February 29, 2012 Tel Aviv, March 1, 2012 Technion-I.I.T., Haifa, Israel

52nd Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences
Feb 29 - Mar 1, 2012, Tel-Aviv and Haifa, Israel

Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday March 1, 2012

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ThOT7 Churchill Auditorium
Welcome Plenary Session
Chair: Tambour, YoramTech
ThP1T7 Churchill Auditorium
Plenary Lecture V Plenary Session
Chair: Tambour, YoramTech
09:30-10:15, Paper ThP1T7.1 
Hierarchical Thermal Transport Modeling and Simulation in Semiconductors from Nano to Macro Scales
Amon, CristinaUniv. of Toronto
ThP2T7 Churchill Auditorium
Plenary VI Plenary Session
Chair: Raveh, DaniellaTech
10:15-11:00, Paper ThP2T7.1 
Future Aircraft Concepts for Sustainable Aviation
Kroo, IlanStanford Univ
ThP3T7 Churchill Auditorium
Plenary VII Plenary Session
Chair: Idan, MosheTech
11:25-12:10, Paper ThP3T7.1 
Considerations for Fly by Wire (FBW) Systems Design
Attar, MosheIsrael Aerospace Industries
ThP4T7 Churchill Auditorium
Panel - UAVs in Civil Applications Plenary Session
Chair: Davidor, BennyICAA
12:10-13:30, Paper ThP4T7.1 
The AirMule Internal Rotor UAV: Civil and Para-Military Applications
Yoeli, RafiUrban Aeronautics
12:10-13:30, Paper ThP4T7.2 
Civil Applications UAS Future Development Trends
Tsach, ShlomoAdvanced Programs Group (APG)
12:10-13:30, Paper ThP4T7.3 
UAVs in Civil Applications: Technology and Certification
Gottesman, Tamara00
12:10-13:30, Paper ThP4T7.4 
Maritime UAVs for Civilian Applications
Schwachter, MenachemIsrael Aerospace Industries
ThAT1 Rm 149
Flow Transition & Instability Regular Session
Chair: Levy, YuvalISCFDC
15:00-15:25, Paper ThAT1.1 
The Evolution of Localized Gaussian Vortices in Planar Homogenous Shear Flows
Karp, MichaelTech
Cohen, JacobTech
15:25-15:50, Paper ThAT1.2 
Proposal of Low Cost Effective Building of a Database for Trip Induced Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Implants on Hypersonic Wind-Tunnel Models
Seror, StephaneIsrael Aerospace Industries - Head CFD Dept
wexler, jonathanIsrael Aerospace Industries - Engineering & DevelopmentDivision
rubin, teddyIsrael Aerospace Industries - Engineering & DevelopmentDivision
Kosarev, LeonidIsrael Aerospace Industries
15:50-16:15, Paper ThAT1.3 
Experimental Study of the Transitional Flow Field Over Model of Fixed Hummingbird Wing
Elimelech, YossefUniv. of Cambridge
Ellington, Charles P.Univ. of Cambridge
ThAT2 Rm 150
Fluid Dynamics and Hot Plumes Regular Session
Chair: Katoshevski, DavidBen Gurion Univ
15:25-15:50, Paper ThAT2.2 
Prediction and Measurement of IR Radiation from Jet Engine Plumes
Wirzberger, HodIMI
Yaniv, SaraIMI
Peles, OrenIMI
Sivan, JonathanIMI
Kanelbaum, JacobIMI
Boris Shamoelov, Boris ShamoelovIMI
Kobi Cohen, Kobi CohenIMI
15:50-16:15, Paper ThAT2.3 
Effect of Soot Particles on Supersonic Rocket Plumes Properties
Gaissinski, IgorTech. Israel Inst. of Tech
Yeshayahou, LevyTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
lev, michaelTech. Israel Inst. of Tech
sherbaum, valeryTech. Israel Inst. of Tech
15:50-16:15, Paper ThAT2.4 
Air Injection into Flowing Water and the Analogy to Rayleigh Line
Gofer, AviadTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Gany, AlonTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
ThAT3 Rm 235
Aeroelasticity & Aeroacoustics Regular Session
Chair: Karpel, MotiTech
15:00-15:25, Paper ThAT3.1 
On the Modal Properties of Two Methods for Coupling an Acoustic Cavity and a Surrounding Structure
Ginsberg, Jerry H.Georgia Inst. of Tech
15:25-15:50, Paper ThAT3.2 
BVI Noise and Vibration Reduction in Rotorcraft Using Microflaps
Friedmann, PeretzUniv. of Michigan
Padthe, AshwaniUniv. of Michigan
15:50-16:15, Paper ThAT3.3 
Increased-Order Modeling of Structural Dynamics with Nonlinearities
Karpel, MotiTech
ThAT4 Rm 240
Parameter Estimation I Regular Session
Chair: Brandes, AmitElbit Systems
15:00-15:25, Paper ThAT4.1 
A Quaternion-Based Method for Relative Alignment
Rapoport, IliaElbit Systems El-Op Ltd
Brandes, AmitElbit Systems, Electro-Optics ELOP
15:25-15:50, Paper ThAT4.2 
Hybrid Filtering for Markovian Jump-Linear Systems and Application to Fault-Tolerant Attitude Estimation
Tamir, UriBen-Gurion Univ
Choukroun, DanielTU Delft
15:50-16:15, Paper ThAT4.3 
Identification of Aerodynamic Parameters for a Small UAV from Flight Data
Gururajan, SrikanthWest Virginia Univ
McGrail, AmandaWest Virginia Univ
Gu, YuWest Virginia Univ
Seanor, BradWest Virginia Univ
Napolitano, MarcelloWest Virginia Univ
Prucz, JackyWest Virginia Univ
Phillips, KerriJohns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab
ThAT5 Rm 241
Materials, Solid Mechanics Regular Session
Chair: Abramovich, HaimTech
15:00-15:25, Paper ThAT5.1 
Special Finite Element Formulations for Asymptotic Thin Layer Models
Sussmann, ClaraTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Givoli, DanTech
15:25-15:50, Paper ThAT5.2 
The Onset of Plastic Yielding in a Coated Sphere Compressed by a Rigid Flat
Goltsberg, RomanTech
Etsion, IzhakTech
Davidi, Gal Tech
15:50-16:15, Paper ThAT5.3 
Collisions between Structural Elements – Comparison of Four Simplified Models
Maymon, GioraRAFAEL
ThAT6 Rm 641
Propulsion and Combustion III Regular Session
Chair: Khosid, SavelyRAFAEL
15:00-15:25, Paper ThAT6.1 
Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Porous Silicon Based Energetic Material
Fradkin, Evgenia (Golda)Faculty of Aerospace Engineering - Tech. Rafael
Gany, AlonTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
15:25-15:50, Paper ThAT6.2 
A Non-Asymptotic Mathematical Analysis of a Double Spray Premixed Flame
Katz, GershonTech
Greenberg, J. BarryTech
15:50-16:15, Paper ThAT6.3 
A Correlation between Rheological Factors and the Mid Web Anomaly in Composite Propellants
Sivan, JonathanIMI
Kochav, ShiriIMI
Kanelbaum, JacobIMI
Apped, HadasaIMI
Gamss, LennyIMI
ThBT1 Rm 149
Aerodynamics of Flexible & Flapping Surfaces Regular Session
Chair: Wygnanski, IsraelUniv. of Arizona
16:35-17:00, Paper ThBT1.1 
The Evolution of the Leading Edge Vortex Over an Accelerating Rotating Wing
Elimelech, YossefUniv. of Cambridge
17:00-17:25, Paper ThBT1.2 
Near-Wake Characteristics of a Freely Flying European Starling
Ben-Gida, HadarTel-Aviv Univ
Gurka, RoiBen-Gurion Univ
Kopp, GregoryUniv. of Western Ontario
Kirchhefer, Adam JonathonThe Univ. of Western Ontario
17:25-17:50, Paper ThBT1.3 
Estimation of Two-Dimensional Sail Shape from Single Camera Images
Yam, MaorTech
Karlin, BaruchRAFAEL
Arieli, RimonTech
17:50-18:15, Paper ThBT1.4 
Sound Generated by an Elastic Wing Actuated at Its Leading Edge
Manela, AvshalomTech
ThBT2 Rm 150
Performance, Design Optimization Regular Session
Chair: Kroll, EhudTech
16:35-17:00, Paper ThBT2.1 
ESTOL (Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing)
Tsach, ShlomoIAI
London, LiorIAI
Kleiman, D.IAI
Abush, LeeIAI
Tatievsky, AlexIAI
17:00-17:25, Paper ThBT2.2 
Conceptual Sizing Using Multidisciplinary Analysis
Gur, OhadIsrael Aerospace Industries
Lazar, GaliIsrael Aerospace Industries
Yaniv, AharonIsrael Aerospace Industries
Pratzovnik, ArieIsrael Aerospace Industries
17:25-17:50, Paper ThBT2.3 
Future Commercial Aviation Trends
Tsach, ShlomoIAI
Tatievsky, AlexIAI
London, LiorIAI
17:50-18:15, Paper ThBT2.4 
Electric VSTOL UAV Prop-Rotor MDO
Gur, OhadIsrael Aerospace Industries
Lazar, GaliIsrael Aerospace Industries
Yaniv, AharonIsrael Aerospace Industries
ThBT3 Rm 235
Aeroelasticity Regular Session
Chair: Enciu, KobieTech
16:35-17:00, Paper ThBT3.1 
Cable Dynamics under General Excitation Fields
Klein, GalIAF
Shiroky, ItzhakIAF
Ben Shushan, YakovIAF
Strauss, ItaiIAF
Yoresh, YossiIAF
17:00-17:25, Paper ThBT3.2 
Reduced Models and Calibration for Generalized Aeroelastic Forces
mortchéléwicz, guy danielONERA the French Aeronautic Lab
ThBT4 Rm 240
Parameter Estimation II Regular Session
Chair: Rapoport, IliaElbit Systems El-Op Ltd
16:35-17:00, Paper ThBT4.1 
Negative Collision Measurements in Position/Velocity State Estimation
Geller, DavidUtah State Univ
Oshman, YaakovTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
17:00-17:25, Paper ThBT4.2 
State Estimation in Hybrid Systems with a Bounded Number of Mode Transitions in the Presence of Spurious Measurements
Leiter, NoamFaculty of Aerospace Engineering, Tech. Israel
kalish, NogaDepartment of Electrical Engineering
Sigalov, DanielTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Oshman, YaakovTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
17:25-17:50, Paper ThBT4.3 
The Informativeness of Discrete Measurements
Pachter, MeirAFIT/ENG
ThBT5 Rm 241
Optimization & Control Regular Session
Chair: Cohen, AgnesIMI
16:35-17:00, Paper ThBT5.1 
Optimization of Satellite Constellation Reconfiguration Maneuvers
Appel, LeonidTech
Guelman, MosheTech
Mishne, DavidConsultant
17:00-17:25, Paper ThBT5.2 
Optimized State-Dependent Riccati Equation Method for Spacecraft Attitude Estimation and Control
Haim, LiorBen-Gurion Univ
Choukroun, DanielTU Delft
17:25-17:50, Paper ThBT5.3 
Linear Optimal Guidance
Gutman, ShaulTech
Rubinsky, SergeyTech
ThBT6 Rm 641
Propulsion and Combustion IV Regular Session
Chair: Ben Arosh, RachelIsrael Aerospace Industries
16:35-17:00, Paper ThBT6.1 
Analysis and Improvement of Aluminum Combustion in Solid Propellants
Yavor, YinonMcgill Univ
Gany, AlonTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
17:00-17:25, Paper ThBT6.2 
First Student-Hybrid-Thruster Test Campaign at German Aerospace Center (dlr)
Alger, SébastienGerman Aerospace Center, DLR
Ciezki, HelmutGerman Aerospace Center, DLR
Heislbetz, BernhardGerman Aerospace Center, DLR
Kitsche, WolfgangGerman Aerospace Center, DLR
Schlechtriem, StefanGerman Aerospace Center, DLR
17:25-17:50, Paper ThBT6.3 
Anomalies of Continuous Solutions of Discrete Multi-Size Spray Coalescence Equations
Schwartz, YonatanTech
Tambour, YoramTech
17:50-18:15, Paper ThBT6.4 
Passive Optical Measurements of the Soot Properties in Laminar Co-Flow Flames
Chernov, VictorUniv. of Toronto
Ahmed, MianUniv. of Toronto
Thomson, MurrayUniv. of Toronto




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