Ninth Indian Control Conference 18 - 20 December, 2023
GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, India
2023 Ninth Indian Control Conference (ICC)
December 18-20, 2023, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, India

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Last updated on November 23, 2023. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ICC 2023 Keyword Index

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Adaptive systemsTuAfternoonT1.1, WeAfternoonT1.2, WeMorningT3.6
See also Direct adaptive control, Indirect adaptive control, Robust adaptive control
AerospaceTuAbstractsT4.9, TuAbstractsT4.10, WeAfternoonT1.5, WeAfternoonT2.2, WeAfternoonT2.4, WeAfternoonT4.2, WeMorningT1.4
See also Control applications
Agents-based systemsTuAbstractsT4.3, TuAfternoonT3.2, TuAfternoonT3.4, WeAfternoonT1.1, WeAfternoonT1.2, WeAfternoonT1.4, WeMorningT1.6, WeMorningT1.7, WeMorningT2.4
See also Autonomous systems
Algebraic/geometric methodsTuMorningT2.4, TuMorningT3.3
See also Nonlinear systems
AutomotiveTuAfternoonT1.4, WeAfternoonT1.4, WeAfternoonT4.1
See also Control applications
Autonomous systemsTuAbstractsT4.2, TuAbstractsT4.7, TuAbstractsT4.8, TuMorningT1.5, WeMorningT1.4, WeMorningT2.2, WeMorningT2.7
See also Agents-based systems, Cooperative control
Biological systemsTuMorningT1.6
See also Biotechnology, Systems biology
Chaotic systemsTuAfternoonT2.4, TuMorningT3.4
See also Nonlinear systems
Computational methodsTuMorningT1.1, TuMorningT3.1, TuMorningT3.3, WeAfternoonT3.2
See also Computer aided control design, Control software, LMIs, Numerical algorithms
Control applicationsMoMorningT2.1, TuAbstractsT4.3, TuAbstractsT4.7, TuAbstractsT4.8, TuAbstractsT4.9, TuMorningT3.7, WeAfternoonT1.5, WeAfternoonT3.4, WeAfternoonT4.3, WeMorningT1.5, WeMorningT2.7, WeMorningT3.4, WeMorningT3.5, WeMorningT3.6
See also (Under)water vehicles, Aerospace, Air traffic management, Automotive, Biomedical, Control of communication networks, Finance, Flight control, Fluid power control, Information technology (IT) systems, Manufacturing systems, Mechanical systems/robotics, Mechatronics, MEMS, Multivehicle systems, Nonholonomic systems, Power systems, Process control, Sensor fusion, Spacecraft control, Vision-based control
Control educationTuAbstractsT4.9, TuAbstractsT4.10
Control of networksTuAfternoonT2.2, TuAfternoonT2.4, WeMorningT1.3
Cooperative controlTuAbstractsT4.2, TuAbstractsT4.3, TuAfternoonT2.2, WeMorningT1.2, WeMorningT1.3, WeMorningT1.4, WeMorningT1.5, WeMorningT1.6, WeMorningT1.7
See also Autonomous systems
Decentralized controlWeAfternoonT1.1
See also Large scale systems
Delay systemsTuMorningT2.3, TuMorningT2.4, WeAfternoonT4.3, WeMorningT1.7
See also Distributed parameter systems
Emerging control applicationsTuAbstractsT4.10, TuAfternoonT3.1, WePlenary2T5.1
See also Information theory and control, Nano systems
Emerging control theoryTuPlenary1T5.1, WePlenary2T5.1, WePlenary3T5.1
See also Quantum control
EstimationTuAbstractsT4.4, TuAfternoonT1.2, TuAfternoonT1.3, TuAfternoonT1.4, TuAfternoonT1.5, TuAfternoonT2.3, TuAfternoonT2.5, TuAfternoonT3.5, TuMorningT2.6, TuMorningT3.2, WeAfternoonT4.2, WeAfternoonT4.4
Fault detection/accomodationTuMorningT1.7, WeAfternoonT2.3
See also Fault-tolerant systems
See also Stochastic systems
Flight controlMoMorningT2.1
See also Control applications
Grey-box modelingWeAfternoonT3.1
See also Modeling and simulation
IdentificationTuAbstractsT4.1, TuAbstractsT4.6, TuAfternoonT1.1, TuAfternoonT1.3, TuAfternoonT3.1, WeAfternoonT4.4, WeMorningT3.3, WePlenary3T5.1
Information technology (IT) systemsTuMorningT3.4
See also Control applications
Iterative learning controlTuAfternoonT3.3
Kalman filteringTuAfternoonT1.1, TuAfternoonT1.4, TuMorningT2.6
LearningMoMorningT1.1, TuAfternoonT1.5, TuAfternoonT3.3, TuMorningT1.2, TuMorningT1.5, TuPlenary1T5.1, WeAfternoonT2.5, WeMorningT2.5, WePlenary2T5.1
See also Machine learning, Pattern recognition and classification, Statistical learning
Linear systemsMoMorningT1.1, TuAfternoonT2.3, TuAfternoonT2.5, TuMorningT2.2, TuMorningT2.4, WeAfternoonT2.5, WeMorningT3.5, WePlenary3T5.1
See also Linear parameter-varying systems, Observers for linear systems, PID control, Predictive control for linear systems, Stability of linear systems
See also Computational methods
Machine learningMoAfternoonT1.1, TuMorningT1.2, TuMorningT1.3, TuMorningT1.4, TuMorningT1.6, WeMorningT2.6, WeMorningT3.1, WeMorningT3.2, WeSponsorT1.1, WeSponsorT2.1
See also Learning
Markov processesMoMorningT1.1
See also Stochastic systems
Mechanical systems/roboticsWeMorningT1.1, WeMorningT2.1, WeMorningT2.2, WeMorningT2.3, WeMorningT2.6
See also Control applications
See also Control applications
Modeling and simulationTuAbstractsT4.4, TuMorningT3.7, WeAfternoonT4.4, WeMorningT2.3, WeMorningT2.6
See also Grey-box modeling, Reduced order modeling, Simulation
Multivehicle systemsWeMorningT1.5
See also Control applications
Networked control systemsMoAfternoonT2.1, TuAbstractsT4.2, TuAfternoonT2.1, TuAfternoonT2.3, TuAfternoonT2.4, TuAfternoonT2.5, TuAfternoonT2.6, TuAfternoonT3.4, TuMorningT2.1, TuPlenary1T5.1, WeAfternoonT1.3, WeMorningT1.3, WeMorningT1.6
Neural networksTuAbstractsT4.8, TuMorningT1.4, TuMorningT1.6, WeMorningT2.5, WeMorningT3.2
See also Intelligent systems
Nonholonomic systemsWeAfternoonT2.2
See also Control applications
Nonlinear systemsTuMorningT3.5, WeAfternoonT3.2, WeAfternoonT3.3, WeAfternoonT4.5, WeMorningT1.2, WeMorningT2.2, WeMorningT3.7
See also Algebraic/geometric methods, Chaotic systems, Constrained control, Feedback linearization, Observers for nonlinear systems, Output feedback, Output regulation, Predictive control for nonlinear systems, Stability of nonlinear systems, Time-varying systems
Numerical algorithmsTuAfternoonT3.6, TuMorningT2.2
See also Computational methods
Observers for nonlinear systemsMoMorningT2.1, WeAfternoonT3.1
See also Nonlinear systems
Optimal controlTuAbstractsT4.4, TuAfternoonT3.3, WeAfternoonT2.1, WeAfternoonT2.2, WeAfternoonT2.4, WeAfternoonT2.5
See also Optimization
OptimizationMoAfternoonT1.1, TuMorningT2.6, TuMorningT2.7, TuMorningT3.2, TuMorningT3.4, TuMorningT3.6, TuMorningT3.7, WeAfternoonT2.3, WeAfternoonT3.2, WeMorningT2.4
See also Optimal control, Optimization algorithms, Variational methods
Optimization algorithmsMoAfternoonT1.1, TuAfternoonT3.1, TuAfternoonT3.2, TuAfternoonT3.4, TuAfternoonT3.5, TuAfternoonT3.6, TuMorningT1.4, TuMorningT2.2, TuMorningT3.2, TuMorningT3.5, TuMorningT3.6, WeMorningT2.3
See also Optimization
Output regulationTuMorningT2.7
See also Nonlinear systems
Pattern recognition and classificationTuAbstractsT4.6, TuMorningT1.7
See also Learning
PID controlTuAbstractsT4.1, TuAbstractsT4.5, WeAfternoonT4.3
See also Linear systems
Power systemsTuAfternoonT1.3
See also Control applications
Predictive control for linear systemsTuMorningT2.7
See also Linear systems
Process controlTuAbstractsT4.1, TuAbstractsT4.5, WeAfternoonT1.4, WeAfternoonT2.3, WeMorningT3.3
See also Control applications
Quantized systemsWeAfternoonT1.3
See also Hybrid systems
Quantum controlTuMorningT3.5
See also Emerging control theory
Randomized algorithmsTuAfternoonT3.6, TuMorningT1.3
See also Uncertain systems
Robust controlWeAfternoonT1.2, WeAfternoonT3.4, WeAfternoonT4.5, WeMorningT1.2, WeMorningT3.7
See also Uncertain systems
Sensor fusionTuAbstractsT4.6, TuAfternoonT1.2
See also Control applications
SimulationWeMorningT2.4, WeMorningT2.7, WeMorningT3.5, WeMorningT3.6
See also Modeling and simulation
Stability of hybrid systemsTuAfternoonT2.1, TuMorningT2.5
See also Hybrid systems
Stability of linear systemsTuAfternoonT2.1, TuMorningT2.3, TuMorningT2.5
See also Linear systems
Stability of nonlinear systemsTuAfternoonT2.6, WeAfternoonT3.1, WeAfternoonT3.4
See also Nonlinear systems
Statistical learningTuMorningT1.3, TuMorningT1.5, TuMorningT1.7
See also Learning
Stochastic systemsTuAfternoonT2.6, TuAfternoonT3.2, TuAfternoonT3.5, TuAwardsT5.1, WeAfternoonT1.1, WeMorningT3.4
See also Filtering, Markov processes
Switched systemsTuMorningT2.5, WeAfternoonT1.3
See also Hybrid systems
Systems biologyTuMorningT3.3, WeAfternoonT3.3
See also Biological systems
Time-varying systemsTuAbstractsT4.5
See also Nonlinear systems
Uncertain systemsTuMorningT3.6
See also Randomized algorithms, Robust control




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