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Last updated on June 14, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday June 7, 2022

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TueMLT1  Regular Session, De Carli Add to My Program 
New Missions Concepts & Launchers 1  
Chair: Lavagna, MichellePolitecnico Di Milano
Co-Chair: Schilling, KlausUniversität Würzburg
11:30-11:45, Paper TueMLT1.1 Add to My Program
Satellite As-A-Service and Smart Services Onboard on Demand: AI-eXpress

Abbattista, Cristoforo (Planetek Italia), Amoruso, Leonardo (Planetek Italia), Stefano, Antonetti (D-Orbit), Lorenzo, Feruglio (AIKO), Gianluca, Furano (ESA), Fortunato, Vito (Planetek Italia), Iacobellis, Michele (Planetek Italia)
11:45-12:00, Paper TueMLT1.2 Add to My Program
HiVE, an Agile Microsatellite Constellation for Thermal Infrared Earth Observation Enabling “more Crop Per Drop”

Benvenuto, Riccardo (ConstellR GmbH), Weiland, Philipp (ConstellR), Brunn, Andreas (ConstellR), Deiml, Michael (OHB), Sang, Bernhard (OHB), Dubrickas, Haroldas (Nanoavionics), Horch, Clemens (Fraunhofer EMI), Schaefer, Konstantin (Fraunhofer EMI), Bierdel, Marius (ConstellR), Gulde, Max (ConstellR)
12:15-12:30, Paper TueMLT1.4 Add to My Program
Data Relay Constellation for High-Performance Links Supply to Future Martian Missions

Barberi Spirito, Daniele (Politecnico Di Milano), Prinetto, Jacopo (Politecnico Di Milano), Capannolo, Andrea (Politecnico Di Milano), Lavagna, Michelle (Politecnico Di Milano)
12:30-12:45, Paper TueMLT1.5 Add to My Program
Close Satellite Formation Flying for “ULID” Mission

Lamy, Alain (CNES), Valenzuela Molina, Irene (CNES), Delong, Nicolas (CNES), Delpech, Michel (CNES)
12:45-13:00, Paper TueMLT1.6 Add to My Program
Design of Mars Global Longitudinal Coverage Constellation Leveraging Resonant and Periodic Orbits in Mars-Phobos-Deimos System

Montesi, Gabriele (Sapienza University of Rome), De Grossi, Federico (Sapienza University of Rome), Circi, Christian (Sapienza University of Rome)
TueGNT1  Regular Session, De Carli Add to My Program 
Guidance Navigation and Control 1  
Chair: Palmerini, Giovanni B.Sapienza University of Rome
Co-Chair: Silvestrini, StefanoPolitecnico Di Milano
14:00-14:15, Paper TueGNT1.1 Add to My Program
Relative State Estimation for LEO Formations with Large Inter-Satellite Distances Using Single-Frequency GNSS Receivers

Mahfouz, Ahmed (University of Luxembourg), Menzio, Davide (University of Luxembourg), Dalla Vedova, Florio (LuxSpace), Voos, Holger (University of Luxembourg)
14:15-14:30, Paper TueGNT1.2 Add to My Program
Guidance for Phasing to Rendezvous with NRHO Based on the Butterfly Orbital Family

Bucchioni, Giordana (Isae-Supaero), Lizy-destrez, Stéphanie (ISAE-SUPAERO)
14:30-14:45, Paper TueGNT1.3 Add to My Program
Model Predictive Control of VLEO Microsatellite Formations Using Differential Aerodynamic Forces

Sabatini, Marco (Sapienza University of Rome), Palmerini, Giovanni B. (Sapienza University of Rome), Adriani, Andrea (Thales Alenia Space Italia), Ziccardi, Irene (Thales Alenia Space Italia), Marchetti, Andrea (Thales Alenia Space Italia), Ritorto, Alberto (Thales Alenia Space Italia)
14:45-15:00, Paper TueGNT1.4 Add to My Program
Time-Optimal Maneuvers of a Spacecraft between Two Arbitrary States in Proximity of a Circular Reference Orbit

Sevier, Matthew (Naval Postgraduate School), Romano, Marcello (Naval Postgraduate School)
15:00-15:15, Paper TueGNT1.5 Add to My Program
High-Precision Formation Navigation Technology of Distributed Satellite

Huang, Pu (School of Aerospace Engineering, Tsinghua University), Wang, Zhaokui (Tsinghua University), Cai, Yingkai (Tsinghua University)
TueLCT1  Regular Session, De Carli Add to My Program 
Large Constellations, Swarming 1  
Chair: Schilling, KlausUniversität Würzburg
Co-Chair: Gill, E.K.A.Delft University of Technology
15:30-15:45, Paper TueLCT1.1 Add to My Program
Autonomous Semi-Major Axis Adjustment for Mega Constellation Continuous Coverage

Xu, Yun (Tsinghua University), Wang, Zhaokui (Tsinghua University), Zhang, Yulin (Tsinghua University)
15:45-16:00, Paper TueLCT1.2 Add to My Program
Satellite Tycoon: Modeling Economic Competition in the Business of P-LEO Constellations

Guzzetti, Davide (Auburn University), Tauritz, Daniel (Auburn University), Qureshi, Rehman (Auburn University), Roberts, Cody (Auburn University), Indaco, Manuel (Auburn University), Bone, Lucy (Auburn University), Kimbrell, Emily (Auburn University)
16:00-16:15, Paper TueLCT1.3 Add to My Program
Towards Constellation Reconfiguration: Advanced GA-Based Design

Paganelli Azza, Federica (AIKO S.r.l), De Marchi, Pietro (AIKO S.r.l), Stoisa, Matteo (AIKO S.r.l), Madonia, Paolo G. (AIKO)
16:15-16:30, Paper TueLCT1.4 Add to My Program
Dynamics and Control for Precise Pointing and Collision Avoidance of an Array of Distributed Spacecraft

Mazouz, Rayan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Mao, Peter (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Quadrelli, Marco (NASA-JPL), Beauchamp, Robert M. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)
16:30-16:45, Paper TueLCT1.5 Add to My Program
IntraSat: A Data Relay Constellation for LEO Satellites Downlink Servicing

Del Prete, Roberto (University of Naples Federico II), Cicala, Carla (University of Naples Federico II), Cannavacciuolo, Stefano (University of Naples Federico II), Abbundo, Chiara (University of Naples Federico II), Renga, Alfredo (University of Naples "Federico II"), Striano, Valerio (Distretto Aerospaziale Campania), Graziano, Maria Daniela (University of Naples "Federico II")




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