February 19-20, 2014. Tel Aviv & Haifa, Israel

54th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences
February 19-20, 2014, Tel-Aviv & Haifa, Israel

Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

54th IACAS Keyword Index

A   C   F   G   M   N   P   S  

AeroacousticsThL1T4.5, WeL1T2.6
Aerodynamics, CFD, Fluid DynamicsThL1T4.1, ThL1T4.2, ThL1T4.3, ThL1T4.4, ThL1T4.5, ThL1T4.6, ThL1T6.1, ThL1T6.2, ThL1T6.3, ThL1T6.5, ThL2T6.1, ThL2T6.2, ThL2T6.3, ThL2T6.4, ThL2T6.5, ThPl3Pl3.1, WeL1T2.1, WeL1T3.1, WeL1T3.3, WeL1T3.4, WeL1T4.1, WeL1T4.2, WeL1T4.3, WeL1T4.4, WeL1T4.5, WeL1T4.6, WeL2T1.1, WeL2T2.1, WeL2T2.2, WeL2T2.3, WeL2T2.4, WeL2T2.6, WeL2T3.1, WeL2T3.6, WeL2T5.1
Aerospace Sructures Design, testing and ManufacturingThL1T2.1, ThL1T2.3, ThL1T2.5, ThL1T3.4, ThL1T3.5, ThL1T5.1, ThL1T6.4, ThL2T2.4, ThL2T2.5, ThL2T5.1, ThL2T5.2, WeL1T2.6, WeL1T5.1, WeL1T5.2, WeL1T5.3, WeL1T5.4, WeL1T5.5, WeL1T5.6, WeL2T4.1, WeL2T4.2, WeL2T4.3, WeL2T5.5, WePl3Pl3.1
Aerospace Systems and Systems EngineeringThL1T2.4, ThL2T2.1, ThL2T2.2, ThL2T3.1, ThL2T3.2, ThL2T3.3, ThL2T3.4, ThPl2Pl2.1, WeL2T3.2, WeL2T6.3, WePl2Pl2.1
Aircraft Maintenance, Health MonitoringThL1T2.1, ThL2T2.2, ThL2T2.3, ThL2T5.2, ThL2T5.3, WeL1T2.4
AvionicsThL1T5.1, WeL1T2.1
CombustionThL2T1.1, ThL2T1.2, ThL2T1.3, WeL1T2.2, WeL2T5.2, WeL2T5.4, WeL2T5.5
ControlThL1T1.1, ThL1T1.2, ThL1T1.4, ThL1T1.5, ThL1T1.6, ThL1T4.4, ThL1T5.2, ThL1T5.3, ThL1T6.1, ThL1T6.6, ThL2T2.6, ThL2T4.1, ThL2T4.2, ThL2T4.3, ThL2T4.4, ThL2T4.5, ThL2T4.6, WeL1T2.5, WeL1T6.1, WeL1T6.2, WeL1T6.3, WeL1T6.4, WeL1T6.5, WeL2T1.2, WeL2T1.3, WeL2T1.4, WeL2T1.5, WeL2T2.2, WeL2T2.3, WeL2T2.4, WeL2T2.5, WeL2T6.1, WeL2T6.5, WeL2T6.6, WePl1Pl1.1
Fatigue and Fracture MechanicsThL1T2.1, ThL2T5.1, ThL2T5.2, ThL2T5.3, WeL2T4.1, WeL2T4.2, WeL2T4.3, WeL2T4.4
Guidance NavigationThL1T1.1, ThL1T1.2, ThL1T1.3, ThL1T1.4, ThL1T1.5, ThL1T5.3, ThL2T2.1, WeL1T6.1, WeL1T6.2, WeL1T6.3, WeL1T6.4, WeL1T6.5, WeL2T1.2, WeL2T1.5, WeL2T2.5, WeL2T6.2, WeL2T6.3, WeL2T6.5, WeL2T6.6
Materials, Solid MechanicsThL1T2.4, ThL1T3.1, ThL1T3.2, ThL1T3.3, ThL1T3.4, ThL1T3.5, ThL1T3.6, ThL1T6.2, ThL2T3.5, ThL2T5.1, WeL1T1.6, WeL1T5.4, WeL2T4.2
Numerical Methods, Modeling SimulationThL1T1.6, ThL1T2.2, ThL1T3.1, ThL1T3.5, ThL1T3.6, ThL1T4.1, ThL1T6.3, ThL1T6.4, ThL1T6.6, ThL2T2.4, ThL2T3.4, ThL2T4.5, ThL2T6.2, ThL2T6.3, ThL2T6.4, ThL2T6.5, WeL1T2.5, WeL1T5.6, WeL2T5.1, WeL2T5.2, WeL2T6.6
Parameter Estimation, Fault Detection and IsolationThL1T2.2, ThL1T5.1, ThL1T5.4, ThL2T2.6, ThL2T4.3, ThL2T5.3, WeL2T1.4, WeL2T2.6, WeL2T6.1, WeL2T6.3
Performance, Design OptimizationThL1T1.4, ThL1T1.5, ThL1T2.2, ThL1T4.2, ThL1T4.4, ThL2T2.6, ThL2T3.5, ThL2T4.5, WeL1T1.5, WeL1T6.5, WeL2T3.2
PropulsionThL2T1.2, WeL1T1.6, WeL2T5.1, WeL2T5.3, WeL2T5.4, WeL2T5.5
Space Systems, AstrodynamicsThPl1Pl1.1, WeL2T1.2, WeL2T1.3, WeL2T1.4, WeL2T1.5, WeL2T6.1
Structural Dynamics, AeroelasticityThL1T2.3, ThL1T2.4, ThL1T6.1, ThL1T6.2, ThL1T6.3, ThL1T6.4, ThL1T6.5, ThL1T6.6, ThL2T2.1, ThL2T2.4, WeL1T3.5, WeL1T5.5, WeL2T3.1, WeL2T3.2, WeL2T3.3, WeL2T3.4, WeL2T3.5, WeL2T3.6, WeL2T4.3, WeL2T4.4
Student CompetitionThL1T3.6, ThL2T4.3, WeL1T1.1, WeL1T1.2, WeL1T1.3, WeL1T1.4, WeL1T1.5, WeL1T1.6, WeL1T2.1, WeL1T2.2, WeL1T2.3, WeL1T2.4, WeL1T2.5, WeL1T2.6, WeL1T3.1, WeL1T3.2, WeL1T3.3, WeL1T3.4, WeL1T3.5




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