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Last updated on June 14, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday June 10, 2022

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FriTST1  Regular Session, De Carli Add to My Program 
Technologies and Sensors for Distributed Architectures 2  
Chair: Silvestrini, StefanoPolitecnico Di Milano
Co-Chair: Scheeres, DanielUniversity of Colorado Boulder
10:00-10:15, Paper FriTST1.1 Add to My Program
Optimization Methods Applied on SAR and Optical Combined Constellations

Chiatante, Corrado (Politecnico Di Milano), Colombo, Camilla (Politecnico Di Milano), Soli, Luca (Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.a), Sartoretto, Vittorio (Politecnico Di Milano)
10:15-10:30, Paper FriTST1.2 Add to My Program

Cesare, Dionisio (TECS Srl)
10:30-10:45, Paper FriTST1.3 Add to My Program
Astrodynamics Informed Sparse Kinodynamic Motion Planning for Relative Spacecraft Motion

Deka, Taralicin (University of Colorado Boulder), McMahon, Jay (University of Colorado)
10:45-11:00, Paper FriTST1.4 Add to My Program
VIS-TIR Imaging for Uncooperative Objects Proximity Navigation: A Tool for Development and Testing

Civardi, Gaia Letizia (Politecnico Di Milano), Bechini, Michele (Politecnico Di Milano), Piccinin, Margherita (Politecnico Di Milano), Colombo, Alessandro (Politecnico Di Milano), Lavagna, Michelle (Politecnico Di Milano)
11:00-11:15, Paper FriTST1.5 Add to My Program
Multifaceted Reflectivity Control Devices for Fuel-Free and Extremely High Precision Formation Control

Sugihara, Ahmed Kiyoshi (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Sugiura, Keisuke (Aoyama Gakuin University), Mori, Osamu (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
FriMAT1  Regular Session, De Carli Add to My Program 
Mission Analysis and Relative Dynamics 2  
Chair: Scheeres, DanielUniversity of Colorado Boulder
11:30-11:45, Paper FriMAT1.1 Add to My Program
Stable Configurations for Bounded Satellite Formation Flying in the Presence of Gravitational Perturbations

Carletta, Stefano (Sapienza University of Rome), Pontani, Mauro (Sapienza UniversitÓ Di Roma), Teofilatto, Paolo (Sapienza University of Rome)
11:45-12:00, Paper FriMAT1.2 Add to My Program
Formation Control on Frequency Matched Quasi-Periodic Orbits

Henry, Damennick (University of Colorado Boulder), Scheeres, Daniel (University of Colorado Boulder)
12:00-12:15, Paper FriMAT1.3 Add to My Program
Constellation Design for Earth Observation

Filippetto, Daniele (SITAEL S.p.A), Stanzione, Vincenzo (SITAEL), Novali, Fabrizio (SITAEL S.p.A)
12:15-12:30, Paper FriMAT1.4 Add to My Program
Deployment Strategies for Future Lunar Navigation Constellation

Prinetto, Jacopo (Politecnico Di Milano), Pasquale, Andrea (Politecnico Di Milano), Zanotti, Giovanni (Politecnico Di Milano), Lavagna, Michelle (Politecnico Di Milano)
12:30-12:45, Paper FriMAT1.5 Add to My Program
Space Based Earth Observation Systems and Space Economy: Some Possible Win-Win Synergies among the Large Satellite EO Systems with the Micro and Small Satellite Constellations EO Systems

Soli, Luca (Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.a), Vanessa, Mastroddi (Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A), Nassisi, Annamaria (Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A), Carlo, Ciancarelli (Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A), Arturo, Intelisano (Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.A)




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