The 2011 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, April 11-13, 2011, Delft, the Netherlands

2011 International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control
April 11-13, 2011, Delft, the Netherlands

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ICNSC 2011 Keyword Index

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Agent-based modellingMonAT1.1, MonAT2.1, MonAT2.3, MonAT2.4, MonAT2.5, MonAT2.6, MonET1.5, MonET2.2, MonET2.5, TueMT3.3
Bio-informatics, bio-signals and systemsWedMT2.4
Collaborative systemsMonET1.6, MonET2.1, MonET2.3, MonET2.5, TueMT3.3, WedMT1.2
Complex system managementMonAT2.1, MonAT2.3, MonAT2.4, MonAT2.5, MonAT3.4, MonAT3.6, MonET1.6, MonET2.2, MonET3.2, MonET3.3, MonET3.4, TueET1.2, TueET1.6, TueET2.1, TueET2.2, TueET2.3, TueET2.5, TueET2.6, TueET3.4, TueET3.5, TueMT2.3, TueMT2.4, TueMT2.6, WedMT2.2
Control of networksMonAT3.1, MonET3.3, MonET3.6, TueET1.3, TueET2.2, TueMT1.1, TueMT1.2, TueMT2.6, TueMT3.5, WedMT2.4
Current measurementMonP3P.1
Distributed generationMonP3P.1
Distributed intelligent systemsMonET1.5, MonET2.1, TueMT1.6, TueMT3.4, WedMT2.3, WedMT2.6
Emergency mitigationMonAT3.4, TueET1.1, TueET3.3
Emergency planningMonAT3.3, TueET1.1, TueET1.5, TueET1.6, TueET1.7, TueET3.3, TueET3.4
Emergency responseMonAT3.2, MonAT3.4, MonET2.2, TueET1.1, TueET1.2, TueET1.3, TueET1.7
Fuzzy and neural systemsMonAT2.6, TueMT1.1, TueMT2.4, WedMT2.4
Hazard mitigationMonAT3.3, TueET3.3, TueET3.4, WedMT2.2
Heterogeneous wireless networksWedMT1.3
Human factorsMonET2.4, TueET1.4, TueMT3.1
Human/computer interfaceTueMT3.1
Information systems & infrastructureMonAT1.1, MonAT1.4, MonAT2.1, MonET1.4, TueET1.3, TueET1.6, TueET2.1, TueET2.4, TueET3.2, TueET3.5, TueET3.6, TueMT1.3, TueMT3.3, TueMT3.6
Intelligent vehicle highway systemsMonET1.2, MonET1.3, MonET1.6
Medical and patient monitoringWedMT3.5
Micro/nano, electro-mechanical sensor systemsTueET3.7
Model-predictive controlMonAT3.1, MonAT3.3, MonAT3.5, MonAT3.6, MonET3.1, MonET3.5, MonET3.6, TueMT2.4, TueMT2.5, WedMT2.3
Multi-agent systemsMonAT2.2, MonAT2.3, MonAT2.4, MonAT2.6, MonET1.3, MonET1.5, MonET2.1, MonET2.5, TueET1.2, TueMT1.2, TueMT1.6, TueMT2.1, TueMT2.2, WedMT1.4, WedMT2.6
Multi-level multi-objective optimizationMonAT1.4, MonET3.2, TueET2.5, TueET3.1, TueMT2.1, TueMT2.2, TueMT2.3, TueMT2.5, TueMT2.6
Network securityWedMT3.3, WedMT3.6
Network-based computing systemsMonET1.1, MonET2.3
Networked control systemsMonAT3.6, MonET3.3, TueET3.5, TueMT1.5, TueMT2.5, WedMT2.3, WedMT2.5, WedMT3.1
Sensor design, integration and fusionMonET1.2, MonET1.4, MonET2.6, TueET3.6, WedMT2.1, WedMT2.6, WedMT3.5
Sensor networksMonET1.1, MonET1.2, MonET1.4, TueET3.2, TueET3.6, TueMT1.2, TueMT1.4, TueMT1.5, TueMT1.6, WedMT1.1, WedMT1.2, WedMT1.3, WedMT1.4, WedMT1.5, WedMT1.6, WedMT3.2, WedMT3.3, WedMT3.4, WedMT3.6
Smart car and vehicle controlMonET1.3, MonET2.6
Smart gridsMonAT1.1, MonAT1.2, MonAT1.3, MonAT1.4, MonAT1.5, MonAT1.6, MonAT2.2
Smart GridsMonP3P.1
Smart gridsTueET2.3, TueMT3.2
Smart home environmentsMonAT2.2, TueMT3.1, TueMT3.4
Sustainable energy supplyMonP3P.1
Vehicle-to-grid technologyMonAT1.2, MonAT1.3
Voltage measurementMonP3P.1
Wireless communicationsMonET1.1, TueET3.2, TueMT1.4, WedMT1.3, WedMT1.5, WedMT3.1, WedMT3.2, WedMT3.3, WedMT3.6
Workflow managementTueET2.6, TueMT3.5, WedMT2.1




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