July 12- 15, 2022 Imperial College London, UK
2022 European Control Conference (ECC)
July 12-15, 2022, London, UK

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Last updated on May 24, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday July 15, 2022

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FrPA1  Plenary Session, CAGB - LT 200 Add to My Program 
Plenary Session 5  
08:00-09:00, Paper FrPA1.1 Add to My Program
Data-Driven Decision-Making in Dynamic Environments

Mohajerin Esfahani, PeymanTU Delft
FrA1  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 200 Add to My Program 
Automotive Systems  
Chair: Evangelou, SimosImperial College London
Co-Chair: Yu, ShengImperial College London
09:20-09:35, Paper FrA1.1 Add to My Program
Effect of a Nu Vinci Type CVT Based Energy Efficient Cruise Control on an Electric Vehicle's Energy Consumption

Madhusudhanan, Anil KUniversity of Southampton
Corno, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano
09:35-09:50, Paper FrA1.2 Add to My Program
Robust Model Predictive Control Framework for Energy-Optimal Adaptive Cruise Control of Battery Electric Vehicles

Yu, ShengImperial College London
Pan, XiaoImperial College London
Georgiou, AnastasisImperial College London
Chen, BoliUnversity College London
Jaimoukha, Imad M.Imperial College London
Evangelou, SimosImperial College London
09:50-10:05, Paper FrA1.3 Add to My Program
An Adaptive Time-Headway Policy for Lower Energy Consumption in Autonomous Vehicle Platoons

G, RohithUniversity of Exeter
K B, DevikaIndian Institute of Technology Madras
Prathyush, Purushothama MenonUniversity of Exeter
Subramanian, ShankarIndian Institute of Technology Madras
10:05-10:20, Paper FrA1.4 Add to My Program
Attitude Control for a Combine Harvester: A Cascade Scheme Approach

Dettů, FedericoPolitecnico Di Milano
Corno, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano
D'Ambrosio, DanieleSAME Deutz-Fahr
Acquistapace, AndreaSAME Deutz-Fahr
Taroni, FrancescoSAME Deutz-Fahr
Savaresi, Sergio M.Politecnico Di Milano
10:20-10:35, Paper FrA1.5 Add to My Program
Robust Control Design Using Ultra-Local Model-Based Approach for Vehicle-Oriented Control Problems

Fényes, DánielInstitute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI)
Hegedus, TamasBudapest University of Technology and Economics
Nemeth, BalazsSZTAKI Institute for Computer Science and Control
Szabo, ZoltanMTA SZTAKI
Gaspar, PeterSZTAKI
10:35-10:50, Paper FrA1.6 Add to My Program
Long Hauling Eco-Driving: Heavy-Duty Trucks Operational Modes Control with Integrated Road Slope Preview

Gonçalves da Silva, GustavoEindhoven University of Techonology
Lazar, MirceaEindhoven University of Technology
10:50-11:05, Paper FrA1.7 Add to My Program
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Electric Vehicle Cabin Cooling System for Improved Thermal Comfort and Efficiency

Cvok, IvanUniv of Zagreb
Deur, JoskoUniversity of Zagreb
FrA2  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 300 Add to My Program 
Predictive Control II  
Chair: Findeisen, RolfTU Darmstadt
Co-Chair: Casagrande, VittorioUniversity College London
09:20-09:35, Paper FrA2.1 Add to My Program
Coalitional Model Predictive Control with Different Inter-Agent Interaction Modes

Sánchez-Amores, AnaUniversity of Seville
Chanfreut, PaulaUniversity of Seville
Maestre, J. M.University of Seville
Camacho, Eduardo F.University of Sevilla
09:35-09:50, Paper FrA2.2 Add to My Program
Learning Secure Corridors for Model Predictive Path Following Control of Autonomous Systems in Cluttered Environments

Holzmann, PhilippOtto-Von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Matschek, JanineOtto-Von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Pfefferkorn, MaikOtto-Von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Findeisen, RolfTU Darmstadt
09:50-10:05, Paper FrA2.3 Add to My Program
Data-Based Moving Horizon Estimation for Linear Discrete-Time Systems

Wolff, Tobias M.Leibniz University Hannover
Lopez Mejia, Victor GabrielLeibniz University Hannover
Muller, Matthias A.Leibniz University Hannover
10:05-10:20, Paper FrA2.4 Add to My Program
Economic MPC Optimization of a Cold Production Plant with Energy Storage

Garrido Satue, ManuelUniversidad De Sevilla
Acedo Bueno, Luis FernandoUniversity of Seville
Arahal, Manuel R.Universidad De Sevilla
Ortega, M. G.Universidad De Sevilla
10:20-10:35, Paper FrA2.5 Add to My Program
Fuzzy Model Predictive Control for Takagi & Sugeno Systems with Optimised Prediction Dynamics

Nova, ManuelDepartment of Electrical Engineering, Universidad De Chile
Munoz-Carpintero, DiegoUniversidad De O'Higgins
Saez, DorisUniversidad De Chile
10:35-10:50, Paper FrA2.6 Add to My Program
Numerical Framework for the Field Oriented Economic Model Predictive Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Geweth, DanielBosch GmbH
Vollmer, UlrichBosch GmbH
Diehl, MoritzAlbert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
10:50-11:05, Paper FrA2.7 Add to My Program
Fresnel Solar Collector Control with Active Defocus

Machado, Diogo OrtizFederal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Gr
Sánchez, Adolfo J.University of Seville
de Andrade, GustavoUniversidade Federal De Santa Catarina
Normey-Rico, Julio EliasFederal University of Santa Catarina
Bordons, CarlosUniversidad De Sevilla
Camacho, Eduardo F.University of Sevilla
FrA3  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 500 Add to My Program 
Distributed Control  
Chair: Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.Fac. Science and Engineering, University of Groningen
Co-Chair: Gong, ZilongImperial College London
09:20-09:35, Paper FrA3.1 Add to My Program
Distributed Algebraic Riccati Equations in Multi-Agent Systems

Talebi, Sayed PouriaNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Werner, StefanNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Huang, Yih-FangUniversity of Notre Dame
Gupta, VijayUniversity of Notre Dame
09:35-09:50, Paper FrA3.2 Add to My Program
Distributed Event-Triggered Consensus with Non-Identical Bernoulli Packet Dropout

Saadabadi,, hamidehInstitrute of Control System Hamburg University of Technology
Werner, HerbertHamburg University of Technology
09:50-10:05, Paper FrA3.3 Add to My Program
Distributed Coordination of Physically-Interconnected Multi-Agent Systems with Actuated and Unactuated Agents

Malan, Albertus JohannesKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Pfeifer, MartinKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Hohmann, SörenKIT
10:05-10:20, Paper FrA3.4 Add to My Program
Blockchain-Based Peer to Peer Energy Trading Using Distributed Model Predictive Control

Sivianes, ManuelUniversity of Seville
Zafra Cabeza, AscensionUniversity of Sevilla
Bordons, CarlosUniversidad De Sevilla
10:20-10:35, Paper FrA3.5 Add to My Program
Distributed Optimization of Average Consensus Containment with Multiple Stationary Leaders

Chatterjee, SushobhanIndian Institute of Technology, Madras
Kalaimani, Rachel KalpanaIndian Institute of Technology Madras
10:35-10:50, Paper FrA3.6 Add to My Program
A Passivity Approach in Port-Hamiltonian Form for Formation Control and Velocity Tracking

Li, NingboUniversity of Groningen
Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.Fac. Science and Engineering, University of Groningen
van der Schaft, Arjan J.University of Groningen
Sun, ZhiyongEindhoven University of Technology
10:50-11:05, Paper FrA3.7 Add to My Program
Resistance Distance and Control Performance for Bittide Synchronization

Lall, SanjayStanford University
Cascaval, CalinGoogle
Izzard, MartinGoogle
Spalink, TammoGoogle
FrA4  Invited Session, Skempton Building - LT 164 Add to My Program 
Interaction between Learnig and Control  
Chair: Chen, Wen-HuaLoughborough University
Organizer: Chen, Wen-HuaLoughborough University
Organizer: Abate, AlessandroUniversity of Oxford
09:20-09:35, Paper FrA4.1 Add to My Program
Functional Stability of Discounted Markov Decision Processes Using Economic MPC Dissipativity Theory (I)

Bahari Kordabad, ArashNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Gros, SebastienNTNU
09:35-09:50, Paper FrA4.2 Add to My Program
Integral Quadratic Constraints for Neural Networks (I)

Grönqvist, JohanLund University
Rantzer, AndersLund University
09:50-10:05, Paper FrA4.3 Add to My Program
Verification of Safety Critical Control Policies Using Kernel Methods (I)

Vertovec, NikolausUniversity of Oxford
Ober-Blöbaum, SinaUniversity of Oxford
Margellos, KostasUniversity of Oxford
10:05-10:20, Paper FrA4.4 Add to My Program
A Dual Control Perspective for Exploration and Exploitation in Autonomous Search (I)

Li, ZhongguoLoughborough University
Chen, Wen-HuaLoughborough University
Yang, JunSoutheast University
10:20-10:35, Paper FrA4.5 Add to My Program
Imitation and Supervised Learning of Compliance for Robotic Assembly

Jha, DeveshMitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Romeres, DiegoMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Yerazunis, WilliamMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Nikovski, DanielMitsubishi Electric Research Labs
10:35-10:50, Paper FrA4.6 Add to My Program
Federated Reinforcement Learning at the Edge: Exploring the Learning-Communication Tradeoff

Gatsis, KonstantinosUniversity of Oxford
10:50-11:05, Paper FrA4.7 Add to My Program
Imitation Learning of Stabilizing Policies for Nonlinear Systems

East, SebastianUniversity of Bristol
FrA6  Invited Session, Skempton Building - Room 301 Add to My Program 
Good Practice and Developments in Control Education  
Chair: Rossiter, J. AnthonyUniversity of Sheffield
Organizer: Rossiter, J. AnthonyUniversity of Sheffield
09:20-09:35, Paper FrA6.1 Add to My Program
Open Access Resources to Support Learning of Control Engineering (I)

Rossiter, J. AnthonyUniversity of Sheffield
Visioli, AntonioUniversity of Brescia
Serbezov, AtanasRose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Hedengren, JohnBrigham Young University
Douglas, BrianEngineering Media LLC
Zakova, KatarinaSlovak University of Technology
09:35-09:50, Paper FrA6.2 Add to My Program
A Receding-Horizon Estimation and Control Framework for the Content Sequencing Problem (I)

Busetto, RiccardoPolitecnico Di Milano
Nakken Larsen, ThomasNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Rasheed, AdilNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Varagnolo, DamianoNorwegian University of Technology and Science
Formentin, SimonePolitecnico Di Milano
09:50-10:05, Paper FrA6.3 Add to My Program
Learn Control Building Your Own Line Follower Robot at Home (I)

Alvarado, IgnacioUniversity of Seville
Haes-Ellis, RichardUniversidad De Sevilla
Borja, Jose A.Universidad De Sevilla
Salas Gómez, FranciscoEscuela Superior De Ingenieros. Universidad De Sevilla
Muńoz de la Peńa, DavidUniversity of Sevilla
FrTS3  Tutorial Session, CAGB - LT 500 Add to My Program 
Kazantzis-Kravaris/Luenberger (KKL) or Nonlinear Luenberger Observer
Methods: Observer, Regulation and Predictions
Co-Chair: Bernard, PaulineMINES ParisTech
Organizer: Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
Organizer: Bernard, PaulineMINES ParisTech
Organizer: Bin, MichelangeloImperial College London
Organizer: Brivadis, LucasLAGEPP, Université Lyon 1
Organizer: Di Meglio, FlorentMINES ParisTech
13:30-13:45, Paper FrTS3.1 Add to My Program
Theory of Kazantzis-Kravaris/Luenberger Observer - Part 1 (I)

Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
Brivadis, LucasLAGEPP, Université Lyon 1
13:45-14:00, Paper FrTS3.2 Add to My Program
Theory of Kazantzis-Kravaris/Luenberger Observer - Part 2 (I)

Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
Brivadis, LucasLAGEPP, Université Lyon 1
14:00-14:15, Paper FrTS3.3 Add to My Program
Theory of Kazantzis-Kravaris/Luenberger Observer - Part 3 (I)

Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
Brivadis, LucasLAGEPP, Université Lyon 1
14:15-14:30, Paper FrTS3.4 Add to My Program
Application of KKL Observer: Electrical Motor (I)

Bernard, PaulineMINES ParisTech
14:30-14:45, Paper FrTS3.5 Add to My Program
KKL Observers in Output Regulation (I)

Bin, MichelangeloImperial College London
14:45-15:00, Paper FrTS3.6 Add to My Program
Machine Learning and KKL Observers (I)

Di Meglio, FlorentMINES ParisTech
15:00-15:15, Paper FrTS3.7 Add to My Program
Deep KKL As a Tool for Prediction and Further Developments - Part 1 (I)

Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
15:15-15:30, Paper FrTS3.8 Add to My Program
Deep KKL As a Tool for Prediction and Further Development - Part 2 (I)

Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
FrTS5  Tutorial Session, CAGB – Rooms 649-650 Add to My Program 
Scaled Relative Graphs for System Analysis  
Chair: Sepulchre, Rodolphe J.University of Cambridge
Co-Chair: Forni, FulvioUniversity of Cambridge
Organizer: Chaffey, Thomas L.University of Cambridge
Organizer: Forni, FulvioUniversity of Cambridge
Organizer: Sepulchre, Rodolphe J.University of Cambridge
09:20-09:35, Paper FrTS5.1 Add to My Program
Introduction - Graphical Tools in Nonlinear Control (I)

Sepulchre, Rodolphe J.University of Cambridge
09:35-09:50, Paper FrTS5.2 Add to My Program
Graphical Algebra of Scaled Relative Graphs - Part 1 (I)

Chaffey, Thomas L.University of Cambridge
09:50-10:05, Paper FrTS5.3 Add to My Program
Graphical Algebra of Scaled Relative Graphs - Part 2 (I)

Chaffey, Thomas L.University of Cambridge
10:05-10:20, Paper FrTS5.4 Add to My Program
Graphical Algebra of Scaled Relative Graphs - Part 3 (I)

Chaffey, Thomas L.University of Cambridge
10:20-10:35, Paper FrTS5.5 Add to My Program
SRGs and Incremental Stability - Part 1 (I)

Chaffey, Thomas L.University of Cambridge
10:35-10:50, Paper FrTS5.6 Add to My Program
SRGs and Incremental Stability - Part 2 (I)

Chaffey, Thomas L.University of Cambridge
10:50-11:05, Paper FrTS5.7 Add to My Program
SRGs and Incremental Stability - Part 3 (I)

Chaffey, Thomas L.University of Cambridge
11:05-11:20, Paper FrTS5.8 Add to My Program
Conclusion - Ongoing Research and Open Questions (I)

Sepulchre, Rodolphe J.University of Cambridge
FrSP2  Semi-Plenary Session, CAGB - LT 300 Add to My Program 
Semi-Plenary Session 3  
11:30-12:30, Paper FrSP2.1 Add to My Program
Recent Advances in Colonel Blotto Games and the Connection to Controls

Marden, JasonUniversity of California - Los Angeles
FrSP3  Semi-Plenary Session, CAGB - LT 200 Add to My Program 
Semi-Plenary Session 4  
11:30-12:30, Paper FrSP3.1 Add to My Program
Energy Maximizing Control of Wave Energy Systems

Ringwood, JohnMaynooth University
FrB1  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 200 Add to My Program 
Transportation Systems  
Chair: Lygeros, JohnETH Zurich
Co-Chair: Scandella, MatteoImperial College London
13:30-13:45, Paper FrB1.1 Add to My Program
Group-Based Dimensionality Reduction and Estimation for Heterogeneous Large-Scale Traffic Networks

Scandella, MatteoImperial College London
Bin, MichelangeloImperial College London
Parisini, ThomasImperial College & Univ. of Trieste
13:45-14:00, Paper FrB1.2 Add to My Program
Congestion-Aware Bi-Modal Delivery Systems Utilizing Drones

Beliaev, MarkUniveristy of California Santa Barbara
MEHR, NEGARUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Pedarsani, RamtinUniveristy of California Santa Barbara
14:00-14:15, Paper FrB1.3 Add to My Program
Day-To-Day Discrete-Time Traffic Assignment Model for Transport Networks Affected by Disruptive Events

Siri, EnricoUniversity of Genoa
Siri, SilviaUniversity of Genova
Sacone, SimonaUniversity of Genova
14:15-14:30, Paper FrB1.4 Add to My Program
Incentive-Based Electric Vehicle Charging for Managing Bottleneck Congestion

Cenedese, CarloETH Zurich
Stokkink, PatrickEPFL
Geroliminis, NikolasEcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), Urban Transport
Lygeros, JohnETH Zurich
14:30-14:45, Paper FrB1.5 Add to My Program
Hierarchical Control Design of Automated Vehicles for Multi-Vehicle Scenarios in Roundabouts

Nemeth, BalazsSZTAKI Institute for Computer Science and Control
Farkas, ZsofiaBudapest University of Technology and Economics
Antal, ZoltanInstitute for Computer Science and Control
Gaspar, PeterSZTAKI
14:45-15:00, Paper FrB1.6 Add to My Program
Idle-Vehicle Rebalancing Coverage Control for Ride-Sourcing Systems

Zhu, PengboEcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), Urban Transport
Sirmatel, Isik IlberTrakya University
Ferrari Trecate, GiancarloUniversitŕ Degli Studi Di Pavia
Geroliminis, NikolasEcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), Urban Transport
15:00-15:15, Paper FrB1.7 Add to My Program
A Pricing Mechanism for Balancing the Charging of Ride Hailing Electric Vehicle Fleets

Maljkovic, MarkoEPFL
Nilsson, GustavEPFL
Geroliminis, NikolasEcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), Urban Transport
FrB2  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 300 Add to My Program 
Optimisation III  
Chair: Guay, MartinQueen's University
Co-Chair: Falugi, PaolaImperial College
13:30-13:45, Paper FrB2.1 Add to My Program
Joint Constrained Bayesian Optimization of Planning, Guidance, Control, and State Estimation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Stenger, DavidRWTH Aachen University
Nitsch, MaximilianRWTH Aachen University, Institute of Automatic Control
Abel, DirkRWTH Aachen University
13:45-14:00, Paper FrB2.2 Add to My Program
Optimal Design-For-Control of Chlorine Booster Systems in Water Networks Via Convex Optimization

Pecci, FilippoImperial College London
Stoianov, IvanImperial College London
Ostfeld, AviTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
14:00-14:15, Paper FrB2.3 Add to My Program
Distributed Convex Optimization on the Nonnegative Orthant

Jahvani, MohammadQueen's University
Guay, MartinQueen's University
14:15-14:30, Paper FrB2.4 Add to My Program
Optimal Input Design for Sparse System Identification

Parsa, JavadKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Rojas, Cristian R.KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Hjalmarsson, HĺkanKTH - Royal Institute of Technology
14:30-14:45, Paper FrB2.5 Add to My Program
Robot Online Task and Trajectory Planning Using Mixed-Integer Model Predictive Control

Tika, ArgtimTechnische Universität Kaiserslautern
Gashi, FatosTU Kaiserslautern
Bajcinca, NaimUniversity of Kaiserslautern
14:45-15:00, Paper FrB2.6 Add to My Program
Tube Based Safe Planning on Natural Inland Waterways

Nadales, J.M.Universidad De Sevilla
Muńoz de la Peńa, DavidUniversity of Sevilla
Limon, DanielUniversidad De Sevilla
Alamo, TeodoroUniversidad De Sevilla
15:00-15:15, Paper FrB2.7 Add to My Program
Towards Lifelong Learning of Recurrent Neural Networks for Control Design

Bonassi, FabioPolitecnico Di Milano
Xie, JingPolitecnico Di Milano
Farina, MarcelloPolitecnico Di Milano
Scattolini, RiccardoPolitecnico Di Milano
FrB4  Regular Session, Skempton Building - LT 164 Add to My Program 
Autonomous Robots  
Co-Chair: Bai, HanImperial College London
13:30-13:45, Paper FrB4.1 Add to My Program
Set-Membership State Estimation of Autonomous Surface Vehicles with a Partially Decoupled Extended Observer

Orihuela, LuisUniversidad Loyola Andalucía
Combastel, ChristopheUniversity of Bordeaux
Bejarano, GuillermoUniversidad Loyola Andalucía
13:45-14:00, Paper FrB4.2 Add to My Program
Predictive Receding-Horizon Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Moving Tasks

García Martín, JavierUniversity of Seville
Hanif, MuhammadTokyo Institute of Technology
Hatanaka, TakeshiTokyo Institute of Technology
Maestre, J. M.University of Seville
Camacho, Eduardo F.University of Sevilla
14:00-14:15, Paper FrB4.3 Add to My Program
Analysis and Experimental Evaluation of a Lateral Controller for Path Tracking of Mobile Systems

Schwab, AlexanderRuhr-Universität Bochum
Lunze, JanRuhr-Universität Bochum
14:15-14:30, Paper FrB4.4 Add to My Program
Autonomous Vehicle State Estimation Using a LPV Kalman Filter and SLAM

Chaubey, ShivamUPC
Puig, VicençUniversitat Politčcnica De Catalunya (UPC)
14:30-14:45, Paper FrB4.5 Add to My Program
Upper Bounds for Continuous-Time End-To-End Risks in Stochastic Robot Navigation

Patil, ApurvaThe University of Texas at Austin
Tanaka, TakashiUniversity of Texas at Austin
14:45-15:00, Paper FrB4.6 Add to My Program
Learning-Based Local Path Planning for UAV in Unknown Environments

Gao, LongShanghaiTech University
Song, XiaochengShanghaiTech University
Liu, XiaopeiShanghaiTech University
Lu, JieShanghaiTech University
15:00-15:15, Paper FrB4.7 Add to My Program
Multivariable Lateral Control of an Off-Road Vehicle Operating on Sloping Grounds

CLAVEAU, FabienIMT Atlantique - LS2N (UMR CNRS 6004)
Chevrel, PhilippeIMT Atlantique, LS2N (UMR 6004)
RANCINANGUE, BenjaminSECOM Engineering
DOLLET, AnthonySECOM Engineering
FrB5  Regular Session, CAGB – Rooms 649-650 Add to My Program 
Stability of Systems  
Chair: Tarbouriech, SophieLAAS-CNRS
Co-Chair: Chen, KaiwenImperial College London
13:30-13:45, Paper FrB5.1 Add to My Program
Stability Analysis of Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems with Time-Varying Delays Using Difference-Algebraic Representation

Peixoto, Márcia Luciana da CostaFederal University of Minas Gerais
Reis, Gabriela LígiaFederal University of Minas Gerais
Coutinho, Pedro HenriqueFederal University of Minas Gerais
Torres, LeonardoFederal University of Minas Gerais
Palhares, Reinaldo M.Federal University of Minas Gerais
13:45-14:00, Paper FrB5.2 Add to My Program
Passivity-Based Design and Analysis of Phase-Locked Loops

Zonetti, DanieleUPC - Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya
Gomis-Bellmunt, OriolCITCEA-UPC
Prieto-Araujo, EduardoCITCEA-UPC
Cheah-Mańe, MarcCITCEA-UPC
14:00-14:15, Paper FrB5.3 Add to My Program
Infinite Gain Margin, Contraction and Optimality: An LMI-Based Design

Giaccagli, MattiaLAGEPP - University of Lyon 1
Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
Tarbouriech, SophieLAAS-CNRS
Astolfi, DanieleUniversity of Lyon
14:15-14:30, Paper FrB5.4 Add to My Program
Finite-Sample-Based Spectral Radius Estimation and Stabilizability Test for Networked Control Systems

Xu, LiangEPFL
Guo, BaiweiEPFL
Ferrari-Trecate, GiancarloEcole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
14:30-14:45, Paper FrB5.5 Add to My Program
Single-Input Assignment Design for Stabilization of Undirected Networks towards Ultra-Early Medical Treatment

Yasukata, HitoshiTokyo Institute of Technology
Morishita, MasahideTokyo Institute of Technology
Shen, XunTokyo Institute of Technology
Imura, Jun-ichiTokyo Institute of Technology
14:45-15:00, Paper FrB5.6 Add to My Program
Event-Based Control of a Damped Linear Schrödinger Equation

Baudouin, LucieLAAS-CNRS ; Université De Toulouse
Tarbouriech, SophieLAAS-CNRS
15:00-15:15, Paper FrB5.7 Add to My Program
Polytopic Robust Passivity Cascade Controller Design for Nonlinear Systems

Mihaly, Vlad MihaiTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca
Susca, MirceaDepartment of Automation
Sabau, Dora LauraTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca
Dobra, PetruTechnical University of Cluj
FrIS  Interactive Session, Skempton Building - Room 301 Add to My Program 
Interactive Session  
Chair: Cucuzzella, MicheleUniversity of Pavia
Co-Chair: Rogers, EricUniv. of Southampton
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.1 Add to My Program
On the Effect of Service Stations on Highway Traffic: A Modified Cell Transition Model

Cenedese, CarloETH Zurich
Cucuzzella, MicheleUniversity of Pavia
Ferrara, AntonellaUniversity of Pavia
Lygeros, JohnETH Zurich
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.2 Add to My Program
Investigation of Blade Pitch Controllers on the Floating IEA 15MW Offshore Reference Turbine

Hawari, QusayLoughborough University
Kim, TaeseongDepartment of Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark
Ward, ChristopherLoughborough University
Fleming, JamesLoughborough University
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.3 Add to My Program
Social Welfare Maximization Via Information Design in Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Games

Sezer, FurkanTexas A&M University
Eksin, CeyhunTexas A&M University
Khazaei, HosseinTexas A&M University
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.4 Add to My Program
Decentralized Fictitious Play Converges Around a Single Nash Equilibrium in Near-Potential Games

Aydın, SarperTexas A&M University
Arefizadeh, SinaTexas A&M University
Eksin, CeyhunTexas A&M University
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.5 Add to My Program
Passivity Based Stabilization of Nonlinear Repetitive Processes with Application to the Design and Experimental Evaluation of Iterative Learning Control Laws

Mandra, SlawomirNicolaus Copernicus University
Emelianova, JuliaArzamas Polytechnic Institute of R.E. Alekseev Nizhny Novgorod S
Pakshin, PavelNizhny Novgorod State Tech. Univ
Rogers, EricUniv. of Southampton
Galkowski, KrzysztofUniv. of Zielona Gora
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.6 Add to My Program
Guaranteeing a Minimum Distance to Infeasibility in DC Power Grids with Constant-Power Loads

Jeeninga, MarkPolitecnico Di Torino
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.7 Add to My Program
On Random Walk Models for Epidemic Networks

Kim, SooyeongUniversity of Pisa - VAT 00286820501
Dudkina, EkaterinaUniversity of Pisa
Breen, JaneOntario Tech University
Crisostomi, EmanueleUniversity of Pisa
Shorten, RobertUniversity College Dublin
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.8 Add to My Program
On the Performance of Passivity-Based Controllers for Standard Mechanical Systems

Chan-Zheng, CarmenUniversity of Groningen
Borja, PabloTU Delft
Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.Fac. Science and Engineering, University of Groningen
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.9 Add to My Program
Model-Based Inverse Learning for Linear-Quadratic Zero-Sum Differential Games

Martirosyan, EminUniversity of Groningen
Cao, MingUniversity of Groningen
13:30-15:30, Paper FrIS.10 Add to My Program
Adaptive Learning Optimization of a High-Speed Sailboat for the America’s Cup

rodriguez, RenatoTemple University
Wang, YanFord Research and Advanced Engineerintg, Ford Motor Company
Ozanne, JosephAmerican Magic
Sumer, Erol DoganFord Motor Company
Filev, DimitarFord Motor Company
Soudbakhsh, DamoonTemple University
FrC1  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 200 Add to My Program 
Transport Applications  
Chair: D'Amico, WilliamPolitecnico Di Milano
Co-Chair: Gao, JianliImperial College London
15:50-16:05, Paper FrC1.1 Add to My Program
A Wheel Slip Control Scheme for Aeronautical Braking Applications Based on Neural Network Estimation

Papa, GianlucaPolitecnico Di Milano
Schiano, PierdomenicoPolitecnico Di Milano
Panzani, GiulioPolitecnico Di Milano
Tanelli, MaraPolitecnico Di Milano
Savaresi, Sergio M.Politecnico Di Milano
16:05-16:20, Paper FrC1.2 Add to My Program
Modeling Heterogeneous Transportation Services by Two-Stage Congestion Games

Ibrahim, Adrianto RaviNational Institute of Informatics
Cetinkaya, AhmetNational Institute of Informatics
Kishida, MasakoNational Institute of Informatics
16:20-16:35, Paper FrC1.3 Add to My Program
Model-Based Estimation of Wheel Slip in Locomotives

van de Merwe, CharlTransnet
Le Roux, Johan DerikUniversity of Pretoria
16:35-16:50, Paper FrC1.4 Add to My Program
Convex Optimization for Fuel Cell Hybrid Trains: Speed, Energy Management System, and Battery Thermals

Jibrin, RabeeUniversity of Birmingham
Hillmansen, StuartUniversity of Birmingham
ROBERTS, CLIVEUniversity of Birmingham
16:50-17:05, Paper FrC1.5 Add to My Program
Recurrent Neural Network Controllers Learned Using Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning with Application to an Electronic Throttle Body

D'Amico, WilliamPolitecnico Di Milano
Farina, MarcelloPolitecnico Di Milano
Panzani, GiulioPolitecnico Di Milano
17:05-17:20, Paper FrC1.6 Add to My Program
Controllability Test for Fast-Oscillating Systems with Constrained Control. Application to Solar Sailing

Herasimenka, AlesiaUniversité Côte d'Azur, CNRS, Inria, LJAD
Caillau, Jean-BaptisteEnseeiht-Irit (umr Cnrs 5505)
Dell'Elce, LambertoInria
Pomet, Jean-BaptisteINRIA
17:20-17:35, Paper FrC1.7 Add to My Program
Application of Mixed Graph Traversal Optimization for the Vehicle Routing Problem

Kocsány, LászlóBudapest University of Technology and Economics
Gincsaine Szadeczky-Kardoss, EmeseBudapest Univ of Technology & Economics
FrC2  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 300 Add to My Program 
Game Theoretical Methods  
Chair: Goulart, PaulUniversity of Oxford
Co-Chair: Nortmann, Benita Alessandra LuciaImperial College London
15:50-16:05, Paper FrC2.1 Add to My Program
Stochastic Best Response vs Stochastic Better Response: An Evolutionary Approach

Jaleel, HassanLahore University of Management Sciences
Batool, KinzaLahore University of Management Sciences
16:05-16:20, Paper FrC2.2 Add to My Program
Generalized Nash Equilibrium Seeking in Population Games under the Brown-Von Neumann-Nash Dynamics

Martinez-Piazuelo, JuanUniversitat Politčcnica De Catalunya
Ocampo-Martinez, CarlosUniversitat Politécnica De Catalunya (UPC)
Quijano, NicanorUniversidad De Los Andes
16:20-16:35, Paper FrC2.3 Add to My Program
A Two-Phase Evasive Strategy for a Pursuit-Evasion Problem Involving Two Non-Holonomic Agents with Incomplete Information

Nath, SuryadeepIndian Institute of Science
Ghose, DebasishIndian Institute of Science
16:35-16:50, Paper FrC2.4 Add to My Program
A Distributed Bregman Forward-Backward Algorithm for a Class of Nash Equilibrium Problems

Ananduta, WicakTU Delft
Grammatico, SergioDelft Univ. Tech
16:50-17:05, Paper FrC2.5 Add to My Program
Learning Equilibria with Personalized Incentives in a Class of Nonmonotone Games

Fabiani, FilippoUniversity of Oxford
Simonetto, AndreaENSTA-Paris
Goulart, PaulUniversity of Oxford
17:05-17:20, Paper FrC2.6 Add to My Program
Data-Driven Cost Representation for Optimal Control and Its Relevance to a Class of Asymmetric Linear Quadratic Dynamic Games

Nortmann, Benita Alessandra LuciaImperial College London
Mylvaganam, ThulasiImperial College London
FrC3  Regular Session, CAGB - LT 500 Add to My Program 
Consensus Control and Estimation  
Chair: Altafini, ClaudioUniversity of Linkoping
Co-Chair: Yang, GuitaoImperial College London
15:50-16:05, Paper FrC3.1 Add to My Program
Geometric Second-Order Laplacian Flow for Consensus on Lie Groups

Chandrasekaran, Rama SeshanIndian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India
Banavar, Ravi N.Indian Institute of Technology
Mahindrakar, ArunIndian Institute of Technology Madras
16:05-16:20, Paper FrC3.2 Add to My Program
Distributed Optimization for Mixed-Integer Consensus in Multi-Agent Networks

Liu, ZonglinUniversity of Kassel
Stursberg, OlafUniversity of Kassel
16:20-16:35, Paper FrC3.3 Add to My Program
A Bilinear System Approach with Input Saturation to Control the Agreement Value of Multi-Agent Systems

Rostami Alkhorshid, DanielUniversity of Brasilia - UnB
Tognetti, Eduardo StocklerUniversity of Brasilia
Morarescu, Irinel ConstantinUniversity of Lorraine, CNRS UMR7039
16:35-16:50, Paper FrC3.4 Add to My Program
Robust Distributed Kalman Consensus Filter for Sensor Networks under Parametric Uncertainties

Teofilo Rocha, Kaio DouglasUniversity of Săo Paulo
Terra, Marco HenriqueUniversity of Sao Paulo at Sao Carlos
16:50-17:05, Paper FrC3.5 Add to My Program
Multi-Agent Consensus Over Signed Graphs with Switching Topology

Wang, LingfeiChinese Academy of Sciences
Fontan, AngelaKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Hong, YiguangChinese Academy of Sciences
Shi, GuodongThe University of Sydney
Altafini, ClaudioUniversity of Linkoping
17:05-17:20, Paper FrC3.6 Add to My Program
Further Analysis on Structure and Spectral Properties of Symmetric Graphs

Tran, Quoc VanKAIST; Hanoi Univ. of Sci & Tech (HUST)
Ahn, Hyo-SungGwangju Institute of Sci & Tech
17:20-17:35, Paper FrC3.7 Add to My Program
Consensus for Double Integrators Using Binary Position Information with No Velocity Measurement

Sen, ArijitIIT Kanpur
Sahoo, Soumya RanjanIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kothari, MangalIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
FrC4  Regular Session, Skempton Building - LT 164 Add to My Program 
Machine Learning  
Chair: Baras, John S.Univ. of Maryland
Co-Chair: Mao, JunyuImperial College London
15:50-16:05, Paper FrC4.1 Add to My Program
Adaptive Low-Pass Filtering Using Sliding Window Gaussian Processes

Ordóńez-Conejo, Alejandro JoséCosta Rica Institute of Technology
Lederer, ArminTechnical University of Munich
Hirche, SandraInstitute for Information-Oriented Control
16:05-16:20, Paper FrC4.2 Add to My Program
A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Sliding Mode Control Design for Partially-Known Nonlinear Systems

Mosharafian, SahandUniversity of Georgia
Afzali, ShirinUniversity of Georgia
Bao, YajieThe University of Georgia
Mohammadpour Velni, JavadUniversity of Georgia
16:20-16:35, Paper FrC4.3 Add to My Program
Convolutional Neural Network As a Steady-State Detector for Real-Time Optimization

Nguyen, Vinh Phuc BuiNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Matias, JoséNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Jaschke, JohannesNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
16:35-16:50, Paper FrC4.4 Add to My Program
High-Probability Stable Gaussian Process-Supported Model Predictive Control for Lur’e Systems

Nguyen, Hoang HaiOvGU Magdeburg
Pfefferkorn, MaikOtto-Von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Findeisen, RolfTU Darmstadt
16:50-17:05, Paper FrC4.5 Add to My Program
Data Driven Modelling of Centrifugal Compressor Maps for Control and Optimization Applications

Korkmaz, Buse SibelTechnical University of Munich
Mercangöz, MehmetImperial College London
17:05-17:20, Paper FrC4.6 Add to My Program
Risk-Attitudes, Trust, and Emergence of Coordination in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Systems: A Study of Independent Risk-Sensitive REINFORCE

Noorani, ErfaunUniversity of Maryland College Park
Baras, John S.Univ. of Maryland
17:20-17:35, Paper FrC4.7 Add to My Program
Tailored Max-Out Networks for Learning Convex PWQ Functions

Teichrib, DieterTU Dortmund University
Schulze Darup, MoritzTU Dortmund University
FrC5  Regular Session, CAGB – Rooms 649-650 Add to My Program 
Network Control  
Chair: Pates, RichardLund University
Co-Chair: Zhao, LiannaImperial College London
15:50-16:05, Paper FrC5.1 Add to My Program
Finite-Time Convergence of Opinion Dynamics in Homogeneous Asymmetric Bounded Confidence Models

Bernardo, CarmelaUniversity of Sannio
Altafini, ClaudioUniversity of Linkoping
Vasca, FrancescoUniversity of Sannio
16:05-16:20, Paper FrC5.2 Add to My Program
Exact Convergence to GNE Using Penalty Methods

Romano, AndrewUniversity of Toronto
Pavel, LacraUniversity of Toronto
16:20-16:35, Paper FrC5.3 Add to My Program
Modelling the Effect of Vaccination and Human Behaviour on the Spread of Epidemic Diseases on Temporal Networks

Frieswijk, KathinkaUniversity of Groningen, ENgineering and TEchnology Institute Gr
Zino, LorenzoUniversity of Groningen
Cao, MingUniversity of Groningen
16:35-16:50, Paper FrC5.4 Add to My Program
A Structured Optimal Controller for Irrigation Networks

Heyden, MartinLund Univeristy
Pates, RichardLund University
Rantzer, AndersLund University
16:50-17:05, Paper FrC5.5 Add to My Program
Stability of State Feedback Networked Control Systems Subject to Time-Varying Packet Delays

Steinberger, MartinGraz University of Technology
Horn, MartinGraz University of Technology
17:05-17:20, Paper FrC5.6 Add to My Program
Iterative Shrinkage-Thresholding Algorithm and Model-Based Neural Network for Sparse LQR Control Design

Cho, MyungPenn State University
Chakrabortty, AranyaNorth Carolina State University
17:20-17:35, Paper FrC5.7 Add to My Program
Distributed Finite-Time Optimization for Compromise-Seeking Agents with Relative Preferences

Furchi', AntonioRoma Tre
Oliva, GabrieleUniversitŕ Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma
Gasparri, AndreaUniversitŕ Degli Studi Roma Tre




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