The 2022 International Conference on
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
June 21-24, 2022 | Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Technical Program for Thursday June 23, 2022

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ThPL1 Elafiti
"Recent Advances in the Assessment and Certification of AI Ethics" - Ali G.
Plenary Session
ThPL2 Elafiti
"Frontiers of Autonomous Flight and Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from
Skydio" - Hayk Martiros
Plenary Session
ThA1 Asimon
Micro and Mini UAS II Regular Session
Co-Chair: Laoudias, ChristosUniversity of Cyprus
10:30-10:50, Paper ThA1.1 
Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Indoor Exploration Algorithms for Autonomous UAVs

Farooq, AdilUniversity of Cyprus
Laoudias, ChristosUniversity of Cyprus
Kolios, PanayiotisUniversity of Cyprus
Theocharides, TheocharisUniversity of Cyprus
10:50-11:10, Paper ThA1.2 
An Incrementally Deployed Swarm of MAVs for Localization Using Ultra-Wideband

Natter, DominikSINTEF
Ening, KlausSINTEF AS
Paliotta, ClaudioNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
11:10-11:30, Paper ThA1.3 
Modeling of the Skywalker X8 Fixed-Wing UAV: Flight Tests and System Identification

Reinhardt, DirkNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Gryte, KristofferNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Johansen, Tor ArneNorweigian Univ. of Sci. & Tech
11:30-11:50, Paper ThA1.4 
The Tailsitter Autogiro UAV: Modeling, Design and CFD Simulation

Gellida-Coutiño, CarlosCinvestav Saltillo
Dominguez-De la Cruz, VictorCIIIA-FIME-UANL
Sanchez-Orta, AnandCINVESTAV
Garcia Salazar, OctavioCIIIA-FIME-UANL
Castillo, PedroUnviersité De Technologie De Compiègne
11:50-12:10, Paper ThA1.5 
Cooperative Navigation and Guidance of a Micro-Scale Aerial Vehicle by an Accompanying UAV Using 3D LiDAR Relative Localization

Pritzl, VaclavCzech Technical University in Prague
Vrba, MatoušFaculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University In
Štěpán, PetrCTU in Prague
Saska, MartinCzech Technical University in Prague FEE
12:10-12:30, Paper ThA1.6 
RMF-Owl: A Collision-Tolerant Flying Robot for Autonomous Subterranean Exploration

De Petris, PaoloNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Nguyen, HuanNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Dharmadhikari, Mihir RahulUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Kulkarni, Mihir VinayNTNU
Khedekar, Nikhil VijayNTNU
Mascarich, FrankUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Alexis, KostasNTNU
ThA2 Bokar
Perception and Cognition Regular Session
10:30-10:50, Paper ThA2.1 
Controlling a Swarm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Full-Body K-Nearest Neighbor Based Action Classifier

Chaudhary, AkashCzech Technical University in Prague
Nascimento, TiagoUniversidade Federal Da Paraiba
Saska, MartinCzech Technical University in Prague FEE
10:50-11:10, Paper ThA2.2 
WTA/TLA: A UAV-Captured Dataset for Semantic Segmentation of Energy Infrastructure

Zampokas, GeorgiosCentre for Research and Technology Hellas & Imperial College Lon
Skartados, EvangelosCERTH/ITI
Alexiou, DimitriosCentre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)
Tsiakas, KosmasCentre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)
Tzanakis, IoannisPpc S.a. / Innovation Hub
Roussos, NikolaosPpc S.a. / Innovation Hub
Giakoumis, DimitriosCentre for Research and Technology Hellas
Kostavelis, IoannisCentre for Research and Technology Hellas
Bouganis, Christos-SavvasImperial College London
Tzovaras, DimitriosCERTH/ITI (Center for Research and Technology Hellas / Informati
11:10-11:30, Paper ThA2.3 
Drone Collision Detection and Classification Using Proprioceptive Data

Lima, RogerioWest Virginia University - WVU
Pereira, GuilhermeWest Virginia University
11:30-11:50, Paper ThA2.4 
Siamese Adaptive Transformer Network for Real-Time Aerial Tracking

Xing, DaitaoNew York University
Tsoukalas, AthanasiosNew York University Abu Dhabi
Evangeliou, NikolaosNew York University Abu Dhabi
Giakoumidis, NikolaosNew York University Abu Dhabi
Tzes, AnthonyNew York University Abu Dhabi
11:50-12:10, Paper ThA2.5 
Detection and Tracking of Rogue UASs Using a Novel Real-Time Passive Radar System

Souli, N.University of Cyprus
Kolios, PanayiotisUniversity of Cyprus
Ellinas, G.University of Cyprus
12:10-12:30, Paper ThA2.6 
Radar-Inertial State Estimation for UAV Motion in Highly Agile Manoeuvres

Michalczyk, JanUniversity of Klagenfurt
Schöffmann, ChristianUniversity of Klagenfurt
Fornasier, AlessandroUniversity of Klagenfurt
Steinbrener, JanUniversität Klagenfurt
Weiss, StephanUniversity of Klagenfurt
ThA3 Divona-1
Reliability of UAS Regular Session
10:30-10:50, Paper ThA3.1 
Towards Online System Identification: Benchmark of Model Identification Techniques for Variable Dynamics UAV Applications

Song, JunlinUniversity of Luxembourg
Sanchez-Cuevas, P. J.Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
Olivares-Mendez, MiguelSnT - University of Luxembourg
10:50-11:10, Paper ThA3.2 
AI-Based Fault-Tolerant Controller Design for Handling Both Actuator and Sensor Faults of Multirotors

Huang, SunanNational Universtiy of Singapore
Liao, FangNational University of Singapore
Teo, RodneyTemasek Laboratories, National University of Singapore
11:10-11:30, Paper ThA3.3 
Hexarotor Fault Tolerant Control Using a Bank of Disturbance Observers

Baldini, AlessandroUniversità Politecnica Delle Marche
Felicetti, RiccardoUniversità Politecnica Delle Marche
Freddi, AlessandroUniversità Politecnica Delle Marche
Longhi, SauroUniversità Politecnica Delle Marche
Monteriù, AndreaUniversità Politecnica Delle Marche
11:30-11:50, Paper ThA3.4 
A Hybrid Polynomial Stall Model for the Longitudinal Dynamics of a UAV

Guibert, VincentENAC (French Civil Aviation University)
Condomines, Jean-PhilippeENAC
Brunot, MathieuONERA
Biannic, Jean-MarcONERA
Bronz, MuratENAC
11:50-12:10, Paper ThA3.5 
Experimental Investigation of EMC Weaknesses in UAVs During Power Line Inspection

Skriver, MartinUniversity of Southern Denmark
Schultz, Ulrik PaghUniversity of Southern Denmark
Ebeid, Emad Samuel MalkiUniversity of Southern Denmark
ThA4 Divona-2
Path Planning II Regular Session
10:30-10:50, Paper ThA4.1 
An Integrated Modelling Framework for Drone-Based Flood Monitoring

Exadaktylos, StylianosUniversity of Cyprus
Kolios, PanayiotisUniversity of Cyprus
Eliades, DemetriosUniversity of Cyprus
10:50-11:10, Paper ThA4.2 
Distributed Trajectory Planning for a Formation of Aerial Vehicles Inspecting Wind Turbines

Pérez Morales, Damián JesúsUniversity of Seville
Alcantara, AlfonsoUniversity of Seville
Capitan, JesusUniversity of Seville
11:10-11:30, Paper ThA4.3 
Multi-Agent Path Planning and Trajectory Generation for Confined Environments

Beyoglu, HikmetUniversity of Klagenfurt
Weiss, StephanUniversity of Klagenfurt
Rinner, BernhardUniversity of Klagenfurt
11:30-11:50, Paper ThA4.4 
Generalized Lazy-Theta* for 3D Path Planning Considering Non-Uniform Costs

Rey, RafaelUniversidad Pablo De Olavide
Cobano, Jose AntonioUniversity Pablo De Olavide
Merino, LuisUniversidad Pablo De Olavide
Caballero, FernandoUniversity of Seville
11:50-12:10, Paper ThA4.5 
Decoupled SCP-Based Trajectory Planning in the Complex Environment for Multiple Fixed-Wing UAV Systems

Zhao, FengBeihang University
Yu, JianglongBeihang University
Hua, YongzhaoBeihang University
Dong, XiwangBeihang University
Li, QingdongBeihang University
Ren, ZhangBeihang University
12:10-12:30, Paper ThA4.6 
Modified Constrained Wavefront Expansion Path Planning Algorithm for Tilt-Wing UAV

Danielmeier, LennartRWTH Aachen University
Seitz, SebastianRWTH Aachen University
Barz, IsabelleRWTH Aachen University
Hartmann, PhilippRWTH Aachen University
Hartmann, MaxRWTH Aachen University
Moormann, DieterRWTH Aachen University
ThA5 Elafiti
Manned/Unmanned Aviation Regular Session
10:30-10:50, Paper ThA5.1 
Fighter Pilot Behavior Cloning

Sandström, ViktorSwedish Defense Research Agency
Oskarsson, DanielSwedish Defence Research Agency
Luotsinen, LinusSwedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
10:50-11:10, Paper ThA5.2 
Flight Dynamics Modeling and Control of a New Type High-Speed Helicopter in Take-Off and Landing

Gao, HonggangNorthwestern Polytechnical University
11:10-11:30, Paper ThA5.3 
Smart Anomaly Detection and Monitoring of Industry 4.0 by Drones

Pensec, WilliamUBS / Lab-STICC
Espes, DavidUniversité De Bretagne Occidentale
Dezan, CatherineUniversité De Bretagne Occidentale
11:50-12:10, Paper ThA5.5 
The Spectrum Policy Challenges of Unmanned Traffic Management and U-Space Regulation - Stakeholder Analysis View

Ojanen, PekkaCo-Worker Technology
Seppo Yrjölä, SeppoNokia
ThB1 Asimon
Control Architectures I Regular Session
15:30-15:50, Paper ThB1.1 
Toward Nonlinear Flight Control for Fixed-Wing UAVs: System Architecture, Field Experiments, and Lessons Learned

Coates, Erlend M.Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Reinhardt, DirkNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Gryte, KristofferNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Johansen, Tor ArneNorweigian Univ. of Sci. & Tech
15:50-16:10, Paper ThB1.2 
DJI Tello Quadrotor As a Platform for Research and Education in Mobile Robotics and Control Engineering

Giernacki, WojciechPoznan University of Technology
Rao, JinjunShanghai University
Sladic, SasaUniversity of Rijeka
Bondyra, AdamPoznan University of Technology, Institute of Robotics and Machi
Retinger, MarekPoznan University of Poznan
Espinoza Fraire, Arturo TadeoUniversidad Juárez Del Estado De Durango
16:10-16:30, Paper ThB1.3 
Implementation and Tests of an INDI Control Strategy Applied to the Parrot Mambo Minidrone

Delansnay, GillesPolytechnic Faculty of Umons
Vande Wouwer, AlainUniversité De Mons
16:30-16:50, Paper ThB1.4 
Obstacle Avoidance for a Heterogeneous Formation Using the Null Space-Based Behavioral Approach and Potential Fields

Mafra Moreira, Mauro SergioFederal University of Espírito Santo
Sarcinelli-Filho, MárioFederal University of Espirito Santo
16:50-17:10, Paper ThB1.5 
Xhaul Latency Dimensioning of 5G Drone Control

Larsen, Line Maria PyndtTechnical University of Denmark
Pruski, AleksanderDTU
Christiansen, HenrikTDC Net
Ruepp, SarahDTU Technical University of Denmsrk
Berger, MichaelTechnical University of Denmark
17:10-17:30, Paper ThB1.6 
Leader-Follower UGV-UAV Formation As Control Paradigm for Package Delivery

Bacheti, Vinícius PachecoFederal University of Espirito Santo
Brandao, Alexandre SantosFederal University of Vicosa
Sarcinelli-Filho, MárioFederal University of Espirito Santo
ThB2 Bokar
Simulation Regular Session
15:30-15:50, Paper ThB2.1 
A Comparative Analysis of Turbulence Models in FLUENT for High-Lift Airfoils at Low Reynolds Number

Ahmad, MugheesThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Li, BoyangThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
15:50-16:10, Paper ThB2.2 
Render-In-The-Loop Aerial Robotics Simulator: Case Study on Yield Estimation in Indoor Agriculture

Ivanovic, AntunUniversity of Zagreb
Polic, MarselaUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Comp
Tabak, JelenaUniversity of Zagreb
Orsag, MatkoUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Comp
16:10-16:30, Paper ThB2.3 
Sim-In-Real: Digital Twin Based UAV Inspection Process

Zhang, JihanThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wang, RuoyuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yang, GuidongThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Liu, KangchengThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chuanxiang, GaoThe Chinese University of HongKong
Zhai, YuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chen, XiThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chen, Ben M.Chinese University of Hong Kong
16:30-16:50, Paper ThB2.4 
In-Flight Validation of Propeller Slipstream Model

Empey, JacksonMcGill University
Nahon, MeyerMcGill University
16:50-17:10, Paper ThB2.5 
Impact of the Trajectory on the Performance of RGB-D SLAM Executed by a UAV in a Subterranean Environment

Samarakoon, KierenWest Virginia University
Pereira, GuilhermeWest Virginia University
Gross, JasonWest Virginia University
17:10-17:30, Paper ThB2.6 
Flight Test Validation Verification of @AIR Distributed Electric Propulsion Aircraft Dynamic Model

Benyamen, HadyUniversity of Kansas
Keshmiri, ShawnUniversity of Kansas
ThB3 Divona-1
Multirotor Design and Control II Regular Session
Co-Chair: Wang, BanNorthwestern Polytechnical University
15:30-15:50, Paper ThB3.1 
Design and Characteristics of a New Transformable UAV with Both Coplanar and Omnidirectional Features

Lu, ShiArizona State University
Rodriguez, Armando A.Arizona State University
Tsakalis, KonstantinosArizona State Univ
Chen, YanArizona State University
15:50-16:10, Paper ThB3.2 
Designing for Calmness: Early Investigations into Drone Noise Pollution Management

Cawthorne, DylanUniversity of Southern Denmark
Juhl, Peter MøllerUniversity of Southern Denmark
16:10-16:30, Paper ThB3.3 
Dynamic/CFD Modeling, Control and Energy-Consumption Comparative Analysis of a Quad-Tilting Rotor VTOL UAS

Zioud, TariqUniversité De Limoges XLIM UMR CNRS 7252
Escareno Castro, Juan AntonioXLIM Research Institute - University of Limoges
Labbani-Igbida, OuiddadXLIM Research Institute - ENSIL-ENSCI - University of Limoges
16:30-16:50, Paper ThB3.4 
Aerodynamic Design of Fixed-Wing Mode for a Ducted-Fan Tiltrotor UAV by Digital DATCOM

Huang, JingXi'an University of Technology
Wang, BanNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Deng, YangpingNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Ning, KaikaiXi'an University of Technology
Zhang, YouminConcordia University
16:50-17:10, Paper ThB3.5 
Dynamic Feedback Linearization of a UAV Suspended Load System

Mohammadhasani, ArashUniversity of Alberta
Al Lawati, MohamedUniversity of Alberta
Jiang, ZifeiUniversity of Alberta
Lynch, AlanU Alberta
ThB4 Divona-2
Path Planning III Regular Session
15:30-15:50, Paper ThB4.1 
Near Minimum Time Trajectory Planning for Surveying Using UAVs

Tankasala, SrinathUniversity of Texas, Austin
Pehlivanturk, CanThe University of Texas at Austin
Pryor, MitchUniversity of Texas at Austin
15:50-16:10, Paper ThB4.2 
Genetic Algorithm for Path Planning of UAVs As a Maze-Solving Problem

Gutierrez Martinez, Manuel AlejandroCIIIA-FIME-UANL
Cabriales Ramirez, Luis EnriqueCIIIA-FIME-UANL
Rojo Rodriguez, Edgar UlisesCIIIA-FIME-UANL
Ollervides Vazquez, Edmundo JavierCIIIA-FIME-UANL; TecNM-Instituto Tecnologico De La Laguna
Castillo, PedroUnviersité De Technologie De Compiègne
Garcia Salazar, OctavioCIIIA-FIME-UANL
16:10-16:30, Paper ThB4.3 
Spiral Trajectories for Building Inspection with Quadrotors

Vasquez-Gomez, Juan I.Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Troncoso Romero, David ErnestoUniversidad De Quintana Roo
Antonio-Cruz, MayraInstituto Politécnico Nacional
Zamora, ErikInstituto Politecnico Nacional
16:30-16:50, Paper ThB4.4 
Dynamic and Distributed Optimization for the Allocation of Aerial Swarm Vehicles

Hughes, JasonUnited States Military Academy
Larkin, DominicUnited States Military Academy
O'Donnell, CharlesUnited States Military Academy
Korpela, ChristopherEECS
16:50-17:10, Paper ThB4.5 
Efficient and Adaptable Task Assignment for UAS Considering the MDMTSP

DeGroote, NicholasUniversity of Cincinnati
Ouwerkerk, JustinUniversity of Cincinnati
Lamping, AnthonyUniversity of Cincinnati
Cohen, KellyUniversity of Cincinnati
17:10-17:30, Paper ThB4.6 
Observability Based Path Planning for Multi-Agent Systems to Aid Relative Pose Estimation

Boyinine, RohithUniversity of Cincinnati
Sharma, RajnikantUniversity of Cincinnati
Brink, KevinUS Airforce
ThB5 Elafiti
UAS Applications II Regular Session
Co-Chair: Causa, FlaviaUniversity of Naples Federico II
15:30-15:50, Paper ThB5.1 
A Review of the Operational Use of UAS in Public Safety Emergency Incidents

Ray, HunterUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Singer, RyanBoulder Emergency Squad
Ahmed, NisarUniversity of Colorado Boulder
15:50-16:10, Paper ThB5.2 
An Early Forest Fire Detection System Based on DJI M300 Drone and H20T Camera

Li, ShunConcordia University
Qiao, LinhanConcordia University
Zhang, YouminConcordia University
Yan, JunConcordia University
16:10-16:30, Paper ThB5.3 
UAV-Based LiDAR Mapping with Galileo-GPS PPP Processing and Cooperative Navigation

Causa, FlaviaUniversity of Naples Federico II
Asciolla, MarcelloUniversity of Naples Federico II
Opromolla, RobertoUniversity of Naples Federico II
Molina, PereGeonumerics
Mennella, AlbertoTopview S.R.L
Nisi, MarcoFree Soft & Tech S.R.L
Fasano, GiancarmineUniversity of Naples "Federico II"
16:30-16:50, Paper ThB5.4 
Recovering the 3D UUV Position Using UAV Imagery in Shallow-Water Environments

Đuraš, AntunUniversity of Dubrovnik
Sukno, MatijaUniversity of Dubrovnik
Palunko, IvanaUniversity of Dubrovnik
16:50-17:10, Paper ThB5.5 
Dynamic Coded Distributed Convolution for UAV-Based Networked Airborne Computing

Zhou, BingnanUniversity of California San Diego
Xie, JunfeiSan Diego State University
Wang, BaoqianTexas A&M University-Corpus Christi
17:10-17:30, Paper ThB5.6 
Autonomous Reactive LiDAR-Based Mapping for Powerline Inspection

Paneque, JulioUniversity of Seville
Valseca-Martinez, VíctorUniversity of Seville
Martinez-de Dios, J.R.University of Seville
Ollero, AnibalUniversidad De Sevilla




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