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Last updated on June 14, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

IWSCFF 2022 Keyword Index

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Adaptive controlThuMAT1.3, WeGNT1.2
Advanced Image ProcessingFriTST1.4, ThuMAT1.2
Artificial intelligence for autonomous guidance and controlThuAIT1.1, ThuAIT1.2, WeGNT1.6
Artificial Intelligence for fractionated assets data managementTueMLT1.1
Artificial Intelligence for on board autonomyThuAIT1.3, TueMLT1.1
Artificial intelligence for relative navigationThuAIT1.1, ThuAIT1.2, ThuAIT1.3, ThuMAT1.2
Collaborative distributed decision makingThuSOT1.2, TueLCT1.1
Constellation missionsFriMAT1.3, FriMAT1.5, FriTST1.1, FriTST1.2, ThuSOT1.6, ThuTST1.4, TueLCT1.2, TueMLT1.2, TueMLT1.4, WeGNT1.1, WeMAT1.1, WeMAT1.2, WeSOT1.2, WeSOT1.4
Constellation traffic managementThuSOT1.2, ThuSOT1.3, TueMLT1.4, WeSOT1.6
Distributed system deployment strategiesFriMAT1.4, ThuSOT1.4, TueGNT1.4, TueLCT1.3
Distributed systems disposal strategiesFriMAT1.4
Earth-bounded MissionsFriMAT1.3, FriMAT1.5, FriTST1.1, ThuTST1.2, ThuTST1.5, TueLCT1.5, TueMLT1.2, TueMLT1.5, WeGNT1.1, WeMAT1.1, WeMAT1.2, WeTST1.3
Fault detection, isolation and recoveryWeSOT1.6
Fomation Orbital Injection and AcquisitionThuSOT1.4, TueGNT1.4, TueMLT1.5
Formation Flying missionsFriTST1.3, ThuMAT1.3, ThuMAT1.5, ThuSOT1.3, ThuSOT1.5, ThuTST1.2, ThuTST1.3, ThuTST1.4, ThuTST1.5, TueGNT1.2, WeGNT1.1, WeGNT1.2, WeGNT1.4, WeMAT1.2, WeMAT1.3, WeSOT1.3, WeTST1.1, WeTST1.2, WeTST1.4
Ground Operations for Distributed SystemsWeSOT1.3, WeSOT1.5
Inertial NavigationThuMAT1.1, TueGNT1.1, WeSOT1.2
Innovative Launchers and strategiesTueMLT1.1
Innovative sensors, actuatorsFriTST1.2, FriTST1.5
Innovative solutions for Intelligent Scheduling and OperationsThuSOT1.2, TueGNT1.3, WeSOT1.1, WeSOT1.6
Innovative technologies for distributed systemsFriTST1.3, FriTST1.5, ThuMAT1.4, ThuSOT1.1, ThuTST1.1, ThuTST1.5, TueLCT1.4, WeSOT1.3, WeSOT1.5, WeTST1.3, WeTST1.4
Low-thrust orbit acquisitionThuMAT1.3, ThuTST1.2, TueMLT1.5, TueMLT1.6, WeMAT1.4
Machine Learning for distributed systemWeSOT1.5
Mega constellationsThuSOT1.1, ThuSOT1.3, ThuSOT1.4, ThuSOT1.6, TueLCT1.1, TueLCT1.2, TueLCT1.3, TueLCT1.5
Mission Analysis tool for Mission ControlFriMAT1.1, FriMAT1.2, FriMAT1.4, ThuSOT1.5, ThuTST1.4, TueLCT1.3, WeMAT1.4, WeMAT1.5, WeTST1.1
Modelling and Parametrization of Relative DynamicsFriMAT1.1, FriMAT1.2, ThuMAT1.4, ThuMAT1.5, ThuSOT1.1, ThuTST1.1, TueGNT1.1, TueGNT1.2, TueGNT1.3, TueLCT1.1, TueLCT1.4, WeGNT1.3, WeGNT1.5, WeTST1.2
Non-Earth MissionsThuTST1.1, TueMLT1.4, TueMLT1.6, WeGNT1.2
Nonlinear filteringTueGNT1.5, WeGNT1.3, WeGNT1.5
Optimal ControlFriMAT1.2, ThuMAT1.4, ThuSOT1.5, ThuTST1.3, TueGNT1.2, TueGNT1.3, TueGNT1.4, TueLCT1.4, WeGNT1.4, WeGNT1.6, WeMAT1.4, WeMAT1.5
Perturbations AnalysisFriMAT1.1, FriTST1.5, ThuTST1.3, TueMLT1.6, WeGNT1.4, WeMAT1.5, WeTST1.1, WeTST1.2
Sensor fusionFriTST1.1, FriTST1.4, TueGNT1.1, WeSOT1.2, WeTST1.4
Vision-based NavigationFriTST1.4, ThuAIT1.3, ThuMAT1.1, ThuMAT1.2, ThuMAT1.5, WeGNT1.3, WeGNT1.5, WeGNT1.6, WeTST1.5




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