The 60th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences
March 4-5, 2020, Tel-Aviv & Haifa, Israel

Last updated on March 11, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday March 4, 2020

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Welcoming Address - Chair, 60th IACAS Organizing Committee Plenary Session
Keynote Lecture Plenary Session
Chair: Gany, AlonTechnion
09:05-09:50, Paper WeKLPL.1 
Rapid Prototyping of Modern Aerospace Vehicles: The Aircraft and Technology of Aurora Flight Sciences, 1989-2017
Langford, John S.Aurora Life Sciences Corporation
WePl1PL Hall A
Plenary Lecture I Plenary Session
, Paper WePl1PL. 
From Star Wars to Iron Dome
Rubin, UziBegin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University
WePl2PL Hall A
Plenary Lecture II Plenary Session
Chair: Rokita, TomerRafael / Technion
11:00-11:50, Paper WePl2PL.1 
Rafael – a Look into the Future
Idan, IritRafael Advanced Defense Systems
WePl3PL Hall A
Plenary Lecture III Plenary Session
Chair: Yehoshua, TalMoD
11:50-12:40, Paper WePl3PL.1 
Air Vehicle Research at the US Air Force Research Laboratory: Yesterday, Today, and a Peek into Tomorrow
Tilmann, CarlAerospace Vehicles Division Aerospace Systems Directorate, AFRL
WeL1T1 Hall A
Systems Engineering and Autonomous Systems - Supported by the Gordon Center
for Systems Engineering
Regular Session
Chair: Glaser, ItshakTechnion
14:00-14:25, Paper WeL1T1.1 
Towards Distributed Consistent Multi-Robot Semantic Localization and Mapping
Tchuiev, VladimirTechnion Israel Institute of Technology
Indelman, VadimTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
14:25-14:50, Paper WeL1T1.2 
Towards Hypotheses Disambiguation in Retrospective
Shelly, OhadTechnion
Indelman, VadimTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
14:50-15:15, Paper WeL1T1.3 
Cyber Threats to Aircraft Avionics Systems
Berlowitz, IlanIBAero
15:15-15:40, Paper WeL1T1.4 
Airstrip Reaching in Engine Cutoff Emergencies – Wind and Obstacles-Optimal Algorithm
Segal, DanielTechnion
Bar-Gill, AharonTechnion
Shimkin, NahumTechnion
WeL1T2 Hall B
Aeroelasticity Regular Session
Chair: Raveh, DaniellaTechnion
14:00-14:25, Paper WeL1T2.1 
Nonlinear Aeroelastic Analysis of Highly Flexible Wings Using the Modal Rotation Method
Drachinsky, ArielRafael
Raveh, DaniellaTechnion
14:25-14:50, Paper WeL1T2.2 
Design of Experimental Benchmark of a Highly Flexible Wing
Avin, OrTechnion Institute of Technology
Drachinsky, ArielRafael
Ben-Shmuel, YaronRafael
Raveh, DaniellaTechnion
14:50-15:15, Paper WeL1T2.3 
Assessment of Structural Dynamics Effects on Aircraft Loads Response to Discrete Gust Encounter
Iovnovich, MichaelIAF
Kariv, DanielIAF
15:15-15:40, Paper WeL1T2.4 
Experimental Aeroelastic Shape Sensing and Control, Phase 1: Model Design and Analyses
Simbuerger, MichaelTechnion
Raveh, DaniellaTechnion
WeL1T3 Hall C
Guidance and Navigation I Regular Session
Chair: Weiss, HaimRafael
14:00-14:25, Paper WeL1T3.1 
Pursuit-Evasion Game with Delayed Pursuit Decision
Turetsky, VladimirOrt Braude College
Weiss, MartinDept. Aerospace Engineering, Technion Institute, Haifa
Shima, TalTechnion
14:25-14:50, Paper WeL1T3.2 
A Max-Consensus Cyclic Pursuit Based Guidance Law for Simultaneous Target Interception
Zadka, BenjaminTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology
Tripathy, TwinkleIIT Bombay
Tsalik, RonnyTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology
Shima, TalTechnion
15:15-15:40, Paper WeL1T3.4 
Simple All Aspect Guidance Law
Sigal, ErezTechnion
Weiss, HaimRafael
15:40-16:05, Paper WeL1T3.5 
Minimum Effort Pursuit Guidance with Multiple Delayed Engagement Decisions
Weiss, MartinDept. Aerospace Engineering, Technion Institute, Haifa
Shalumov, VitalyRafael
Shima, TalTechnion
WeL1T4 Hall D
Combustion and Reactive Flows I Regular Session
Chair: Michaels, DanTechnion
14:00-14:25, Paper WeL1T4.1 
Development of Fuel Spray Flame Ignition by a Heated Surface
Katz, GershonTechnion
Greenberg, J. BarryTechnion
14:25-14:50, Paper WeL1T4.2 
Validation of Sooting Flame Computations by the Means of Picture Analysis
Chernov, VictorBraude
Eaves, NickolasUniversity of Windsor
14:50-15:15, Paper WeL1T4.3 
A New Tunnel for Ignition Research
Laso, IkerTechnion
Rozin, NataliTechnion
van der Lee, JoëlTechnion
Lefkowitz, JosephTechnion-IIT
15:15-15:40, Paper WeL1T4.4 
Drop-Test Facility for Studying Ignition Characteristics of Hypergolic Solid Fuel with Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidizer
Nath, SyamantakThe Technion
Skrynychenko, MaksymThe Technion
Lefkowitz, JosephTechnion-IIT
15:40-16:05, Paper WeL1T4.5 
Flow Characterization of Arc Plasma Wind Tunnel by Laser Absorption Spectroscopy of Nitric Oxide and Water Molecules
Linshitz, KarinThe Technion
Lefkowitz, JosephTechnion-IIT
Berreby, MosheTechnion Israel Institute of Technology
WeL1T5 Hall E
CFD I Regular Session
Chair: Adar, MottiIAF
14:00-14:25, Paper WeL1T5.1 
Optimization of Aerodynamic Drag of Three General Wing Geometries and Wing with Bell-Shaped Lift Distribution Having a Given Lift and a Given Bending Moment
Hospodář, PavelVZLU A.s
Armad, DrabekCzech Aerospace Research Centre
14:25-14:50, Paper WeL1T5.2 
Development of a Hybrid RANS/LES Model Based on a Variable Eddy-Viscosity Coefficient
Mor-Yossef, YairIsraeli CFD Center
Kidron, Ya'eerISCFDC
14:50-15:15, Paper WeL1T5.3 
Time-Accurate Mach Ramp CFD Simulations of a Swept Wing
Niv, OrIAF
Mizrahi, IzhakIsrael Air Force
Ben-Gida, HadarIsraeli Air Force
15:15-15:40, Paper WeL1T5.4 
Numerical Study of a Heated Supersonic Jet
Levy, YuvalIsraeli CFD Center
Wasserman, MarkIsraeli CFD Center
Kislitsin, IlyaISCFDC
Mizrahi, IzhakIsrael Air Force
Poplingher, LiorIsraeli Air Force
Ben-Gida, HadarIsraeli Air Force
15:40-16:05, Paper WeL1T5.5 
Analysis of Unsteady Hypersonic Shock Boundary Layer Interactions
Tumuklu, OzgurUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sawant, SaurabhUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Levin, DeborahUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Theofilis, VassilisUniversity of Liverpool
WeL1T6 Hall F
Student Project Competition I Regular Session
Chair: Yudilevitch, GilTechnion
14:00-14:20, Paper WeL1T6.1 
Formula Technion - Design of an Race Car Aerodynamic Package
Levy, GiladTechnion
Kanuni, JoelTechnion
Olcha, KathyTechnion
Barbul, IlyaTechnion
Tamir, ItayTechnion
Daniel nahman, DanielTechnion
Rozin, NataliTechnion
Kootzenko, MichaelTechnion
14:20-14:40, Paper WeL1T6.2 
VITO Feasibility Study of a Ducted Fan VTOL UAV
Kadushin, IsaacTechnion
Kozlovsky, ShirStudent Aerospace Dept. Technion
Goldberg, TalStudent Aerospace Dept. Technion
Yonash, RoniStudent Aerospace Dept. Technion
Chazar, EdenStudent Aerospace Dept. Technion
Zuckerman, NivStudent Aerospace Dept. Technion
Geyari, YuvalStudent Aerospace Dept. Technion
Gonda, DorStudent Aerospace Dept. Technion
14:40-15:00, Paper WeL1T6.3 
Front Viewer_2019
Avni, DeanTechnion Institute of Technology
Hertzman, OfekTechnion Institute of Technology
Yahalom, AmitTechnion Institute of Technology
Frydman, IdanTechnion Institute of Technology
Hoze, BatchenTechnion Institute of Technology
Jacob, VaxmanTechnion Institute of Technology
Naveh, OdedTechnion
15:00-15:20, Paper WeL1T6.4 
Aeolus Project 2019
Rafailov, LilachTechnion
Barel, AvrahamTechnion
Brody, NoamTechnion
Eizenberg, IdanTechnion
Levy, EliranTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Green, AdiTechnion – Israel Institute of Technology
Reuven, KfirTechnion, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Zohar, GalTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Waldner, GuyTechnion
15:20-15:40, Paper WeL1T6.5 
VECTOR VX-3 Blended Wing Body for AUVSI SUAS 2019 Competition
Mirko, BorovacUniversity of Split
Kosor, VicencoUniversity of Split
Wolf, JosipUniversity of Split
Salinovic, MatejUniversity of Split
Nikolic, IvanaUniversity of Split
Cobanov, ToniUniversity of Split
Bujevic, AldoUniversity of Split
Malenica, HanaUniversity of Split
Lukovic, DujeUniversity of Split
Burazin, MirkoUniversity of Split
Marin, IvanUniversity of Split
Knezic, HelenaUniversity of Split
15:40-16:00, Paper WeL1T6.6 
Yavnai, ArikAI-MA Applied Intelligent Machines
Ramon, OmerTechnion
Amuzig, AdiTechnion
Zabolotny, MargaritaTechnion
Poznyak, Kirill MichaelTechnion
Oved, NoaTechnion
Budescu, EyalTechnion
Meir, NoamTechnion
WeL2T2 Hall B
Aircraft Structural Mechanics Regular Session
Chair: Freed, YuvalIsrael Aerospace Industries
16:25-16:50, Paper WeL2T2.1 
Loss of Useful Consciousness Due to a Lack of Oxygen
Brot, AbrahamA. Brot, Engineering Consultant
16:50-17:15, Paper WeL2T2.2 
Defect Evolution in a Rolling Element Bearing
Gazizulin, DmitriBen-Gurion University of the Negev
Ohana, RavitBen-Gurion University
Klein, RenataR.K. Diagnostics
Bortman, JacobBen Gurion University
17:15-17:40, Paper WeL2T2.3 
Investigation of the Effect of Secondary Bending on Multi-Site Damage Scenarios in Hard-Point Joints
Freed, YuvalIsrael Aerospace Industries
17:40-18:05, Paper WeL2T2.4 
An Investigation into Prying Models in Tension Clips
Katzeff, SteveBird Aerosystems
WeL2T3 Hall C
Flow Control I Regular Session
Chair: Cohen, JacobTechnion
16:25-16:50, Paper WeL2T3.1 
Application of Passive Flow Control Techniques to Attenuate the Unsteady Wake of a Low Aspect Ratio Cylindrical Turret in Subsonic Flow
Ben-Gida, HadarIsraeli Air Force
Mizrahi, IzhakIsrael Air Force
Bikbulatov, AlexiIsraeli Air Force
Stefanini, JeanTSI Inc
Stalnov, OksanaTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology
Gurka, RoiCoastal Carolina University
16:50-17:15, Paper WeL2T3.2 
Transitory, Bi-Directional Aerodynamic Control with Trailing Edge Pulsed Fluidic Actuation
Tan, YuehanGeorgia Institute of Technology
Glezer, AriGeorgia Institute of Technology
Patterson, RyanUnivedrsity of Michigan
Friedmann, PeretzUniversity of Michigan
17:15-17:40, Paper WeL2T3.3 
Development, Characteristic and Implementation of Oscillatory Suction Actuator for Boundary Layer Control
Mizrahi, BarTel-Aviv University
Seifert, AviTel Aviv University
17:40-18:05, Paper WeL2T3.4 
Drag Reduction Experiments on a Wing at Incidence Angles Appropriate to Combined Tilt-Rotor & Tilt-Wing Configurations in Hover
Phillips, ElisaUniversity of Arizona
Taubert, LutzUniversity of Arizona
Kay, GarrettUniversity of Arizona
Kalyankar, HarshadUniversity of Arizona
Wygnanski, IsraelUniversity of Arizona
WeL2T4 Hall D
Hydrodynamics and Multi-Phase Flows Regular Session
Chair: Gofer, AviadTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
16:25-16:50, Paper WeL2T4.1 
Water Application of Suction and Oscillatory Blowing (SaOB) Actuator
Alerhand Sissa, UrielTel Aviv University
Seifert, AviTel Aviv University
16:50-17:15, Paper WeL2T4.2 
A Novel Testing Facility for Investigating High-Speed Underwater Bodies
Gofer, AviadTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
17:15-17:40, Paper WeL2T4.3 
Breakup Length of a Liquid Jet in Air Co-Flow
Levy, YeshayahouTechnion
Erenburg, VladimirTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Kam, OriTAU
Zakai, MatanTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology
Ovcharenko, VitalyTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Gaissinski, IgorTechnion
Sherbaum, ValeryTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology
WeL2T5 Hall E
General Meeting of the Israel Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics Regular Session
WeL2T6 Hall F
Student Project Competition II Regular Session
Chair: Dvorjeski, ArielDDR&D
16:25-16:45, Paper WeL2T6.1 
Active Aeroelastic Aircraft Testbed (A3TB) - First Year Activity
Joels, TsoofMr
Matmon, EvyatarTechnion
Sayag, TalTechnion
Nussbaum, YasminTechnion
Sayag, AmitTechnion
Naftaliev, LidiaTechnion
Karp, OfekTechnion
Shtepman, MichaelTechnion
Mayer, ArielTechnion
Levinson, KayTechnion
Haimovich, AmitaiTechnion
Edery-Azulay, LucyTechnion
16:45-17:05, Paper WeL2T6.2 
DriveSat - Vacuum Arc Thruster and HDD-MW Technology Demonstration Satellite
Sideman, NimrodTechnion
Di porto, SimoneTechnion
Abdal, MatanTechnion
Davidov, EyalTechnion
Perl, MordechaiTechnion
Schily, RoieTechnion
Shamir, OmerTAS
Tapiro, NivTechnion
Herscovitz, JacobTechnion, Israel
17:05-17:25, Paper WeL2T6.3 
Custer Channel Wing-Phase III
Haber, YairAzrieli College
Azarazar, MichaelAzrieli College
Kamins, MeirAzrieli College
Zilberman, MosheAzrieli Academic College of Engineering




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