The 60th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences
March 4-5, 2020, Tel-Aviv & Haifa, Israel

Last updated on March 11, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday March 5, 2020

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ThOAPL Churchill Auditorium
Opening Address – Dean, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Technion Plenary Session
ThWAPL Churchill Auditorium
Technion Welcoming Address Plenary Session
ThPl1PL Churchill Auditorium
Plenary Lecture IV Plenary Session
Chair: Rokita, TomerRafael / Technion
09:10-10:00, Paper ThPl1PL.1 
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for the Next Generation of Aircraft
Martins, Joaquim R. R. A.University of Michigan , Ann Arbor · Department of Aerospace Eng
ThPl_CHPL Churchill Auditorium
IACAS Challenge Plenary Session
Chair: Rokita, TomerRafael / Technion
ThPl2PL Churchill Auditorium
Plenary Lecture V Plenary Session
Chair: Abramovich, HaimTechnion
10:30-11:20, Paper ThPl2PL.1 
Buckling of Aerospace Composite Structures: New Challenges and Opportunities
Bisagni, ChiaraDelft University of Technology
ThPl3PL Churchill Auditorium
Plenary Lecture VI - the Meir Hanin International Aerospace Prize Lecture Plenary Session
Chair: Shima, TalTechnion
11:20-12:10, Paper ThPl3PL.1 
How Could I Figure That Out? Functionality and Fun with Kalman Filtering
Psiaki, Mark L.Virginia Tech
ThL1T1 Room 149
Guidance and Navigation II Regular Session
Chair: Choukroun, DanielBen-Gurion University of the Negev
13:30-13:55, Paper ThL1T1.1 
Orbital Maneuvers of Nanosatellites Using Electrical Micro-Propulsion System, with Drag Augmentation
Mishne, DavidTechnion
13:55-14:20, Paper ThL1T1.2 
Experience-Based Prediction of Unknown Environments for Enhanced Belief Space Planning
Asraf, OmriTechnion
Indelman, VadimTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
14:20-14:45, Paper ThL1T1.3 
Cooperative Guidance Law for Imposing Relative Intercept Angle and Simultaneous Impact of Two Missiles
Merkulov, GlebTechnion
Shima, TalTechnion
14:45-15:10, Paper ThL1T1.4 
Information Enhancement Via Trajectory Shaping in Bayesian Decision-Directed Stochastic Guidance
Mudrik, LirazTechnion
Oshman, YaakovTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
ThL1T2 Room 150
CFD II Regular Session
Chair: Weidenfeld, MichaelRafael
13:30-13:55, Paper ThL1T2.1 
Numerical Investigations of the Interaction between Strake Vortices and a Two-Element Airfoil
Adair, DesmondNazarbayev University
Kostas, KonstantinosNazarbayev University
Kyzyrov, UlanNazarbayev University
13:55-14:20, Paper ThL1T2.2 
Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation of Cavity-Stabilized Combustion in a Model Scramjet
Wasserman, MarkIsraeli CFD Center
Mor-Yossef, YairIsraeli CFD Center
Shmueli, HavatzeletRafael
Loyevsky, AmirRafael
Mograbi, ElaadRAFAEL
14:20-14:45, Paper ThL1T2.3 
Assessment of Hybrid RANS/LES Models for the Flow Prediction of a Supersonic Ramp-Cavity
Mor-Yossef, YairIsraeli CFD Center
Kidron, Ya'eerISCFDC
Wasserman, MarkIsraeli CFD Center
Levy, YuvalIsraeli CFD Center
14:45-15:10, Paper ThL1T2.4 
Transition Prediction of Hypersonic Flows Using a K-ω-γ-Reθt Transition Model
Levy, YuvalIsraeli CFD Center
Wasserman, MarkIsraeli CFD Center
Shousterman, AlexIsraeli CFD Center
15:10-15:35, Paper ThL1T2.5 
Massively Parallel Solution of the Global Linear Instability Non-Symmetric Complex Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
Theofilis, VassilisUniversity of Liverpool
ThL1T3 Room 240
Modelling and Simulation I Regular Session
Chair: Drachinsky, ArielRafael
13:30-13:55, Paper ThL1T3.1 
Comparing Traditional and Machine-Learning Methods to Produce High-Fidelity Kinematic Models for Flight Control of a Variable-Pitch Coaxial UAV
Yehezkel, ShaharRAFAEL
13:55-14:20, Paper ThL1T3.2 
Multi-Parameter Optimization of a 3D Printed Gas Turbine Impeller
Badum, LukasTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology
Leizeronok, BorisTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Eizenberg, IdanTechnion
Cukurel, BeniTechnion
14:20-14:45, Paper ThL1T3.3 
Store Ejection Loads Analysis with a Nonlinear Ejector Force Model
Kariv, DanielIAF
Iovnovich, MichaelIAF
Raveh, DaniellaTechnion
14:45-15:10, Paper ThL1T3.4 
Ablative Thermal Response Modeling and Validation of Elastomeric Thermal Protection System
Shilav, RaminRafael LTD
Khosid, SavelyRafael
ThL1T4 Auditorium 235
Industrial Projects I Regular Session
Chair: Emek, YoavRafael
13:30-13:55, Paper ThL1T4.1 
Rafael’s Test Range Safety Analysis Tool
Ingbir, RonenRafael
13:55-14:20, Paper ThL1T4.2 
Boeing 737 Max 8 Crashes
Doani, OferIsraeli Aerospace Industry
14:20-14:45, Paper ThL1T4.3 
Bay Watch: Development of a Validated Prediction Capability of Store Separation from a Jet-Fighter Weapon Bay
Ben-Gida, HadarIsraeli Air Force
Poplingher, LiorIsraeli Air Force
Goldman, YoelIsraeli Air Force
Fagan, JonathanIsraeli Aerospace Industry
14:45-15:10, Paper ThL1T4.4 
Human Factor Assessment in System Safety Analysis
Shetinvarts, MichaelIsraeli Aerospace Industry
15:10-15:35, Paper ThL1T4.5 
The Adoption of Multi-Rotor Drones for Military Applications
Osher, ShapiraIAF
ThL1T5 Room 241
Estimation and Control Regular Session
Chair: Idan, MosheTechnion - Israel Istitute of Technology
13:30-13:55, Paper ThL1T5.1 
Real-Time SPOC Based Optimal Adaptive Control of Drive Systems
Rusnak, IlanRAFAEL
Harduf, LiadTechnion
Bahar, TalTechnion
13:55-14:20, Paper ThL1T5.2 
Tracking a Stationary Target by Moving Platform with Doppler Information Only
Peled-Eitan, LiatRAFAEL
Rusnak, IlanRAFAEL
14:20-14:45, Paper ThL1T5.3 
A New Derivation for the Least Squares Deterministic Filter: The Continuous-Discrete and Discrete Cases
Weiss, MartinDept. Aerospace Engineering, Technion Institute, Haifa
14:45-15:10, Paper ThL1T5.4 
Weighted Information Filtering: Application to Out-Of-Sequence Measurement Processing
Shulamy, YaronRafael - Advanced Defense Systems
Sigalov, DanielTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
ThL1T6 Room 165 (Library)
Propulsion Systems Regular Session
Chair: Sher, EranTechnion
13:30-13:55, Paper ThL1T6.1 
Toward Optimal Design of Contra-Rotating Propulsion System - Practical Aerodynamic Analysis
Gur, OhadIsrael Aerospace Industries
13:55-14:20, Paper ThL1T6.2 
Rate Limiting Constraints in Phase-Change-Materials (PCM) for Miniature Aircraft Propulsion Systems
Feldman, MatanTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology
Michaels, DanTechnion
Sher, EranTechnion
14:20-14:45, Paper ThL1T6.3 
Diesel Engines with In-Cylinder Steam Reforming for High Altitude Operation - Comparison between 2 and 4-Stroke Engines
Karsenty, KadmielTechnion
Sher, EranTechnion
Tartakovsky, LeonidThe Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion
14:45-15:10, Paper ThL1T6.4 
Comparative Study on Supersonic Mixing in a Cavity-Based Scramjet Using Different Injectors
Cao, DonggangTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology
Brod, Haim ElyaTechnion
Yokev, NetaTechnion
Michaels, DanTechnion
ThL2T2 Room 150
Dynamical Systems and Control Regular Session
Chair: Melman, DanielRafael
16:00-16:25, Paper ThL2T2.1 
Numerical Study of Different Variants of Dubins' Car Model
Munts, NatalyUral Federal University
16:25-16:50, Paper ThL2T2.2 
Optimal Control Based Flight Control Law Clearance Using Generalized Polynomial Chaos
Diepolder, JohannesTechnical University of Munich
Ben-Asher, Joseph Z.Technion
Piprek, PatrickTechnical University of Munich
Holzapfel, FlorianTechnische Universität München
16:50-17:15, Paper ThL2T2.3 
Three-Dimensional Reachable Set at Instant for the Dubins Car: Properties of Extremal Motions
Patsko, Valery, S.Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch ofRussian Ac
Fedotov, Andrey Anatol'evichInstitute of Mathematics and Mechanics (IMM), Ural Branch of The
ThL2T3 Room 240
Modelling and Simulation II Regular Session
Chair: Ben-Shmuel, YaronRafael
16:00-16:25, Paper ThL2T3.1 
Aircraft Damage Detection Using Metamodeling Techniques
Gur, OhadIsrael Aerospace Industries
16:25-16:50, Paper ThL2T3.2 
Vibroacoustic Validation and Method for Uncertainty Analysis
Silver, JonathanIAI
16:50-17:15, Paper ThL2T3.3 
On the Limits of Blade-Element Model for High-Pitch Rotating-Wing
Gur, OhadIsrael Aerospace Industries
17:15-17:40, Paper ThL2T3.4 
Transport Airplane Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator for Primary Flight Control
Berlowitz, IlanIBAero Engineering
ThL2T4 Auditorium 235
Industrial Projects II Regular Session
Chair: Cohen, AgnesElbit Systems - IMI Div
Co-Chair: Jacobsen, DalyaElbit Systems Land
16:00-16:25, Paper ThL2T4.1 
Solid Propellant Divert Control System for Rapid Translation and Maneuvering
Albagli, DavidRafael Advanced Defence Systems
Safron, MichaelRafael Advanced Defence Systems
Regev, ItaiRafael
Lalush, SagiRafael
Libis, NatanRafael
Ben Shabat, YigalMOD
16:25-16:50, Paper ThL2T4.2 
Design for Built-In Test and Methodology
Lukatsky, IgorIAI
16:50-17:15, Paper ThL2T4.3 
On Issues and Future Challenges in Aerospace Related Patents
Klein-Frucht, MalkaKFM Strategic IP
17:15-17:40, Paper ThL2T4.4 
Relevance to Maintenance of Airborne Complex Systems
Rosenbloom, EladIsraeli Aerospace Industry
ThL2T5 Room 241
Combustion and Reactive Flows II Regular Session
Chair: Leitner, AmiramRAFAEL
16:00-16:25, Paper ThL2T5.1 
Closed Mathematical Solution to the Deflagration Chapman-Jouguet Point by Using the Onsager Relationship
Sher, EranTechnion
Moshkovich Makrenko, IrenaTechnion
Cukurel, BeniTechnion
16:25-16:50, Paper ThL2T5.2 
Experimental Study of Flame Stabilization in a Scramjet Combustor
Brod, Haim ElyaTechnion
Yokev, NetaTechnion
Cao, DonggangTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology
Michaels, DanTechnion
ThL2T6 Room 165 (Library)
Flow Control II Regular Session
Chair: Seifert, AviTel Aviv University
16:00-16:25, Paper ThL2T6.1 
Suction and Pulsed Blowing for Control of Local Wing-Engine-Slat-Cut Out Flow Separation: The INAFLOWT Project
Monat, ShayTel Aviv University
Possti, MaayanTel Aviv University
Ullah, JunaidUniversity of Stuttgart
Yaniv, ArielTel Aviv University
Mizrahi, BarTel Aviv University
Drori, OfekTel Aviv University
Seifert, AviTel Aviv University
16:25-16:50, Paper ThL2T6.2 
The Influence of Cathodic Arc Jet on Separated Subsonic Flow Over Backward Facing Step
Rosen, Matar M.Technion
Ronis, AntonTechnion
Kronhaus, IgalTechnion




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