUniversity of Technology of Compiègne
10:30-10:50, Paper TuD22T1.2 
Development of a Novel Water Landing UAV with Deflatable Floater
Bai, YiyunCranfield University
Hong, Ju-HyeonCranfield University
Zolotas, ArgyriosCranfield University
10:50-11:10, Paper TuD22T1.3 
Magnetic Detaching System for Modular UAVs with Perching Capabilities in Industrial Environments
Ramon Soria, PabloUniversity of Seville
Arrue, B.C.Escuela Superior De Ingenieros, Universidad De Sevilla
Ollero, AnibalUniversidad De Sevilla
11:10-11:30, Paper TuD22T1.4 
The Rise of High-Performance Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - How Worried Should We Be?
Bond, Ethan Russell GartlandUniversity of Manchester
Crowther, WilliamThe University of Manchester
Parslew, BenUniversity of Manchester
TuD22T2 Room T2
Navigation Regular Session
10:10-10:30, Paper TuD22T2.1 
An Improved ORB-SLAM2 in Dynamic Scene with Instance Segmentation
Qian, HuamingHarbin Engineering University
Ding, PengCollege of Automation, Harbin Engineering University
10:30-10:50, Paper TuD22T2.2 
Aerial Geo-Localisation for MAVs Using PoseNet
Cabrera Ponce, Aldrich AlfredoInstituto Nacional De Astrofisica, Optica Y Electronica
Martinez-Carranza, JoseInstituto Nacional De Astrofisica Optica Y Electronica
10:50-11:10, Paper TuD22T2.3 
Recursive Time-To-Go Estimator for Anti-Ship Missiles Guided by Pure Proportional Navigation
Ra, Won-SangHandong Global University
Shin, Hyo-SangCranfield University
Lee, YunhaCranfield University
Whang, Ick-HoAgency for Defense Development
11:10-11:30, Paper TuD22T2.4 
Visual Inertial Navigation for a Small UAV Using Sparse and Dense Optical Flow
Fanin, FaustoCranfield University
Hong, Ju-HyeonCranfield University
TuD24T1 Room T1
Fail-Safe Systems Regular Session
11:40-12:00, Paper TuD24T1.1 
Nonlinear Disturbance Observer Augmented Model Predictive Attitude Tracking Control of Quadrotors
Niu, ChaoyingUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
Sun, LiangUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
12:00-12:20, Paper TuD24T1.2 
Sensor Fault Mitigation for MAVs under Ground Effect
Matus-Vargas, AntonioInstituto Nacional De Astrofísica, Óptica Y Electrónica
Rodriguez-Gomez, GustavoINAOE
Martinez-Carranza, JoseInstituto Nacional De Astrofisica Optica Y Electronica
12:20-12:40, Paper TuD24T1.3 
Two-Layer Fault Detection for Incremental Flight Control of Fixed-Wing UAV
Ignatyev, DmitryCranfield University
Shin, Hyo-SangCranfield University
Tsourdos, AntoniosCranfield University
12:40-13:00, Paper TuD24T1.4 
Securing UAV Communications Using ROS with Custom ECIES-Based Method
Fernandez, Manuel JUniversity of Seville
Sanchez-Cuevas, P. J.Universidad De Sevilla
Heredia, GuillermoUniversity of Seville
Ollero, AnibalUniversidad De Sevilla
TuD24T2 Room T2
Smart Sensors Regular Session
, Paper TuD24T2. 
A Review of Existing Evaluation Methods for Point Clouds Quality
Fretes, HectorUniversidad Nacional De Asuncion, Facultad De Ingenieria
Gomez-Redondo, MarcosFIUNA
Paiva, EnriqueUniversidad Nacional De Asunción, Facultad De Ingeniería
Rodas, JorgeUniversidad Nacional De Asunción, Facultad De Ingeniería
Gregor Recalde, Raul IgmarUniversidad Nacional De Asunción, Facultad De Ingeniería
, Paper TuD24T2. 
Overcoming the Blind Spot in CNN-Based Gate Detection for Autonomous Drone Racing
Cocoma-Ortega, José ArturoInstituto Nacional De Astrofísica, Óptica Y Electrónica
Rojas-Perez, Leticia OyukiINAOE
Cabrera Ponce, Aldrich AlfredoInstituto Nacional De Astrofisica, Optica Y Electronica
Martinez-Carranza, JoseInstituto Nacional De Astrofisica Optica Y Electronica
11:40-12:00, Paper TuD24T2.1 
Autonomous Collection of Ground Truth Data by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Instructed by SMS Text Message
Williamson, AlexCranfield University
Mondal, SabyasachiCranfield
Xu, ZhengjiaCranfield
Tsourdos, AntoniosCranfield University
12:00-12:20, Paper TuD24T2.2 
A Multi-UAS System for the Inspection of Photovoltaic Plants Based on the ROS-MAGNA Framework
Castillejo-Calle, AlejandroUniversity of Seville
Millán Romera, José AndrésUniversity of Seville
Perez-Leon, HectorUniversity of Seville
PINEDA, JOSE LUISUniversidad De Sevilla
Maza, IvanUniversidad De Sevilla
Ollero, AnibalUniversidad De Sevilla
TuD25T1 Room T1
Keynote Speech 4 Plenary Session
TuD26T1 Room T1
Networked Swarms Regular Session
15:40-16:00, Paper TuD26T1.1 
Aeronautical Cognitive Communication System Design for Unmanned Aircraft System
Xu, ZhengjiaCranfield
Petrunin, IvanCranfield University
Tsourdos, AntoniosCranfield University
Mondal, SabyasachiCranfield
Williamson, AlexCranfield University
16:00-16:20, Paper TuD26T1.2 
Decentralized Multiple V-Formation Control in Undirected Time-Varying Network Topologies
Choi, JoonwonUNIST
Song, YeonghoUNIST
Lim, SeunghanAgency for Defense Development
Oh, HyondongUNIST
16:20-16:40, Paper TuD26T1.3 
Decentralized Hybrid Flocking Guidance for a Swarm of Small UAVs
Lim, SeunghanAgency for Defense Development
Song, YeonghoUNIST
Choi, JoonwonUNIST
Myung, HyunsamADD
Lim, HeungsikKAIST
Oh, HyondongUNIST
16:40-17:00, Paper TuD26T1.4 
A Mission Planning and Task Allocation Framework for Multi-UAV Swarm Coordination
Autenrieb, JohannesCranfield University
Strawa, NataliaCranfield University
Shin, Hyo-SangCranfield University
Hong, Ju-HyeonCranfield University
TuD26T2 Room T2
Industrial Session Invited Session
TuD27T1 Room T1




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