February 29, 2012 Tel Aviv, March 1, 2012 Technion-I.I.T., Haifa, Israel

52nd Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences
Feb 29 - Mar 1, 2012, Tel-Aviv and Haifa, Israel

Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday February 29, 2012

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WeOT7 Hall A
Opening Plenary Session
Chair: Givoli, DanTech
WeP1T7 Hall A
Meir Hanin Memorial Lecture Plenary Session
Chair: Natan, BennyTech
09:10-09:55, Paper WeP1T7.1 
“Smart” Combustors in Our Future
Zinn, Ben T.Georgia Tech
WeP2T7 Hall A
Plenary Lecture II Plenary Session
Chair: Oshman, YaakovTech
09:55-10:40, Paper WeP2T7.1 
"Smart Materials for Aerospace Structures: Harvesting, and Morphing"
Inman, DanielUniv. of Michigan
WeP3T7 Hall A
Plenary Lecture III Plenary Session
Chair: Ghilai, GilaIsrael Aerospace Industries
11:10-11:55, Paper WeP3T7.1 
Developing Strategies to Combat Threats against the Structural Integrity of Aircraft
Brot, AbrahamIsrael Aerospace Industries
WeP4T7 Hall A
Student Competition Plenary Session
Chair: Yehoshua, TalMoD
11:55-13:10, Paper WeP4T7.1 
Caesar Project: Nano-Satellite Constellation for Search and Rescue Services for Maritime Vessels in Distress
Amar, HananTech
Bavli, NitsanTech
Cohen, IttaiTech
Leiter, NoamTech
Leshem, Noam Tech
Marfogel, OshratTech
Porat, YuvalTech
Sedero, MosheTech
Herscovitz, JacobRAFAEL
11:55-13:10, Paper WeP4T7.2 
DBF 2011 - Golfitech Team Article
Cohen, YaronTech. - Inst. of Tech
JASHINSKI, MICHALTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Rikovitch, NirTech. Aerospace Faculty
Faigenbaum, YonatanTech
Lobovikov, YonatanTech
Bukhman, DanTech
Balas, ShacharTech
Tubul, AviadTech
Gefen, ItayTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Tsach, ShlomoIsrael Aerospace Industries
11:55-13:10, Paper WeP4T7.3 
S.P.eYe - Special Purpose Eye
Lipchinsky, CatherineTech
Dumchin, AndreyTech
Rashkovsky, AlexanderTech
Vladimirsky, DmitryTech
Artzi, DrorConsultant
11:55-13:10, Paper WeP4T7.4 
The Sky Fox Ramjet
Boasson, MichaRAFAEL
Arochas, BenjaminTech
Ehrlich, OlegTech
Osher, GalTech
Gafni, GiladTech
Greenstein, DimitriTech
Zeldner, VladislavTech
Havkin, YuriTech
Lavee, OferTech
Nobikov, AlinaTech
Kogan, AlexTech
WeAT1 Hall A
Missile Guidance Regular Session
Chair: Golan, OdedIsrael Aerospace Industries
14:40-15:05, Paper WeAT1.1 
Bounds on the RMS Miss of Radar Guided Missiles with Discrete Guidance
Rusnak, IlanRAFAEL
15:05-15:30, Paper WeAT1.2 
Near-Optimal Spatial Mid-Course Guidance Law with a Terminal Angular Constraint
Indig, NahshonTech
Ben-Asher, Joseph Z.Tech
Farber, NathanIMI
15:30-15:55, Paper WeAT1.3 
All Aspect 3d Guidance Law with Exponential Convergence to Collision Course
Rusnak, IlanRAFAEL
Weiss, GilRAFAEL
15:55-16:20, Paper WeAT1.4 
Optimal Trajectory Shaping Guidance of Missiles with Time Varying Acceleration Constraints
Taub, IlanTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Shima, TalTech
WeAT2 Hall B
Aerodynamics & Fluid Dynamics Regular Session
Chair: Shepshelovich, MishaIsrael Aerospace Industries
14:40-15:05, Paper WeAT2.1 
Periodic Flight for Energy Saving in the Transonic Regime
Weihs, DanielFaculty of Aerospace Engineering, Tech
Amouyal, GaelTech
15:05-15:30, Paper WeAT2.2 
The Flow Around and within a Viscous Liquid Droplet Adhering to a Solid Wall
Shabtay, RoyiTech
Frankel, ItzchakTech
15:30-15:55, Paper WeAT2.3 
High-Lift Airfoil for Small UAV Wing
Nagel, AlexanderIsrael Aerospace Industries
15:55-16:20, Paper WeAT2.4 
Investigation of the Convection Mechanism Induced by a Sub-Boundary-Layer Vortex Generator
Nadler, ZviTech
Arieli, RimonTech
WeAT3 Hall C
CFD Regular Session
Chair: Yaniv, SaraIMI
14:40-15:05, Paper WeAT3.1 
Convergence Acceleration of Runge-Kutta Schemes Using RK/Implicit Smoother for Navier-Stokes Equations with SST Turbulence Model
Peles, OrenIMI
Yaniv, SaraIMI
Turkel, EliSchool of Mathematics/Tel-Aviv Univ
15:05-15:30, Paper WeAT3.2 
CFD Modeling and Validation of a Complex Missile Configuration with Combination of Regular and Annular Wing
Fastovsky, DinaIMI
Levy, YuvalIsraeli CFD Center
Lapidot, DavidIMI
Gat, YoelIMI
15:30-15:55, Paper WeAT3.3 
Robust Generation of the Parabolized Stability Equation (PSE) Inflow Conditions for Automation of Transition Analysis
Kosarev, LeonidIsrael Aerospace Industries - Engineering & DevelopmentDivision
Seror, StephaneIsrael Aerospace Industries -Engineering&DevelopmentDivision -
lifshitz, yuliTech. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
15:55-16:20, Paper WeAT3.4 
Propeller Model Development within the Accurate Navier-Stokes Solver NES
peigin, sergeyIsrael Aerospace Industries - Engineering & DevelopmentDivision
epstein, borisAcad. Coll. of Tel-Aviv Yaffo
Seror, StephaneIsrael Aerospace Industries - Head CFD Dept
hoffman, gioraIsrael Aerospace Industries - Engineering & DevelopmentDivision
WeAT4 Hall D
Aerospace Sructures Design and Manufacturing Regular Session
Chair: Kressel, IddoIsrael Aerospace Industries
14:40-15:05, Paper WeAT4.1 
Flight Loads Validation on G280
Bronstein, MichaelIsrael Aerospace Industries
15:05-15:30, Paper WeAT4.2 
Composite Innovations in New IAI Business Jet Programs
Rubinstein, DanielIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Miller, ZevIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
David, AdrianIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Markovitz, RonIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Yurovich, YanivIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Galpaz, NitzanIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Steckelman, YoavIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Green, AnthonyIAI
Leibovich, HermanIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Ghilai, GilaIsrael Aerospace Industries
15:30-15:55, Paper WeAT4.3 
Cargo Airships Prospective
Tatievsky, AlexIAI
Tsach, ShlomoIAI
15:55-16:20, Paper WeAT4.4 
The Birth of Specialized Airframe Technology for UAVs
Weissberg, VictorIAI
Green, AnthonyIAI
Mey-Paz, HilaIAI
WeAT5 Hall E
Propulsion and Combustion I Regular Session
Chair: Sher, EranBen-Gurion Univ
14:40-15:05, Paper WeAT5.1 
Dynamics of Spray Flames in Oscillating Flow with Droplet Grouping
Katoshevski, DavidBen Gurion Univ
Greenberg, J. BarryTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
15:05-15:30, Paper WeAT5.2 
The Roles of Lewis Numbers, Droplet Evaporation and Pyrolysis in the Propagation of Premixed Spray Flames
Greenberg, J. BarryTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
15:30-15:55, Paper WeAT5.3 
A Numerical Study of Spray Flame Ignition and Extinction Fronts in a Mixing Layer
Greenberg, J. BarryTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
Kagan, LeonidTel Aviv Univ
Sivashinsky, GregoryTel Aviv Univ
15:55-16:20, Paper WeAT5.4 
Initiation of FTDO/DNAP Crystallized Mixes by Nd: YAG Laser
Zarko, VladimirInst. of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion
WeAT6 Hall F
Aerospace Systems & Systems Engineering Supported by the Gordon Center for
Systems Engineering
Regular Session
Chair: Abershitz, AviIAI
14:40-15:05, Paper WeAT6.1 
Water Management within Fuel Tanks
Berlowitz, IlanIsrael Aerospace Industries
Melnichanskaya, NataliaIsrael Aerospace Industries
15:05-15:30, Paper WeAT6.2 
Design of a Customized Fuselage Full Airworthiness Flexible Fuel Tank
Trangle, EtanIAF
Ribinik, EugeneIAF
Goldin, NirShenkar Coll. of Engineering and Design
alian, hasibIAF
Manor, ShirryIAF
Strauss, ItaiIAF
Rabaev, MosheBen Gurion Univ. of the Negev
Wolfson, LeonIAF
Haris, EliIAF
Ankori, TzahiIAF
Konforty, ShlomiIAF
Khapun, ShimonMagam Safety Ltd
15:30-15:55, Paper WeAT6.3 
Aircraft Icing and Thermo-Mechanical Explusion De-Icing
Berlowitz, IlanIsrael Aerospace Industries
Melnichanskaya, NataliaIsrael Aerospace Industries
15:55-16:20, Paper WeAT6.4 
Evolution of the Flight Testing Program at West Virginia University in Support of Flight Control Research
Gururajan, SrikanthWest Virginia Univ
Gu, YuWest Virginia Univ
Seanor, BradWest Virginia Univ
Prucz, JackyWest Virginia Univ
Napolitano, MarcelloWest Virginia Univ
WeBT1 Hall A
Estimation & Adaptive Control Regular Session
Chair: Yaesh, IsaacIMI
16:50-17:15, Paper WeBT1.1 
The Blind Tricyclist Problem and a Comparative Study of Nonlinear Filters
Psiaki, Mark L.Cornell Univ
17:15-17:40, Paper WeBT1.2 
On Adaptive Model Tracking with Mitigated Passivity Conditions
Barkana, ItzhakBARKANA Consulting
17:40-18:05, Paper WeBT1.3 
Higher Order Simple Adaptive Control
Yaesh, IsaacIMI
Shaked, UriTel-Aviv Univ
WeBT2 Hall B
Space Systems Regular Session
Chair: Mishne, DavidRAFAEL
16:50-17:15, Paper WeBT2.1 
Attitude Quaternion Estimation Via Maximum Information Rate Filtering
Reijneveld, JonTU Delft
Maas, AlexanderTU Delft
Kuiper, HansTU Delft
Choukroun, DanielTU Delft
17:15-17:40, Paper WeBT2.2 
Novel Hybrid Propulsion Earth-To-Moon Trajectories with Lunar Swingby and Low-Thrust Capture
Mingotti, GiorgioTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
17:40-18:05, Paper WeBT2.3 
A Constrained Quaternion Estimator for Single-Frame Attitude Determination
Tamir, UriBen-Gurion Univ
Choukroun, DanielTU Delft
WeBT3 Hall C
Flow & Flight Control Regular Session
Chair: Seifert, AviTel Aviv Univ
16:50-17:15, Paper WeBT3.1 
"Bump" As a Shock Control Device at Transonic Speeds
Ktalav, NoaTech
Arieli, RimonTech
17:15-17:40, Paper WeBT3.2 
Bluff Body Aerodynamic Drag Reduction by Active Flow Control
Shtendel, TomTel Aviv Univ
Seifert, AviTel Aviv Univ
17:40-18:05, Paper WeBT3.3 
Active Flight Control Using Distributed Bleed
Glezer, AriGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Kearney, JohnGeorgia Inst. of Tech
WeBT4 Hall D
Fatigue, Fracture Mechanics Regular Session
Chair: Banks-Sills, LeslieTel Aviv Univ
16:50-17:15, Paper WeBT4.1 
G280 Executive Jet – Full Scale Fatigue Testing
Freed, YuvalIsrael Aerospace Industries
17:15-17:40, Paper WeBT4.2 
Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Plain Laminate Woven Composites 0/90 and +45/-45
Ishbir, ChaimTel-Aviv Univ
Banks-Sills, LeslieTel Aviv Univ
Eliasi, RamiTel-Aviv Univ
Fourman, VictorTel-Aviv Univ
17:40-18:05, Paper WeBT4.3 
Tolerance-Based Regime Recognition Algorithm Methodology (RRA) for AH64
Mintz, LeonIAF
Gur, IdoIAF
WeBT5 Hall E
Propulsion and Combustion II Regular Session
Chair: Leitner, AmiramRAFAEL
16:50-17:15, Paper WeBT5.1 
From Centi-Engines to Mili-Engines for MAV Applications
Sher, EranBen-Gurion Univ
17:15-17:40, Paper WeBT5.2 
Experimental Investigation of a Lab-Scale Aluminized Gel Fuel Ramjet Combustor
Kuznetsov, AlexanderTech
Gafni, GiladTech
Har Lev, DoronTech
Solomon, YairTech
Natan, BennyTech
17:40-18:05, Paper WeBT5.3 
Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Paraffin-Based Fuels in Hybrid Propulsion
Weinstein, AlexandraTech
Gany, AlonTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
WeBT6 Hall F
Health Monitoring Regular Session
Chair: Maymon, GioraRAFAEL LTD. (Retired)
16:50-17:15, Paper WeBT6.1 
Development of High-Performance Pneumatic Piezoelectric Actuator
Eliahou Niv, ShaulIAI
Bar Anan, DoronIAI
Oster, DovIAI
17:15-17:40, Paper WeBT6.2 
Practicable Research for the Development of a Capability for Sensitivity Coefficients Adaptations in RT&B Algorithm
Grinfeld, NatanIAF
Kushnirsky, AlexanderIAF
Golan, YossiIAF
Haris, EliIAF
17:15-17:40, Paper WeBT6.2 
Dynamic End-Effects in Composites and Health Monitoring
Karp, BaruchBen-Gurion Univ




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