SICE2023 SICE ANNUAL CONFERENCE September 6-9, 2023
Mie University, Tsu City, Japan
2023 SICE Annual Conference (SICE)
September 6-9, 2023, Mie University, Tsu City, Japan

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Last updated on September 13, 2023. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

SICE 2023 Keyword Index

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Adaptive and Optimal ControlFrAMT1.1, FrAMT1.2, FrAMT1.3, FrAMT1.4, FrAMT1.5, FrAMT1.6, FrAMT2.5, FrPMT1.1, FrPMT1.2, FrPMT1.3, FrPMT1.4, FrPMT1.5, FrPMT7.3, FrPMT9.1, FrPMT9.7, SaAM1T4.2, SaAM1T4.6, SaAM1T6.1, SaAM1T6.2, SaAM1T6.3, SaAM1T6.4, SaAM2T4.1, SaAM2T4.4, SaPMT2.4, SaPMT4.1, SaPMT4.2, SaPMT4.7, SaPMT6.2, SaPMT7.6, ThAMT2.2, ThAMT2.5, ThAMT2.6, ThAMT6.1, ThPMT1.4, ThPMT1.6, ThPMT2.1, ThPMT2.2, ThPMT2.3, ThPMT2.4, ThPMT2.6, ThPMT2.9, ThPMT4.4, ThPMT8.2
Advanced ComputicsFrPMT2.1, ThPMT3.1
Agricultural and Bio-SystemsSaAM2T3.4, SaAM2T7.1, SaAM2T7.2, SaAM2T7.3, SaAM2T7.4, SaAM2T7.5, SaAM2T7.6
Analytical MeasurementFrAMT3.4, FrPMT3.3, SaPMT5.6, SaPMT8.6, ThAMT1.1, ThAMT1.3, ThAMT4.4, ThPMT6.3
Autonomous Decentralized SystemsFrAMT1.6, FrPMT4.7, FrPMT5.2, FrPMT7.3, FrPMT9.5, SaAM1T4.4, SaAM1T7.2, SaPMT5.7, ThPMT1.2, ThPMT2.5, ThPMT7.2, ThPMT7.3, ThPMT7.4, ThPMT7.5, ThPMT8.3
Biological and Physiological EngineeringFrPMT3.2, SaAM2T7.5, SaAM2T8.5, SaPMT3.1, SaPMT3.7, SaPMT5.5, ThAMT3.1, ThAMT3.3, ThPMT7.1
Components and DevicesFrPMT5.1, SaAM1T4.3, SaAM1T7.3, SaAM1T8.1, SaPMT6.4, ThAMT3.1, ThPMT3.1
Computational IntelligenceFrAMT1.6, FrAMT9.2, SaAM1T5.3, SaAM2T8.1, SaPMT6.7, SaPMT8.1, SaPMT8.2, SaPMT8.3, SaPMT8.4, SaPMT8.5, SaPMT8.6, ThAMT3.2, ThAMT5.2, ThAMT6.5, ThPMT1.3, WeAMWS1.1, WeAMWS2.1, WePMTut.1, WePMWS1.1
Computer Aided DesignFrAMT1.4, SaAM1T6.5, SaPMT6.3, SaPMT6.6
Discrete Event SystemsThAMT7.1
Electrophysiology and KinesiologyFrPMT6.1, SaPMT3.1, SaPMT3.7, SaPMT7.4
Embodied-Brain Systems ScienceThPMT6.3, ThPMT6.6
Entertainment SystemsFrAMT6.3, FrPMT4.1, SaAM1T5.1
Factory AutomationSaAM1T5.3, SaAM1T8.1, ThPMT3.2, ThPMT3.3, ThPMT3.4, ThPMT3.6
FlowMeasurement and ControlFrAMT3.7
Guidance and Flight ControlFrAMT7.1, FrAMT7.2, FrAMT7.3, FrAMT7.4, FrAMT7.5, FrAMT7.6, FrPMT1.6, FrPMT7.1, FrPMT7.2, FrPMT7.3, FrPMT7.4, FrPMT7.5, FrPMT7.6, SaPMT5.2, SaPMT7.6, ThAMT4.1, ThAMT4.2, ThAMT4.3
Human InterfacesFrAMT6.1, FrAMT6.2, FrAMT6.3, FrAMT6.4, FrPMT3.1, FrPMT6.3, SaAM1T2.1, SaAM1T2.2, SaAM1T2.3, SaAM1T2.4, SaAM1T5.1, SaAM2T2.1, SaAM2T2.2, SaAM2T2.3, SaAM2T2.4, SaAM2T2.5, SaAM2T8.6, SaPMT3.2, SaPMT3.3, SaPMT3.4, ThPMT1.5, ThPMT4.1, ThPMT5.7
Human-Machine SystemsFrAMT6.1, FrAMT6.2, FrAMT6.3, FrAMT6.4, FrAMT6.5, FrAMT6.6, FrAMT9.6, FrPMT6.1, FrPMT6.2, FrPMT6.3, FrPMT6.4, FrPMT6.5, FrPMT6.6, FrPMT6.7, FrPMT9.3, FrPMT9.4, SaAM2T2.2, SaAM2T4.3, SaAM2T8.3, SaPMT3.3, SaPMT7.3, SaPMT7.7, ThPMT1.5, ThPMT5.1, ThPMT5.6, ThPMT5.7, ThPMT6.4, ThPMT8.4
Identification and EstimationFrAMT2.6, FrAMT3.5, FrAMT3.6, FrAMT4.4, FrAMT7.2, FrPMT1.6, FrPMT2.2, FrPMT2.3, FrPMT3.1, FrPMT3.3, SaAM1T2.1, SaAM1T3.1, SaAM1T3.2, SaAM1T3.3, SaAM1T3.4, SaAM1T6.1, SaAM1T6.2, SaAM1T8.2, SaAM1T8.3, SaAM2T2.5, SaAM2T3.3, SaAM2T3.5, SaPMT7.4, SaPMT7.7, ThAMT1.1, ThAMT1.2, ThAMT1.3, ThAMT3.4, ThAMT4.4, ThAMT7.5, ThAMT8.2, ThPMT2.8, ThPMT4.2, ThPMT5.5, ThPMT7.3
Information Management SystemsSaAM2T6.4, ThPMT3.8
Innovative Systems Approach for Realizing Smarter WorldFrAMT4.1, FrAMT9.1, FrAMT9.6, SaAM1T4.2, SaAM2T8.1, ThPMT3.5, ThPMT5.1, ThPMT5.2, ThPMT5.3, ThPMT8.4, WePMTut.1
Integrative Biophysical Engineering and InformaticsSaAM2T8.6, SaPMT5.6, ThAMT3.2
Intelligent ControlFrAMT1.1, FrAMT4.2, FrAMT7.3, FrAMT9.4, FrPMT4.2, FrPMT5.2, FrPMT7.4, FrPMT9.2, FrPMT9.6, SaAM1T6.4, SaAM1T6.5, SaPMT2.5, SaPMT4.1, SaPMT4.2, SaPMT4.3, SaPMT4.4, SaPMT4.5, SaPMT4.6, SaPMT5.5, ThAMT6.5, ThPMT1.1, ThPMT4.4
Intelligent SystemsFrAMT4.2, FrAMT6.5, FrAMT6.6, FrAMT7.4, FrAMT9.2, FrAMT9.3, FrAMT9.4, FrAMT9.6, FrPMT3.5, FrPMT3.6, FrPMT3.7, FrPMT4.2, FrPMT4.7, FrPMT6.7, FrPMT9.4, FrPMT9.6, SaAM1T3.3, SaAM1T6.5, SaAM1T8.4, SaAM2T2.2, SaAM2T2.3, SaAM2T8.3, SaPMT2.4, SaPMT4.7, SaPMT5.1, SaPMT8.2, SaPMT8.3, SaPMT8.4, SaPMT8.6, SaPMT8.7, ThAMT5.2, ThAMT5.3, ThPMT1.1, ThPMT1.3, ThPMT2.4, ThPMT2.7, ThPMT4.6, ThPMT5.6, ThPMT7.2, ThPMT7.5, WePMTut.1
Manufacturing SystemsSaPMT8.7, ThPMT3.3, ThPMT3.4, ThPMT3.5, ThPMT3.8
Mechanical MeasurementSaAM1T3.4, SaAM1T8.5, SaAM2T5.2, ThAMT8.1, ThAMT8.3, ThAMT8.5, ThPMT4.2
Mechanical Systems ControlFrAMT1.1, FrAMT2.5, FrAMT5.1, FrAMT5.3, FrAMT5.6, FrAMT7.2, FrAMT7.5, FrPMT1.5, FrPMT2.4, FrPMT4.3, FrPMT5.1, FrPMT5.2, FrPMT5.3, FrPMT5.4, FrPMT5.5, FrPMT5.6, FrPMT9.1, SaAM1T3.1, SaAM1T3.5, SaAM1T4.1, SaAM2T5.4, SaAM2T6.3, SaPMT4.2, SaPMT5.4, SaPMT6.3, SaPMT7.1, SaPMT7.3, ThAMT2.2, ThAMT2.5, ThAMT6.6, ThAMT7.4, ThAMT7.5, ThPMT8.5
Mechatronics SystemsFrAMT4.3, FrAMT4.4, FrAMT4.5, FrAMT4.6, FrAMT5.1, FrAMT5.2, FrAMT5.3, FrAMT5.4, FrAMT5.5, FrAMT5.6, FrPMT1.3, FrPMT1.5, FrPMT5.1, FrPMT5.3, FrPMT6.3, FrPMT6.4, SaAM1T2.1, SaAM1T3.5, SaAM1T3.6, SaAM1T4.3, SaAM1T7.3, SaAM1T8.5, SaAM2T3.3, SaAM2T5.4, SaAM2T5.5, SaAM2T7.3, SaPMT3.5, SaPMT5.2, SaPMT5.4, SaPMT7.1, SaPMT7.5, ThAMT6.6, ThPMT4.2, ThPMT8.6
Medical and Welfare SystemsFrAMT5.4, FrAMT5.5, FrPMT3.4, SaAM1T8.2, SaPMT3.5, SaPMT7.2, SaPMT7.4, ThAMT3.4, ThPMT5.1, ThPMT5.3, ThPMT5.4, ThPMT5.5, ThPMT6.1, ThPMT6.2, ThPMT6.3, ThPMT6.4, ThPMT6.5, ThPMT6.6, ThPMT6.7
Micro and Nano DevicesFrPMT5.4, SaAM2T3.1
Modeling, System Identification and EstimationFrAMT1.2, FrAMT2.1, FrAMT2.2, FrAMT2.3, FrAMT2.4, FrAMT2.5, FrAMT2.6, FrAMT3.7, FrPMT2.1, FrPMT2.2, FrPMT2.3, FrPMT2.4, FrPMT2.5, FrPMT2.6, FrPMT5.5, FrPMT6.1, FrPMT6.4, FrPMT9.5, SaAM1T3.5, SaAM1T3.6, SaAM1T6.2, SaAM2T3.1, SaAM2T3.2, SaAM2T3.3, SaAM2T3.4, SaAM2T5.1, SaAM2T5.5, SaAM2T6.2, SaAM2T7.1, SaPMT3.4, SaPMT4.4, SaPMT5.3, SaPMT8.2, ThAMT2.3, ThAMT2.4, ThAMT2.5, ThAMT2.6, ThAMT3.3, ThAMT7.2, ThAMT7.3, ThAMT8.4, ThPMT2.2, ThPMT2.5, ThPMT2.8, ThPMT2.9, ThPMT6.7, ThPMT8.3, WeAMWS1.1, WePMWS1.1
Multivariable ControlFrAMT7.6, FrPMT1.1, FrPMT2.2, FrPMT5.6, SaPMT6.1, SaPMT6.2, SaPMT6.3, SaPMT6.5, SaPMT6.6, ThPMT2.2
Network System IntegrationSaAM1T4.4, SaAM1T7.1, SaAM1T7.4, SaAM2T4.4, SaPMT4.3, SaPMT6.5, ThPMT3.6, ThPMT3.7
Networked Sensor SystemSaAM1T3.2, SaAM1T7.4, SaAM1T7.5, SaAM1T8.3, ThPMT6.5
Nonlinear ControlFrAMT7.5, FrAMT9.4, FrPMT1.2, FrPMT2.4, FrPMT4.6, FrPMT6.5, FrPMT6.6, FrPMT7.6, SaAM1T2.3, SaAM1T7.1, SaAM1T7.5, SaAM2T4.1, SaAM2T5.2, SaAM2T8.4, SaPMT2.1, SaPMT2.2, SaPMT2.6, SaPMT4.4, SaPMT4.5, SaPMT6.5, SaPMT7.3, ThAMT2.4, ThAMT2.6, ThAMT7.3, ThAMT7.4, ThAMT7.5, ThPMT1.6, ThPMT2.3, ThPMT2.9, ThPMT7.3, ThPMT8.1, ThPMT8.2, ThPMT8.3, ThPMT8.4, ThPMT8.5, ThPMT8.6, WeAMTut.1
Opto-Electronic MeasurementFrPMT5.4, SaAM2T3.2, ThAMT1.2
Power Systems ControlFrAMT4.1, FrPMT2.5, SaAM1T6.3, SaAM2T6.1, SaAM2T6.2, SaAM2T6.3, SaAM2T6.4, SaAM2T6.5, SaAM2T6.6, SaAM2T7.2, ThAMT2.1, ThAMT2.2
Process AutomationSaPMT6.4, ThPMT3.2, ThPMT3.3, ThPMT3.4, ThPMT3.6
Process ControlFrPMT2.1, SaAM2T6.3, SaPMT4.5, SaPMT4.6, SaPMT6.4, SaPMT6.7, ThAMT3.3, ThPMT3.2
Relationality-Oriented Systems DesignFrPMT9.5, ThAMT5.1, ThAMT5.3, ThAMT5.4, ThPMT2.5
Remote SensingSaAM1T3.2, SaAM1T6.6, SaAM2T4.2
Rescue SystemsThPMT4.1
Robotic and Automation SystemsFrAMT1.3, FrAMT4.1, FrAMT4.2, FrAMT4.3, FrAMT4.4, FrAMT4.5, FrAMT4.6, FrAMT5.1, FrAMT5.2, FrAMT5.3, FrAMT5.4, FrAMT5.5, FrAMT5.6, FrAMT9.1, FrAMT9.2, FrAMT9.5, FrPMT1.2, FrPMT3.6, FrPMT4.1, FrPMT4.2, FrPMT4.3, FrPMT4.4, FrPMT4.5, FrPMT4.6, FrPMT6.2, FrPMT6.5, FrPMT7.5, SaAM1T3.6, SaAM1T4.3, SaAM1T7.1, SaAM1T7.2, SaAM1T7.3, SaAM1T7.4, SaAM1T7.5, SaAM1T8.4, SaAM2T3.5, SaAM2T5.1, SaAM2T5.2, SaAM2T5.3, SaAM2T5.4, SaAM2T5.5, SaAM2T7.3, SaAM2T7.4, SaAM2T7.6, SaAM2T8.2, SaPMT3.6, SaPMT5.2, SaPMT5.3, SaPMT5.4, SaPMT5.5, SaPMT7.1, SaPMT7.5, ThAMT2.3, ThAMT4.2, ThAMT6.1, ThAMT6.2, ThAMT6.3, ThAMT6.5, ThAMT6.6, ThPMT1.1, ThPMT1.2, ThPMT1.5, ThPMT4.1, ThPMT4.3, ThPMT4.4, ThPMT4.5, ThPMT5.2, ThPMT6.4, ThPMT7.1, ThPMT7.2, ThPMT8.5
Robust ControlFrAMT1.2, FrAMT1.4, FrAMT7.6, FrPMT2.6, FrPMT5.3, FrPMT5.6, FrPMT7.6, SaPMT2.1, SaPMT2.2, SaPMT2.3, SaPMT2.4, SaPMT2.5, SaPMT2.6, SaPMT6.2, SaPMT6.6, ThAMT2.4, ThPMT1.6, ThPMT2.1, ThPMT2.3
Safety, Environment and Eco-SystemsFrPMT6.6, SaAM1T2.3, SaAM1T4.1, SaAM2T6.4, SaPMT2.1, ThAMT3.1, ThPMT3.5, ThPMT3.7, ThPMT5.4, WeAMTut.1
SCADA and Network SystemsThPMT3.8
Sensors and TransducersFrAMT1.5, FrPMT3.2, FrPMT4.4, FrPMT7.5, SaAM1T5.6, SaAM1T8.1, SaAM1T8.2, SaAM1T8.3, SaAM1T8.4, SaAM1T8.5, SaAM2T2.5, SaAM2T8.5, ThAMT1.4, ThAMT3.4, ThAMT8.1, ThAMT8.2, ThAMT8.3
Signal and/or Image ProcessingFrAMT3.1, FrAMT3.2, FrAMT3.3, FrAMT3.4, FrAMT3.5, FrAMT3.6, FrAMT3.7, FrPMT1.6, FrPMT2.3, FrPMT3.1, FrPMT3.2, FrPMT3.3, FrPMT3.4, FrPMT3.5, FrPMT3.6, FrPMT3.7, FrPMT4.1, FrPMT4.5, SaAM1T5.1, SaAM1T5.2, SaAM1T5.3, SaAM1T5.4, SaAM1T5.5, SaAM1T5.6, SaAM1T6.6, SaAM2T4.2, SaAM2T4.5, SaAM2T7.1, SaAM2T7.6, SaPMT5.1, SaPMT5.6, SaPMT7.2, SaPMT7.7, SaPMT8.4, ThAMT1.1, ThAMT1.2, ThAMT1.4, ThAMT3.2, ThAMT8.2, ThPMT1.3, ThPMT4.6, ThPMT6.6, WeAMWS1.1, WePMWS1.1
Simulation of Large SystemsFrAMT4.5, FrPMT2.5, SaAM2T7.5, SaPMT3.6, SaPMT6.7
Social SystemsFrAMT6.4, SaAM2T6.5, SaAM2T6.6, SaAM2T8.1, SaAM2T8.2, SaAM2T8.3, SaAM2T8.4, SaPMT2.2, ThAMT5.1, ThAMT5.3, ThAMT5.5, ThAMT7.3, ThPMT5.2, ThPMT5.3, ThPMT5.6, ThPMT6.7, ThPMT7.4
Standard of MeasurementThAMT8.1, ThAMT8.3
System EngineeringFrPMT4.5, FrPMT4.7, FrPMT6.7, SaAM1T4.6, SaAM2T3.5, SaAM2T4.3, SaAM2T7.4, SaPMT2.7, SaPMT8.3, SaPMT8.5, SaPMT8.7, ThAMT2.3, ThAMT4.4, ThAMT5.1, ThPMT2.7, ThPMT3.7, ThPMT4.3, ThPMT6.5, ThPMT7.5
Temperature MeasurementSaAM2T3.4
Transportation SystemsFrAMT1.5, FrAMT4.3, FrAMT4.6, FrAMT7.3, FrAMT7.4, FrAMT9.1, FrPMT1.3, FrPMT9.7, SaAM1T3.3, SaAM1T4.1, SaAM1T4.2, SaAM1T4.4, SaAM1T4.6, SaAM2T4.1, SaAM2T4.2, SaAM2T4.3, SaAM2T4.4, SaAM2T4.5, SaAM2T6.6, SaPMT5.1, SaPMT5.3, ThAMT2.1, ThAMT5.2, ThPMT1.2, ThPMT1.4, ThPMT4.3, ThPMT4.6, WeAMTut.1
Ubiquitous HealthcareFrPMT3.4, SaAM2T8.5, SaAM2T8.6, ThPMT5.5
Virtual Reality SystemsSaAM2T2.4, SaPMT3.1, SaPMT3.2, SaPMT3.3, SaPMT3.4, SaPMT3.5, SaPMT3.6, SaPMT3.7, ThPMT5.7




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