September 20-23, 2016
Tsukuba International Congress Center
Tsukuba, Japan

SICE Annual Conference 2016
September 20-23, 2016, Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan

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Last updated on August 1, 2016. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

SICE 2016 Keyword Index

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Adaptive and Optimal ControlFr1C.3, Fr1C.6, Fr2B.2, Fr2C.2, Fr3B.2, Fr3B.3, Fr3B.4, Fr3G.1, Fr3G.3, Fr3G.5, Fr3H.1, Fr3H.2, Fr3H.4, Fr3H.5, Th1C.2, Th1C.3, Th2aPo4.1, Th2aPo4.2, Th2bPo4.3, Th3H.2, We1A.1, We1H.4, We1I.4, We1I.5, We2A.2, We2A.3, We2A.4, We3F.1, We3F.2, We3F.4, We3F.5, We3F.6, We3G.4, We3G.6, We3I.2, We3I.4, We3I.5
Agricultural and Bio-SystemsFr1B.5, Th1H.2, Th2aPo3.2, Th2aPo4.7
Analytical MeasurementFr3E.2, Fr3E.3, Fr3E.4, Th1E.8, Th1G.1, Th2bPo2.4, Th2bPo3.5, Th2bPo3.7, We1F.2, We2D.1, We2D.4, We2D.6
Autonomous Decentralized SystemsFr2F.3, Fr2F.4, Fr3G.1, Fr3G.2, Fr3G.6, Th1F.6, Th3D.3, Th3H.1, Th3H.2, Th3H.3, Th3H.4, Th3H.5, Th3H.6, We1E.6, We3D.4, We3I.1
Biological and Physiological EngineeringFr1B.1, Fr1E.2, Fr1E.3, Fr1E.5, Fr1E.6, Fr2E.1, Fr2E.2, Fr2F.2, Fr2H.5, Fr3D.2, Th1A.2, Th2aPo6.2, Th2aPo6.4, Th2bPo4.8, Th3F.4, We3E.6
Components and DevicesFr1D.6, Fr2C.1, Th1D.2, Th1D.7, Th1D.9, Th1E.4, Th2aPo2.12, Th3D.1, We2F.3, We3D.5
Computer Aided DesignFr2B.1, Fr3H.3, Th2aPo2.1, We1A.4, We3H.1
Discrete Event SystemsFr2F.1, Th1G.3, Th2aPo1.1, Th3E.1, Th3E.2, Th3E.3, Th3E.4
Electrophysiology and KinesiologyFr1E.3, Fr1E.4, Th2aPo3.8, Th2aPo6.1, Th2aPo6.3
Entertainment SystemsFr1F.5, Th2aPo4.6
Factory AutomationTh1A.6, Th1D.1, Th1D.3, Th1D.4, Th1D.5, Th1D.9, Th3D.2, We3A.1, We3A.2, We3A.4
FlowMeasurement and ControlWe2A.1, We2F.5
Guidance and Flight ControlFr1C.1, Fr1C.2, Fr1C.3, Fr1C.4, Fr1C.5, Fr3F.3, Th1A.4, Th1C.2, Th3G.4, Th3H.3, Th3H.4, We1A.1, We1D.1, We1D.4, We1E.2, We2D.3, We3I.1, We3I.2, We3I.3, We3I.5, We3I.6, We3I.7
Human InterfacesFr1B.3, Fr2E.6, Fr2F.3, Fr3B.5, Fr3D.3, Fr3D.4, Th1A.2, Th1A.7, Th1E.1, Th1F.1, Th1G.1, Th1G.2, Th1H.3, Th2aPo3.8, Th2aPo4.3, Th2aPo4.4, Th2aPo4.9, Th2aPo6.2, Th2aPo6.3, Th2bPo1.2, Th2bPo4.2, Th2bPo4.4, Th2bPo4.5, We1C.3, We1H.1, We2G.4, We3D.2, We3E.1, We3E.2, We3E.3, We3E.4, We3E.5, We3E.6, We3E.7, We3E.8, We3G.5
Identification and EstimationFr1B.1, Fr1D.1, Fr1D.3, Fr1E.6, Fr1F.1, Fr1F.3, Fr1F.5, Fr1G.1, Fr2C.5, Fr2D.2, Fr2E.6, Fr3A.3, Fr3D.2, Fr3D.3, Fr3F.3, Th1E.8, Th1G.2, Th2aPo2.1, Th2aPo2.5, Th2aPo3.6, Th2aPo3.7, Th2aPo4.10, Th2bPo1.1, Th2bPo2.4, Th2bPo2.8, Th2bPo3.5, Th2bPo3.6, Th2bPo3.8, Th2bPo4.8, Th3F.4, Th3F.5, Th3F.6, Th3H.4, We1A.6, We1F.1, We1G.1, We1I.1, We1I.5, We1I.6, We2A.2, We2A.3, We2D.1, We2D.2, We2D.3, We2D.4, We2D.6, We2D.7, We2E.4
Information Management SystemsFr2H.6, Th3D.2, Th3D.3
Integrative Biophysical Engineering and InformaticsFr1E.5, Th2aPo6.4
Intelligent ControlFr1G.2, Fr1G.3, Fr1H.1, Fr2E.4, Fr2E.5, Fr2H.1, Fr2H.2, Fr2H.3, Fr2H.4, Fr3B.1, Fr3B.5, Fr3D.4, Fr3G.2, Fr3G.3, Fr3H.3, Fr3H.5, Th1A.3, Th2bPo2.11, Th2bPo4.1, Th2bPo4.10, Th2bPo5.3, Th2bPo5.4, Th3A.3, Th3D.1, Th3G.3, Th3H.5, We1H.2, We1H.6, We2A.5, We2C.1, We2E.5, We2H.2, We3C.3, We3H.1, We3I.4
Intelligent SystemsFr1G.4, Fr1G.5, Fr1H.1, Fr1H.2, Fr1H.3, Fr1H.5, Fr1H.6, Fr1H.7, Fr2C.5, Fr2D.1, Fr2E.5, Fr2F.1, Fr2G.1, Fr2G.2, Fr2G.3, Fr2G.4, Fr2G.5, Fr2H.5, Fr2H.6, Fr3B.2, Fr3B.5, Th1A.1, Th1A.6, Th1A.7, Th1D.1, Th1F.1, Th1F.3, Th1F.4, Th1G.3, Th1G.4, Th2aPo3.6, Th2aPo4.10, Th2bPo3.1, Th2bPo4.2, Th2bPo4.10, Th2bPo5.1, Th2bPo5.2, Th2bPo5.3, Th2bPo5.4, Th2bPo5.5, Th3A.2, Th3A.3, Th3G.3, Th3H.6, We1H.6, We2E.2, We2H.2, We3A.1, We3E.6, We3G.3
Manufacturing SystemsFr1H.7, Th1A.2, Th1F.2, Th2aPo5.1, Th3G.1, We3A.2, We3A.3
Mass and Force MeasurementFr3E.1, Th1E.1, Th1E.2, Th1E.3, Th1E.4, Th1E.5, Th1E.6, Th1E.7, Th1E.8, Th2bPo4.7, We1F.4, We2F.5, We2I.1, We2I.2
Mechanical Systems ControlFr1C.2, Fr1D.4, Fr1E.4, Fr2B.1, Fr2B.4, Fr2C.4, Fr3A.1, Fr3C.1, Fr3C.3, Fr3C.4, Fr3C.5, Th1C.3, Th1C.4, Th1C.5, Th1H.4, Th1H.5, Th2aPo2.2, Th2aPo2.3, Th2aPo5.3, Th2aPo6.1, Th2bPo2.3, Th2bPo2.5, Th2bPo2.7, Th3A.5, Th3C.1, Th3C.2, Th3C.3, Th3D.4, Th3G.5, We1A.4, We1A.6, We1E.2, We1F.3, We3C.4, We3F.5, We3G.4, We3H.5, We3I.1, We3I.7
Mechatronics SystemsFr1D.1, Th1A.4, Th1A.5, Th1C.3, Th1H.1, Th1H.3, Th1H.4, Th1H.5, Th1H.6, Th2aPo2.2, Th2aPo2.3, Th2aPo4.5, Th2aPo4.6, Th2aPo5.3, Th2aPo6.2, Th2bPo2.5, Th2bPo4.6, Th3A.7, Th3C.2, Th3D.4, Th3G.1, Th3G.2, Th3G.4, Th3G.5, We1A.2, We1E.6, We1F.4, We1H.5, We2A.3, We3E.5, We3E.7, We3G.2
Medical and Welfare SystemsFr1E.1, Fr1E.2, Fr1E.4, Fr1G.6, Fr2E.1, Fr2E.2, Fr2E.3, Fr2E.4, Fr2E.5, Fr2E.6, Fr3D.1, Fr3E.1, Fr3E.2, Fr3E.3, Fr3E.4, Th2aPo4.3, Th2aPo4.8, Th2aPo4.9, Th2aPo6.1, Th2aPo6.3, Th2bPo3.2, Th2bPo4.1, Th2bPo4.7, Th2bPo4.10, We3E.1, We3E.5
Micro and Nano DevicesWe2F.3
Modeling, System Identification and EstimationFr1C.1, Fr1C.2, Fr1C.4, Fr1C.5, Fr1E.2, Fr2B.5, Fr2C.1, Fr2C.2, Fr2C.3, Fr2C.4, Fr2C.5, Fr2C.6, Fr2F.2, Fr2G.4, Fr3A.3, Fr3A.5, Fr3A.6, Fr3B.6, Fr3F.1, Fr3F.2, Fr3F.3, Fr3F.4, Fr3F.5, Fr3G.5, Fr3H.3, Fr3H.4, Th2aPo2.1, Th2aPo2.5, Th2bPo2.3, Th2bPo2.4, Th2bPo2.6, Th2bPo2.7, Th2bPo2.8, Th2bPo2.9, Th2bPo3.8, Th2bPo5.5, Th3C.1, Th3C.3, Th3C.4, Th3D.2, Th3E.2, Tu1D.1, We1A.3, We1A.5, We1I.1, We1I.2, We1I.3, We2A.1, We2A.4, We2C.6, We2D.2, We3A.6, We3F.1, We3F.2, We3F.3, We3F.4, We3G.1, We3G.4, We3H.5, We3I.6
Multivariable ControlFr2B.4, Th2bPo2.5, Th3C.2, Th3E.3, We1A.2, We1D.1, We1I.3, We2C.3, We3H.4
Network System IntegrationFr1H.4, Fr3G.4, Fr3G.6, Th1A.6, Th1D.1, Th1D.2, Th1D.5, Th1D.6, Th2aPo2.3, Th2aPo4.4, Th3D.1, Th3D.5, Th3H.5, We1H.2, We2C.4, We3A.4, We3A.5
Networked Sensor SystemFr1E.1, Fr1F.4, Fr1F.6, Th1D.8, Th2aPo1.1, Th2aPo3.2, Th2aPo5.2, We1F.2, We2F.4, We3D.1, We3D.2, We3D.3, We3D.4, We3D.5, We3D.6, We3D.7
Neural NetworksFr1G.1, Fr1G.4, Fr1G.6, Fr1H.2, Fr1H.6, Fr2D.1, Th1A.3, Th2aPo1.2, Th2bPo3.1, Th2bPo5.5, Th3A.2, Th3G.3
Nonlinear ControlFr1C.4, Fr2B.1, Fr2B.2, Fr2B.3, Fr2B.4, Fr2B.5, Fr2G.4, Fr2H.4, Fr3C.1, Fr3C.2, Fr3C.5, Fr3G.6, Th1A.3, Th1A.5, Th1C.1, Th1C.4, Th1C.5, Th1H.4, Th2aPo2.2, Th2aPo2.6, Th2aPo2.7, Th2aPo2.8, Th2bPo2.7, Th2bPo2.9, Th3A.5, Th3A.6, Th3A.7, Th3C.3, Th3E.2, Th3E.4, Th3G.2, We1A.5, We1D.1, We1D.2, We1D.3, We1D.4, We1D.5, We1I.6, We2C.2, We3F.2, We3F.3, We3F.5, We3F.6, We3G.2, We3H.2, We3H.3, We3H.5, We3I.7
Opto-Electronic MeasurementTh2aPo3.4, Th2aPo4.7, Th2bPo3.3, Th3F.1, We1C.1, We2F.3
Power Systems ControlFr3A.1, Fr3B.1, Th2aPo2.4, Th2aPo2.9, Th2aPo2.10, Th2bPo2.10, Th2bPo2.11, Tu1D.1, We2C.1, We2C.2, We2C.3, We2C.4, We2C.5, We2C.6, We3C.1, We3C.3, We3C.4, We3C.5, We3C.6, We3H.3
Process AutomationTh1D.2, Th1D.3, Th1D.4, Th1D.6, Th1D.8, Th2aPo2.5, Th2bPo3.6, Th3D.3, We1F.1, We3A.1, We3A.2, We3A.3, We3A.4
Process ControlFr1C.3, Fr3A.2, Fr3A.4, Fr3H.2, Fr3H.5, Th2aPo2.11, Th2aPo2.12, We3F.1
Remote SensingFr1D.3, Fr1F.6, Fr2D.2, Th2bPo3.3, Tu2C.1, We2F.1, We3D.1, We3D.2, We3D.3, We3D.6, We3D.7
Rescue SystemsFr1F.3, Fr1F.4, Fr1F.6, Th1H.1, Th2bPo5.1
Robotic and Automation SystemsFr1F.2, Fr1G.3, Fr1H.7, Fr2B.2, Fr2C.4, Fr2E.3, Fr2E.4, Fr2F.1, Fr3C.1, Fr3C.2, Fr3C.3, Fr3C.5, Fr3D.1, Fr3F.5, Th1A.4, Th1A.5, Th1A.7, Th1C.1, Th1C.4, Th1D.5, Th1E.1, Th1G.2, Th1H.1, Th1H.3, Th1H.5, Th1H.6, Th2aPo2.6, Th2aPo4.1, Th2aPo4.2, Th2aPo4.4, Th2aPo4.5, Th2aPo4.6, Th2aPo4.10, Th2bPo3.2, Th2bPo3.4, Th2bPo4.1, Th2bPo4.2, Th2bPo4.3, Th2bPo4.6, Th2bPo4.9, Th2bPo5.3, Th2bPo5.4, Th3A.3, Th3A.7, Th3D.5, Th3G.1, Th3G.2, Th3G.4, Th3G.5, Tu1C.1, We1E.1, We1E.2, We1E.3, We1E.4, We1E.5, We1E.6, We1H.1, We1H.2, We1H.3, We1H.5, We1H.6, We1I.5, We2A.6, We2E.1, We2E.2, We2E.3, We2E.4, We2E.5, We2E.6, We2F.2, We2G.4, We3G.1, We3G.2, We3G.3, We3G.5, We3G.6, We3I.5
Robust ControlFr1B.4, Fr2B.5, Fr2C.2, Fr2G.6, Fr2H.4, Fr3A.2, Fr3B.1, Fr3F.4, Th1C.2, Th1D.8, Th2aPo2.4, Th2aPo2.7, Th2bPo2.1, Th2bPo2.2, Th2bPo2.6, Th2bPo2.9, Th3A.1, We1C.3, We2A.4, We2C.3, We3C.1, We3C.2, We3F.3, We3G.1, We3G.5, We3H.2, We3H.3, We3I.4, We3I.6, We3I.8
Safety, Environment and Eco-SystemsFr1F.4, Fr3B.6, Fr3E.2, Th1D.9, Th2aPo2.4, Th2bPo2.1, Th2bPo2.3, Th3C.1, Tu1C.1, We2A.5, We2C.4, We2E.2, We2H.2, We2H.3, We2H.4, We3A.5, We3A.6, We3C.1, We3D.6
SCADA and Network SystemsTh1D.3, Th1D.4, Th1D.7, We2H.1, We3E.8
Sensors and TransducersFr1D.2, Fr1D.5, Fr3F.5, Th1E.5, Th1E.6, Th1E.7, Th2aPo3.4, Th2bPo3.4, Th2bPo3.6, Th3F.2, Th3F.6, We1C.1, We1C.5, We1C.6, We1F.1, We1F.2, We1F.3, We1F.4, We1F.5, We1G.2, We1G.3, We1H.5, We2A.6, We2D.3, We2D.7, We2E.4, We2E.5, We2F.1, We2F.2, We2F.4, We2I.4, We3D.5
Signal and/or Image ProcessingFr1B.4, Fr1B.5, Fr1D.1, Fr1D.2, Fr1D.3, Fr1D.4, Fr1D.5, Fr1D.6, Fr1G.1, Fr1G.2, Fr1G.6, Fr2D.1, Fr2D.2, Fr2D.3, Fr2D.4, Fr2D.5, Fr2E.2, Fr3D.1, Fr3D.2, Fr3D.3, Fr3D.4, Fr3D.5, Fr3F.4, Th2aPo1.2, Th2aPo2.9, Th2aPo3.3, Th2aPo3.5, Th2aPo3.6, Th2aPo3.7, Th2aPo3.8, Th2aPo4.7, Th2aPo5.2, Th2aPo6.4, Th2bPo1.1, Th2bPo1.2, Th2bPo2.6, Th2bPo3.1, Th2bPo3.2, Th2bPo3.5, Th2bPo3.7, Th3F.1, Th3F.2, Th3F.3, Th3F.4, Th3F.5, Th3F.6, Tu2C.1, We1G.2, We1G.3, We1G.4, We1G.5, We1H.4, We1I.6, We2A.6, We2D.1, We2D.4, We2D.6, We2E.1, We2F.1, We2G.1, We2G.2, We2G.3, We2G.4, We3E.7
Simulation of Large SystemsFr1B.2, Fr3B.6, Th2aPo2.9, Th2bPo3.8, Tu2C.1, We2D.2, We3A.3, We3F.4
Standard of MeasurementFr1H.4, Th1E.3, Th1E.4, Th1E.5, Th1E.6, Th1E.7, Th2aPo3.1, Th2aPo3.7, Th2bPo3.4, We1C.6, We2D.5, We2F.2, We2H.3, We2I.1, We2I.2, We2I.3, We2I.4, We3A.5
Systems Theory and EngineeringFr1C.6, Fr1D.4, Fr1G.4, Fr1H.5, Fr2G.6, Fr2H.5, Fr3A.3, Fr3G.1, Fr3G.2, Th1A.1, Th1D.6, Th1F.1, Th1F.3, Th1F.4, Th1F.5, Th2aPo2.8, Th2bPo2.1, Th2bPo2.2, Th2bPo2.8, Th3A.2, Th3A.6, Th3E.4, Th3H.6, We1C.3, We1D.3, We1I.1, We1I.3, We2C.1, We2C.2, We2C.6, We2E.7, We3A.6, We3C.2
Temperature MeasurementTh3A.4, We1C.1, We1C.2, We1C.4, We1C.5, We1C.6, We2I.4
Transportation SystemsFr1C.6, Fr2D.3, Fr3C.4, Th2aPo2.10, Th2aPo5.2, Th2aPo5.3, Th3D.4, Th3D.5, We1A.2, We1A.3, We1A.4, We1A.5, We1A.6, We2A.1, We2A.5, We3I.2
Ubiquitous HealthcareFr1E.1, Fr1E.3, Fr1F.3, Fr2E.1, Fr3E.4, Th2aPo4.9, We3D.4, We3E.2
Ultra-High Precision MeasurementTh3F.1, We1C.4, We2I.1, We2I.3
Virtual Reality SystemsFr1B.1, Fr1B.2, Fr1B.3, Fr1B.4, Fr1B.5, Fr3E.1, Th1G.1, Th2bPo4.7, Th2bPo4.8, We1H.1




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