ICSTCC 2017 21st International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing October 19 - 21, 2017, Sinaia, Romania
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Last updated on October 5, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Saturday October 21, 2017

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SaPP4 George Enescu
Daniel Coca: "Reverse-Engineering the Brain: A Control-Theoretic
Plenary talk
Chair: Pastravanu, Octavian-CezarGheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi
SaPCC George Enescu
Closing Ceremony Plenary talk
Chair: Voicu, MihailGheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi
Co-Chair: Filipescu, AdrianLower Danube Univ. of Galati
SaA1 George Enescu
Modeling and Simulation Regular session
Chair: Burlacu, AdrianGheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi
Co-Chair: Dimitriu, GabrielUniv. of Medicine and Pharmacy
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA1.1 
Dynamic Temperature Setpoint Control As a Strategy for Reducing Costs and Energy Consumption in Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings
Fratean, Adrian (Tech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca), Dobra, Petru (Tech. Univ. of Cluj), Carutasiu, Mihail-Bogdan (Univ. Pol. of Bucharest)
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA1.2 
Linear Weighting Method and Calibration Technique with Application for Temperature Estimation in Inter Weather Stations Regions
Petrila, Iulian (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi), Chiriac, George Ciprian (“Gheorghe Asachi” Tech. Univ. of Iasi), Manta, Vasile (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi)
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA1.3 
Nonlinear Model and Control of a Quadcopter
Costandin, Marius-Simion (Tech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca), Dobra, Petru (Tech. Univ. of Cluj), Costandin, Beniamin Ioan (NTT Data)
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA1.4 
Design, Modeling and Control of a System for Dynamic Measuring of Leg Length Discrepancy
Vrhovski, Zoran (Tech. Coll. in Bjelovar), Obrovac, Karlo (Cognitus Ltd), Mutka, Alan (Tech. Coll. in Bjelovar), Bogdan, Stjepan (Univ. of Zagreb)
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA1.5 
Qualitative Case Study Methodology: Automatic Design and Correction of Ceramic Colors
Bagdasar, Ovidiu (Univ. of Derby), Birlutiu, Adriana (1 Decembrie 1918 Univ. of Alba Iulia), Chen, Minsi (Univ. of Huddersfield), Popa, Ioan-Lucian ("1 Decembrie 1918" Univ. of Alba Iulia)
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA1.6 
Identifiability and Sensitivity Analyses for a Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Model with T Cell Interaction
Dimitriu, Gabriel (Univ. of Medicine and Pharmacy "Grigore T. Popa" Iasi)
SaA2 Nicolae Iorga
Linear Systems Regular session
Chair: Precup, Radu-EmilPol. Univ. of Timisoara
Co-Chair: Ungureanu, FlorinaGheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA2.1 
Feedback Design for Linear Control Systems with Exogenous and System Disturbances: Robust Statement
Khlebnikov, Mikhail (Trapeznikov Inst. of Control Sciences of Russian Acad), Zheleznov, Kirill (Trapeznikov Inst. of Control Sciences of Russian Acad)
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA2.2 
Optimal Tuning of PI/PID Controllers for Integrating Processes with Inverse Response
Kaya, Ibrahim (Dicle Univ), Cengiz, Hayriye (Gazi Yasargil Education and Res. Hospital)
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA2.3 
State Estimation of an Octorotor with Unknown Inputs. Application to Radar Imaging
Chevet, Thomas (CentraleSupélec), Makarov, Maria (CentraleSupélec/L2S), Stoica Maniu, Cristina (Supelec), Hinostroza, Israel (SONDRA), Tarascon, Pierre (CentraleSupélec)
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA2.4 
NOUS 2.0: A MATLAB Toolbox for the Design of Globally Monotonic Multivariable Tracking Controllers
Schucht, Tobias (Tech. Univ. Ilmenau), Huttner, Felix (Tech. Univ. Ilmenau), Schmid, Robert (Univ. of Melbourne), Ntogramatzidis, Lorenzo (Curtin Univ)
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA2.5 
Finite Time Stability with Guaranteed Cost Control for Linear Systems
Qayyum, Atif (National Univ. of Science and Tech. Islamabad), Pironti, Alfredo (Univ. Degli Studi Di Napoli Federico II)
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA2.6 
On the Conservatism of Switched Max-Type Copositive Lyapunov Functions
Pastravanu, Octavian-Cezar (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi), Matcovschi, Mihaela-Hanako (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi)
SaA3 Mircea Eliade
Control Applications Regular session
Chair: Acho, LeonardoUniv. Pol. De Catalunya-EUETIB
Co-Chair: Barbu, MarianDunarea De Jos Univ. of Galati
09:40-09:55, Paper SaA3.1 
Energy Saving for Building Heating Via a Simple and Efficient Model-Free Control Design: First Steps with Computer Simulations
Abouaissa, Hassane (Univ. D'artois), Alhaj Hasan, Ola (Univ. D'artois), Join, Cédric (Nancy Univ), Fliess, Michel (Ec. Pol), Defer, Didier (Univ. D'artois)
09:55-10:10, Paper SaA3.2 
Automatic Tuning of Hexacopter Attitude Control Systems with Experimental Validation
Poksawat, Pakorn (RMIT Univ), Wang, Liuping (RMIT Univ)
10:10-10:25, Paper SaA3.3 
A Boundary Control Technique to the String-Tip-Mass System Based on a Non-Symmetric Peak-Detector Model
Acho, Leonardo (Univ. Pol. De Catalunya-EUETIB), Pujol, Gisela (Univ. Pol. De Catalunya)
10:25-10:40, Paper SaA3.4 
An ECMS-Based Powertrain Control of a Parallel Hybrid Electric Forklift
Teodorescu, Catalin Stefan (Flanders Make), Vandenplas, Steve (SOC Maakindustrie, FMTC), Depraetere, Bruno (Flanders Make), Shariatmadar, Keivan (Dana -- Belgium NV), Vyncke, Thomas (Dana -- Belgium NV), Duflou, Joost (KU Leuven), Nowe, Ann (VUB)
10:40-10:55, Paper SaA3.5 
Identification and Real Time Control of an Inverted Pendulum Using PI-PD Controller
Kaya, Ibrahim (Dicle Univ), Peker, Fuat (Dicle Univ)
10:55-11:10, Paper SaA3.6 
PI-IMC Control for Frequency Deviation Control in Islanded Micro Grid
Vilanova, Ramon (Univ. Autonoma De Barcelona), Barbu, Marian (Dunarea De Jos Univ. of Galati), Pedret, Carles (Univ. Autonoma De Barcelona)
SaB1 George Enescu
Nonlinear Systems Regular session
Chair: Mahulea, CristianUniv. of Zaragoza
Co-Chair: Gray, W. StevenOld Dominion Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper SaB1.1 
Generalization of a Flow-Invariance Criterion
Pastravanu, Octavian-Cezar (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi), Matcovschi, Mihaela-Hanako (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi), Voicu, Mihail (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi)
11:45-12:00, Paper SaB1.2 
Experimental Study on Anti-Windup Optimization for Non-Linear Systems with Actuator Saturation
Kanamori, Mitsuru (National Inst. of Tech. Maizuru Coll), Saga, Takuma (National Inst. of Tech. Maizuru Coll)
12:00-12:15, Paper SaB1.3 
Integration of Output Tracking and Trajectory Generation Via Analytic Left Inversion
Duffaut Espinosa, Luis Augusto (Univ. of Vermont), Gray, W. Steven (Old Dominion Univ)
12:15-12:30, Paper SaB1.4 
Prediction Techniques in Control of Energy Micro-Systems Based on Renewable Sources
Vlad, Ciprian (Dunarea De Jos Univ. of Galati), Ceanga, Emil (Dunarea De Jos Univ. of Galati), Vilanova, Ramon (Univ. Autonoma De Barcelona), Barbu, Marian (Dunarea De Jos Univ. of Galati)
12:30-12:45, Paper SaB1.5 
Design of Quasi-Optimal Regulators for Quadratically-Cubic Control Objects Using Generalized Work Criterion
Shopin, Sergey (Tula State Univ), Lovchakov, Vladimir (Tula State Univ)
SaB2 Nicolae Iorga
Control System Design Regular session
Chair: Sajewski, LukaszBialystok Univ. of Tehnology
Co-Chair: Vilanova, RamonUniv. Autonoma De Barcelona
11:30-11:45, Paper SaB2.1 
Data-Driven Nonlinear VRFT for Dead-Zone Compensation in Servo Systems Control
Bumb, Cornel (Pol. Univ. of Timisoara), Radac, Mircea-Bogdan (Pol. Univ. of Timisoara), Precup, Radu-Emil (Pol. Univ. of Timisoara), Roman, Raul-Cristian (Pol. Univ. of Timisoara)
11:45-12:00, Paper SaB2.2 
Decentralized Stabilization of Positive Descriptor Continuous-Time Linear Systems
Kaczorek, Tadeusz (Bialystok Univ. of Tech)
12:00-12:15, Paper SaB2.3 
Stabilization of Positive Descriptor Fractional Continuous-Time Linear System with Two Different Fractional Orders by Decentralized Controller
Sajewski, Lukasz (Bialystok Univ. of Tehnology)
12:15-12:30, Paper SaB2.4 
Improving LMI Controllers for Discrete Nonlinear Systems Using Policy Iteration
Diaz, Henry Paul (Univ. Pol. De Valencia), Sala, Antonio (Univ. Pol. De Valencia), Armesto, Leopoldo (None)
12:30-12:45, Paper SaB2.5 
Comparative Analysis of Performance of the SEPIC Converter Using LQR and PID Controllers
Sel, Artun (TOBB Ec. and Tech. Univ), Gunes, Uygar (TOBB Ec. and Tech. Univ), Elbir, Ovunc (Tobb Etu), Kasnakoglu, Cosku (TOBB Univ. of Ec. and Tech)
SaB3 Mircea Eliade
Internet Applications and Models Regular session
Chair: Popescu, ElviraUniv. of Craiova
Co-Chair: Chirila, CiprianPol. Univ. of Timisoara
11:30-11:45, Paper SaB3.1 
An HTTP-Based Environmental Monitoring System Using Power Harvesting
Mois, George Dan (Tech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca), Szilagyi, Zsolt (Tech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca), Sanislav, Teodora (Tech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca), Folea, Silviu (Tech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca)
11:45-12:00, Paper SaB3.2 
Logical Services Automatic Location from Elel
Razafindramintsa, Jean Luc (Univ. of Fianarantsoa), Thomas, Mahatody (Univ. of Fianarantsoa), Josvah Paul, Razafimandimby (Univ. of Madagascar), Simionescu, Sabin Mihai (Univ. of Craiova)
12:00-12:15, Paper SaB3.3 
Implementation of an On-Line Remote Control Ground Station for LEO Satellites
Done, Adrian (Stefan Cel Mare Univ. of Suceava), Lesanu, Cezar Eduard (Stefan Cel Mare Univ. of Suceava), Cailean, Alin-Mihai (Stefan Cel Mare Univ. of Suceava), Graur, Adrian (Stefan Cel Mare Univ. of Suceava), Dimian, Mihai (Stefan Cel Mare Univ. of Suceava)
12:15-12:30, Paper SaB3.4 
RDF-Based Workflows for the Figshare Research Data Repository
Panescu, Adrian-Tudor (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi), Manta, Vasile (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi)
12:30-12:45, Paper SaB3.5 
Analyzing the Effects of Virality and Topology for Information Diffusion in Social Networks
Floria, Sabina-Adriana ("Gheorghe Asachi" Tech. Univ. of Iaș I), Leon, Florin (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi), Cascaval, Petru (Gheorghe Asachi Tech. Univ. of Iasi)
12:45-13:00, Paper SaB3.6 
Endorsement of a User-Level Bandwidth Management Application in a Directory Service Environment
Breaban, Marius Costel ("Stefan Cel Mare" Univ. of Suceava)




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