The 2011 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, April 11-13, 2011, Delft, the Netherlands

2011 International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control
April 11-13, 2011, Delft, the Netherlands

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Technical Program for Wednesday April 13, 2011

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WedP1P Plenary Session, Collegezaal D Add to My Program 
Keynote Presentation Prof. Paddy French: Medical Sensors - Full of
Challenges and Opportunities
Chair: Hellendoorn, HansDelft Univ. of Tech
Co-Chair: Zhou, Meng ChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
WedB1B , Foyer Add to My Program 
Coffee Break (Wednesday)  
WedMT1 Regular Session, Collegezaal D Add to My Program 
Sensor Networks  
Chair: Sijs, JorisTNO
Co-Chair: Weyer, ErikUniv. of Melbourne
10:30-10:50, Paper WedMT1.1 Add to My Program
Assessment of Network Simulators for Real World WSNs in Forest Environments
Kolega, EvangeliaNational Tech. Univ. of Athens, Greece
Vescoukis, VassiliosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
Voutos, DionyssiosNational Tech. Univ. of Athens
10:50-11:10, Paper WedMT1.2 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Estimation with a Network of Heterogenous Algorithms
Sijs, JorisTNO
Papp, ZoltanTNO
Booij, PaulTNO
11:10-11:30, Paper WedMT1.3 Add to My Program
An Empirical Evaluation of the Consumption of 802.15.4/ZigBee Sensor Motes in Noisy Environments
Cano-Garcia, Jose ManuelMalaga
Casilari, EduardoUniv. De Malaga
11:30-11:50, Paper WedMT1.4 Add to My Program
Distributed Deployment Algorithms for Robotic Visual Sensor Networks in Non-Convex Environment
Gusrialdi, AzwirmanTech. Univ. of Munich
Zeng, LuTech. Univ. of Munich
11:50-12:10, Paper WedMT1.5 Add to My Program
Bandwidth Allocation in Hexagonal Wireless Sensor Networks for Real-Time Communications
Prabh, K. ShashiIPP, Portugal
12:10-12:30, Paper WedMT1.6 Add to My Program
Long Lifetime Routing in Unreliable Wireless Sensor Networks
Yousefi, HamedSharif Univ. of Tech
Yeganeh, Mohammad HosseinScience and Res. Branch, Islamic Azad Univ
Movaghar, AliSharif Univ. of Tech
WedMT2 Regular Session, Commissiekamer 2 Add to My Program 
Networked Control Systems  
Chair: Negenborn, Rudy R.Delft Univ. of Tech
Co-Chair: Catalin, BucuraTUDelft
10:30-10:50, Paper WedMT2.1 Add to My Program
Challenges and Opportunities of Sensor Based User Empowerment
Lundberg, JennyBlekinge Inst. of Tech
Gustavsson, RuneBlekinge Inst. of Tech. Sweden
10:50-11:10, Paper WedMT2.2 Add to My Program
Intelligent Alarm Processing and Alarm Elimination in a CHP Installation
Deconinck, GeertK.U.Leuven
Vriens, WouterK.U.Leuven
11:10-11:30, Paper WedMT2.3 Add to My Program
Unconstrained MPC Tuning for Prediction Accuracy in Networked Control Systems
Tsoeu, Mohohlo SamuelUniv. of Cape Town
Koetje, ThaboUniv. of Cape Town
11:30-11:50, Paper WedMT2.4 Add to My Program
Analysis of Self-Similar Data by Artificial Neural Networks
Ledesma, SergioUniv. of Guanajuato
Ruiz, JoseUniv. of Guanajuato
Garcia, MaGuadalupeUniv. of Guanajuato
Avina, GabrielUniv. of Guanajuato
Hernandez, DonatoUniv. of Guanajuato
11:50-12:10, Paper WedMT2.5 Add to My Program
Wireless Networked Control System Co-Design
Park, PangunRoyal Inst. of Tech
Araujo, JoseRoyal Inst. of Tech
Johansson, Karl HenrikRoyal Inst. of Tech
12:10-12:30, Paper WedMT2.6 Add to My Program
HASM: A Hybrid Architecture for Sensor Management in a Distributed Surveillance Context
Hilal, AllaaUniv. of Waterloo
Khamis, AlaaUniv. of Waterloo
Basir, OtmanUniv. of Waterloo
WedMT3 Regular Session, Commissiekamer 3 Add to My Program 
Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks  
Chair: van Dam, Koen H.Delft Univ. of Tech
Co-Chair: Yuan, YufeiDelft Univ. of Tech
10:30-10:50, Paper WedMT3.1 Add to My Program
A Hybrid Localization Method in Wireless Sensor Networks
Liu, LichuanNorthern Illinois Univ
Jiang, ZaihanNaval Res. Lab
10:50-11:10, Paper WedMT3.2 Add to My Program
An Interference-Aware Multi-Path Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Le, Phu HungPierre and Marie Curie Univ
Pujolle, GuyUniv. of Pierre Marie Curie
Nguyen, Thi Mai TrangUniv. of Paris 6
11:10-11:30, Paper WedMT3.3 Add to My Program
A Countermeasure to Black Hole Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Osathanunkul, KitisakUniv. of Manchester
Zhang, NingUniv. of Manchester
11:30-11:50, Paper WedMT3.4 Add to My Program
Routing Mechanism for a DTN Using WSN Nodes for Localization Applications
Baouche, ChakibUniv. Blaise Pascal
Antonio, FreitasUniv. Blaise Pascal
Misson, MichelUniv. Blaise Pascal
11:50-12:10, Paper WedMT3.5 Add to My Program
Recent Advances of Sensors for Pacemakers
Shi, Wei VivienNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
Zhou, Meng ChuNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
12:10-12:30, Paper WedMT3.6 Add to My Program
Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Frequency Hopping and Public Key Management
Chalhoub, GerardLIMOS-CNRS
Mansour, IsmailLIMOS-CNRS
Quilliot, AlainLIMOS-CNRS
WedCP Plenary Session, Collegezaal D Add to My Program 
Closing Session  
WedLB , Foyer Add to My Program 
Lunch (Wednesday)  
WedVS , Keukenhof, Lisse Add to My Program 
Social Event: Visit to the Keukenhof Flower Park (registration Required;




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