International Gas Turbine Congress 2019 Tokyo
November 17-22, 2019, Tokyo, Japan

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Last updated on October 29, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

IGTC 2019 Keyword Index

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Advanced Material and CoatingMoAM11.2, MoPM14.1, ThPM14.1, WeAM14.1, WeAM14.3, WeAM14.4, WeAM14.5
Aerodynamic and Design of CompressorsMoAM16.1, MoAM16.2, MoAM16.3, MoPM16.1, MoPM16.2, MoPM16.3, ThAM16.1, ThAM16.2, ThAM16.3, ThAM16.4, ThPM16.2, ThPM16.3, TuAM11.2, TuAM16.1, TuAM16.2, TuAM16.3, TuIL2PL.1, TuPM13.1, TuPM13.2, TuPM13.3, TuPM14.2, TuPM16.1, TuPM16.2, TuPM16.3, WeAM12.1, WeAM12.2, WeAM12.3, WeAM12.4, WeAM12.5, WeAM16.1, WeAM24.3, WeAM24.4, WeAM25.4, WeAM26.1, WePM13.2, WePM14.1, WePM14.4, WePM14.5
Aerodynamic and Design of TurbinesMoAM14.2, MoAM14.3, MoAM14.4, MoPM15.1, MoPM15.2, ThPM15.1, ThPM15.2, ThPM15.3, ThPM16.1, TuAM16.4, TuPM14.1, WeAM22.2, WeAM26.2, WeAM26.3, WePM12.3, WePM13.2, WePM13.3, WePM15.1, WePM15.2, WePM15.3, WePM15.4
AeroelasticityThPM16.2, TuAM11.3, TuPM13.4, WeAM11.1, WeAM11.2, WeAM11.3, WeAM11.4, WeAM25.1, WeAM25.3, WeAM26.3
Aircraft EnginesMoAM11.1, MoAM11.2, MoAM11.3, MoAM16.3, MoILPL.1, MoPDPL.1, MoPM11.1, MoPM11.2, MoPM11.3, MoPM15.2, MoPM16.2, ThAM12.3, ThAM16.3, ThPM12.1, TuAM11.1, TuAM11.3, TuAM11.4, TuAM11.5, TuPM11.2, TuPM11.4, TuPM15.1, TuPM16.3, WeAM13.5, WeAM16.4, WeAM21.1, WeAM21.2, WePM13.4, WePM15.3, WePM16.3
See also New aircraft propulsion concepts, Propulsion/aircraft integration, energy and thermal management
Atomization and IgnitionTuPM15.1
Coating processWeAM14.4, WeAM14.5
Combustion InstabilityTuAM15.4, TuIL1PL.1, TuPM15.3, TuPM15.4
Combustion PhenomenaTuAM15.3, TuAM15.5, TuPM15.2, TuPM15.3, TuPM15.4
Combustion SimulationTuAM15.1, TuAM15.2, TuAM15.4, TuAM15.5, WeAM15.1, WeAM15.2
Combustor DevelopmentTuAM15.4, WeAM15.2, WeAM15.3, WeAM15.4, WeAM15.5, WePM16.2
Component Damage, Failure, and Life AssessmentTuAM11.1, TuAM16.4, WeAM14.2, WePM15.4
Conjugate Heat TransferThAM12.1, ThAM12.4, ThAM15.3, TuAM12.1, TuPM12.1
Cycle InnovationThAM11.3, ThPM11.1, ThPM11.2, ThPM11.3, ThPM12.2, WeAM13.3, WePM13.1, WePM13.3
See also Gas Turbine Performance
Development and OperationThAM11.5, ThAM15.3
DiagnosticsWeAM16.2, WeAM21.1, WeAM21.3, WePM14.3, WePM16.1, WePM16.2, WePM16.3
Efficiency Enhancement of Steam TurbineThAM15.1
EmissionsThPM11.2, WeAM15.1, WeAM15.3, WeAM15.4
Film CoolingMoPM12.1, MoPM12.2, MoPM12.3, TuAM12.1, TuAM12.2, TuAM12.3, TuAM12.4, TuAM12.5, TuPM12.1, TuPM12.2, WeAM22.3, WePM12.1, WePM12.2, WePM12.3, WePM12.4
FlutterTuAM11.3, WeAM11.3, WeAM25.2, WeAM25.3, WeAM25.4, WePM14.2
Forging processMoPM14.2
Frontier on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Gas turbinesThAM16.1, ThPM16.1, TuAM16.3, WeAM25.2, WeAM26.1, WeAM26.2, WeAM26.3, WePM14.1
FuelsTuAM15.3, TuAM15.5, TuPM15.1, TuPM15.3, WeAM15.1, WeAM15.2, WeAM15.3
Gas Turbine PerformanceMoAM14.4, ThAM11.3, ThPM11.2, ThPM12.1, ThPM12.2, ThPM12.3, ThPM16.3, WeAM21.2, WePM13.1, WePM13.2
See also Cycle Innovation
General Heat TransferMoAM12.1, MoPM12.1, MoPM12.3, ThAM12.2, ThAM12.4, TuAM12.1, TuAM12.2, TuAM15.1, TuAM15.2, TuPM12.3, WeAM22.1, WeAM22.2, WePM12.2, WePM12.4
Heat Transfer MeasurementMoAM12.1, MoAM12.2, MoAM12.3, MoAM12.4, MoPM12.2, TuPM12.2, TuPM12.3, WePM12.2
Industrial Gas Turbine and Power SystemsMoAM12.2, ThAM11.1, ThAM11.2, ThAM11.3, ThAM11.4, ThAM11.5, ThAM12.3, TuPM15.2, WeAM12.4, WeAM23.3, WePM12.1, WePM16.4
Internal CoolingMoAM12.1, MoAM12.2, MoAM12.3, MoAM12.4, TuPM12.3, WeAM13.4, WeAM22.1
Manufacturing, Repair, and Refurbishment TechnologiesMoPM14.2, ThILPL.1, ThPM14.1, ThPM14.3
Materials degradation and damage mechanismsMoPM14.1, MoPM14.3, ThPM16.3, TuAM14.4, WeAM14.1, WeAM14.2, WeAM14.4, WeAM14.5, WePM15.4
New aircraft propulsion conceptsMoPDPL.1, TuPM11.1, TuPM11.2, TuPM11.3, TuPM11.4
See also Aircraft Engines
Novel Cooling TechnologiesMoPM12.2, MoPM12.3, ThAM11.1, ThAM12.1, TuAM12.2, TuAM12.5, TuPM12.1, TuPM12.2, TuPM12.4, WeAM22.1, WePM12.3
Numerical Simulation for Combustor DesignTuAM15.3
Performance of Turbocharger and Small Gas TurbineMoPM15.3, ThPM11.1, TuPM13.1, TuPM13.2, WeAM12.1, WeAM12.3, WeAM13.1, WeAM13.2, WeAM13.5, WeAM15.4, WeAM23.4, WePM14.4, WePM14.5
Process simulationWeAM21.3
Propulsion/aircraft integration, energy and thermal managementThAM12.4, ThPM12.1, TuAM11.4, TuAM11.5, TuPM11.1
See also Aircraft Engines
Reliability and MaintenanceThAM11.5, ThAM14.5, TuAM14.5, WeAM14.2, WeAM16.1, WeAM21.3, WePM16.3
Renewable Energy TechnologiesThPDPL.1, WeAM13.3, WeAM13.4, WePM13.3
See also Wind Turbines
RotordynamicsThAM14.1, ThAM14.3, ThAM14.4, ThAM14.5, TuAM14.1
Small Gas Turbine TechnologyThPDPL.1, ThPM11.1, WeAM13.1, WeAM13.2, WeAM13.3, WeAM13.4, WeAM13.5, WeAM23.1, WeAM23.2, WeAM23.3, WePM13.1
Soot and ParticulatesTuAM16.4
Stability EnhancementThAM14.3, TuPM14.2, TuPM14.3
Steam TurbineThAM14.3, ThAM15.1, ThAM15.2, ThAM15.3, ThAM15.4, TuPM14.1, WeAM25.1
Strengthening mechanisms and propertiesMoPM14.1, MoPM14.2, MoPM14.3, ThPM14.2, WeAM14.1
Structural MechanicsThAM14.1, ThAM14.2, ThAM14.4, ThAM14.5, TuAM14.1, TuAM14.2, TuAM14.5, WeAM25.1
Structural Vibration & DampingThAM14.4, TuAM14.1, TuAM14.2, TuAM14.3, TuAM14.4, TuAM14.5, WePM14.3
System and ControlMoAM11.2, ThPM12.2, ThPM12.3, WePM16.4
Testing TechnologyMoPM11.3, ThAM11.1, ThAM12.3, ThAM14.1, ThAM15.2, WeAM16.1, WeAM16.2, WeAM16.3, WeAM16.4, WeAM16.5, WeAM21.2, WeAM23.4, WePM14.2, WePM16.2
Thermal Management of StructuresThAM12.1, ThAM16.3, TuAM12.5
Turbocharger TechnologyMoPM15.1, MoPM15.3, TuPM13.2, TuPM13.3, TuPM13.4, WeAM12.1, WeAM14.3
Unsteady Flow and Flow Control in TurbineMoAM14.1, MoAM14.2, MoAM14.3, MoAM14.4, MoPM11.1, MoPM15.2, ThAM15.4, ThPM15.1, TuPM14.1, WeAM25.2, WeAM26.2, WePM15.3
Unsteady Flow and Stability Enhancement in CompressorMoAM16.3, MoPM16.2, TuPM11.1, TuPM13.3, TuPM14.2, TuPM14.3, WeAM11.2, WeAM11.3, WeAM11.4, WeAM12.2, WeAM12.5, WeAM24.1, WeAM24.2, WeAM24.3, WeAM24.4, WeAM26.1, WePM14.1, WePM14.2, WePM14.3, WePM14.4, WePM14.5
Wet Stream Loss ReductionThAM15.2, ThAM15.4




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