2016 European Control Conference
June 29 - July 1, 2016, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

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Last updated on June 22, 2016. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ECC'16 Keyword Index

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Adaptive controlThB3.4, ThC7.1, WeA3.5, WeA8.3, WeB6.2, WeB6.5, WeC2.3, WeC6.1, WeC6.2, WeC6.3, WeC6.4
Adaptive systemsFrB4.1, FrC6.3, ThA6.5, ThA8.3, ThB3.4, WeA2.4, WeB6.6, WeC6.5, WeC6.6, WeOWT.1
AerospaceFrC7.3, ThA8.2, ThC4.1, WeA3.1, WeA3.2, WeA3.3, WeA3.4, WeB8.6, WeC2.3, WeC2.5
Agents and autonomous systemsFrA3.1, FrA3.2, FrA3.3, FrPTP.1, ThB8.6, ThC3.1, ThC7.6, WeB7.2, WeC2.4, WeC8.5
See also Autonomous Systems
Agents networksFrA3.4, FrA3.5, FrC5.1, ThC3.5, WeB7.1, WeB7.4, WeB7.5, WeB7.6, WeC1.4
Algebraic/geometric methodsThA7.2
Applications in neuroscienceFrA2.6
See also Biological Systems
AutomataFrA8.2, FrB8.6, FrC6.4, WeC3.3, WeC4.5
See also Discrete Event Systems
AutomotiveFrA7.2, FrB5.2, FrC1.1, FrC3.3, FrC3.4, FrC7.2, ThA3.1, ThA3.2, ThA3.3, ThA3.4, ThA3.5, ThA3.6, ThA6.1, ThB3.1, ThB3.2, ThB3.3, ThB3.4, ThB3.5, ThC4.6, WeA4.5, WeA4.6, WeA8.1, WeA8.2, WeB5.1, WeC2.1, WeC4.2
Autonomous robotsFrA3.1, FrB3.2, ThA8.5, ThC3.3, WeB3.3, WeC3.2
See also Autonomous Systems
Autonomous systemsFrB5.1, FrC8.1, ThA3.4, ThA3.6, ThB4.2, ThC4.5, ThC5.5, ThC8.2, WeA3.3, WeC3.2, WeC8.5
See also Autonomous Systems, Agents and autonomous systems, Autonomous robots, Cooperative control, UAV's
Behavioural systemsThA7.1, ThA7.6, WeC7.6
See also Modeling
Biological systemsFrA2.2, FrA2.5, FrA2.6, FrB2.1, FrC2.5, FrSSP1.1, ThA6.4, ThA8.4, WeC7.5
See also Biological Systems, Applications in neuroscience, Biomedical systems, Biomolecular systems, Cellular dynamics, Genetic regulatory systems, Metabolic systems
Biomedical systemsFrB2.1, FrB2.2, FrB2.3, FrB2.4, FrB2.5, FrC2.1, FrC2.2, FrC2.3, FrC2.4, FrC2.6
See also Biological Systems
Biomolecular systemsFrA2.1, FrA2.2, FrA2.3, FrA2.4, ThA2.2
See also Biological Systems
Cellular dynamicsFrA2.5
See also Biological Systems
Chemical process controlThA5.2, ThA5.6, ThC8.4, WeA2.6, WeB5.2, WeB5.4
Communication networksFrA5.3, ThA4.5, WeA6.2
Complex systemsFrC2.1, ThA5.2, WeB4.4, WeC2.2
Computational methodsFrA2.2, FrA8.2, FrC2.5, ThA2.2, ThA7.6, ThC5.1, ThC9.1, WeA6.3, WeB8.1, WeC5.4, WeC6.5
See also Computational Methods, Computer aided control design, LMI's/BMI's/SOS's
Computer aided control designFrC2.3, ThB5.4, WeA4.1
See also Computational Methods
Computer aided learningThLTL.1, WeA9.1
See also Control Education
Concensus control and estimationFrA3.4, FrA3.5, ThA1.2, ThB8.6, ThC3.4, WeA7.2, WeB1.6, WeB7.2, WeB7.3, WeB7.4, WeB7.5, WeB7.6, WeC1.4
Constrained controlFrB2.6, FrC7.4, ThC4.2, ThC5.5, ThC6.6, WeA2.6, WeA3.4, WeC1.5, WeC5.2, WeC5.5, WeC7.1, WeC8.1, WeC8.3
Control courses and labsWeB3.1
See also Control Education
Control educationWeB2.6, WeB3.2
See also Control Education, Computer aided learning, Control courses and labs
Control of metal processingFrB4.2, WeA2.5
Control over communicationThA4.2, WeA7.1
Control over networksFrB6.2, FrB6.6, ThA1.5, ThA2.5, ThA4.2, ThA4.3, ThA4.4, ThB8.6, ThC1.4, ThC3.5, ThPTP.1, WeA8.6
Cooperative autonomous systemsFrA3.2, FrB3.1, ThC4.4, WeA6.1, WeA7.2, WeB7.2, WeB7.3
Cooperative controlFrB3.2, FrC3.2, FrC3.4, ThA3.1, ThC3.3, ThC7.1, WeA7.4, WeC1.6, WeC3.6
See also Autonomous Systems
Decentralized controlFrA1.2, FrSSP2.1, ThA4.4, ThC1.2, ThC1.6, ThC3.1
See also Large-Scale Systems
Delay systemsFrA3.5, ThA3.2, ThA4.6, ThC6.1, ThC7.2, ThC7.3, ThC7.4, ThC7.5, ThC7.6
See also Distributed Parameter Systems
Differential algebraic systemsFrA2.4, ThA7.2, ThC3.2, ThC4.3, WeB1.1
See also Modeling
Discrete event systemsFrB8.1, FrB8.2, FrB8.3, FrB8.4, FrB8.6
See also Discrete Event Systems, Automata, Petri nets, Queueing systems, Supervisory control
Distributed controlFrA5.4, FrC8.2, ThA1.5, WeA5.3, WeA6.2, WeA6.3, WeA7.1, WeA7.3, WeA7.4, WeA7.5, WeC5.1, WeC7.2
See also Large-Scale Systems
Distributed cooperative control over networksFrA5.3, ThA5.6, ThC4.4, ThC7.6, WeA6.2, WeA6.4, WeA7.2, WeB7.6, WeC1.4
Distributed estimation over sensor netsFrC5.1, FrC5.2, FrC5.3, WeC4.3
Distributed parameter systemsFrA6.6, FrB1.5, FrB4.1, FrB4.2, FrB4.3, FrB4.4, FrB4.5, FrB4.6, WeA8.4, WeC8.4
See also Distributed Parameter Systems, Delay systems, Flexible structures, Fluid flow systems
Electrical machine controlFrC1.2, FrC1.4, FrC1.5, FrC1.6, WeC1.2
Electrical power systemsFrA1.1, FrA1.2, FrA1.3, FrA1.4, FrA1.5, FrA1.6, FrA5.4, FrB1.1, FrB1.2, FrC8.5, ThA1.2, ThA1.3, ThA1.5, ThA3.6, ThA5.4, ThB1.4, ThB1.5, ThC1.1, ThC1.3, ThC1.4, ThC1.5, ThC1.6, WeA6.4, WeB1.2, WeB1.3, WeB1.4, WeB1.6, WeB4.6
Emerging control applicationsThB9.6, WeA3.5, WeB1.2, WeB2.4, WeC2.2
Emerging control theoryThA7.3
Energy systemsFrA1.1, FrA1.6, FrB1.4, FrB1.6, ThA1.1, ThA1.4, ThA1.6, ThA5.4, ThA9.1, ThA9.2, ThA9.3, ThA9.4, ThA9.5, ThB1.1, ThB1.3, ThB1.6, ThB9.1, ThB9.2, ThB9.3, ThB9.4, ThB9.6, ThC1.1, ThC1.2, ThC1.4, ThC2.2, ThC9.5, ThSSP2.1, WeA1.1, WeA1.2, WeA1.3, WeA1.5, WeA1.6, WeB1.3, WeB1.5, WeC1.3, WeC6.4
Fault detection and identificationFrA4.1, FrA4.2, FrA4.3, FrA4.4, FrB1.5, FrB8.5, FrC7.3, ThA7.4, ThA9.6, ThB9.1, ThC9.1, WeC4.1, WeC4.2, WeC4.3, WeC4.5
Fault diagnosisFrA4.3, FrB3.6, FrB6.4, FrB8.5, ThC9.2, ThC9.3, WeC4.4
Fault estimationFrA4.5
Fault tolerant systemsFrA4.5, FrA4.6, FrB8.6, FrC7.2, ThA4.1, ThA7.3, WeA3.5, WeA7.5, WeC5.3
Feedback linearizationFrC1.4, FrC2.4, FrC5.2, WeA1.4, WeB4.1, WeC3.5
FilteringFrA4.3, FrC1.3, FrC5.3, FrC5.4, ThA8.2, ThA8.3, ThB6.1, ThB8.5, ThC5.6, ThC8.1, ThC8.2, ThC8.3, ThC8.4, WeC6.5
See also Signal Processing
Flexible structuresFrA6.4, FrC4.2
See also Distributed Parameter Systems
Fluid flow systemsFrA6.5, FrC1.3, WeC1.1, WeC7.3
See also Distributed Parameter Systems
Fuzzy systemsFrA1.2, WeC2.2, WeC3.6
See also Intelligent Systems
Game theoretical methodsWeA6.1, WeA6.3, WeA6.4, WeA6.5, WeSSP1.1
See also Optimization
Genetic regulatory systemsFrA2.1, FrA2.3, FrA2.4, WeC4.5
See also Biological Systems
H2/H-infinity methodsFrA1.3, FrA5.5, FrA6.1, FrA7.1, FrA7.2, FrA7.3, FrB6.3, ThB3.1, ThC5.2, ThC7.3, WeB2.2, WeB6.2, WeC4.2
See also Optimization
Hybrid systemsFrB8.5, FrC4.3, FrC8.1, FrC8.2, ThA2.1, ThA9.1, ThB1.5, WeA4.4, WeA7.3, WeB4.2, WeC6.1
See also Hybrid Systems, Quantized systems, Stability of hybrid systems, Switched systems
IdentificationFrB1.5, FrB3.4, FrC2.5, FrC6.3, FrC8.3, ThA3.2, ThA6.2, ThA8.1, ThB3.5, ThB6.1, ThB6.2, ThB6.3, ThB6.4, ThB6.5, ThB6.6, ThC6.4, WeA1.1, WeB2.1, WeB2.5, WeB6.3
Identification for controlFrC1.5, ThA9.4, ThA9.5, ThC6.2, ThC6.5, ThC7.2, WeA1.4, WeA1.5, WeA2.2, WeA2.5, WeB4.3, WeB6.3, WeB6.4, WeC1.6, WeC2.3, WeC6.2, WeC6.4
Identification for hybrid systemsFrC8.3, ThA6.5
Intelligent systemsFrB2.1, FrB5.5, ThA9.2, WeB2.1
See also Intelligent Systems, Fuzzy systems, Machine learning, Neural networks
Iterative learning controlFrB7.6, ThA6.1, ThA6.2
Large-scale systemsFrA1.1, FrA1.6, FrA5.6, FrA6.1, ThA2.4, ThA2.5, ThA5.1, ThB1.2, ThC5.2, ThC5.4, ThC9.2, ThC9.6, WeA5.3, WeA5.5, WeA7.1, WeA7.5, WeB4.6, WeB7.1, WeC1.2, WeC4.3, WeC7.1, WeC7.4
See also Large-Scale Systems, Decentralized control, Distributed control
Linear parameter-varying systemsFrA6.5, FrA8.6, FrC6.3, FrC7.2, FrC8.4, ThC6.3
See also Linear Systems
Linear systemsFrA1.3, FrA1.4, FrA3.4, FrA6.2, FrA6.6, FrA7.3, FrB4.5, FrB5.1, FrB6.3, FrB7.1, FrC4.2, FrC7.5, ThA4.2, ThA4.3, ThA4.4, ThA7.1, ThA7.2, ThA7.4, ThB7.1, ThB7.2, ThB7.3, ThB7.4, ThC3.1, ThC6.4, ThC7.3, WeA5.6, WeB2.6, WeB6.4, WeC2.1, WeC5.6, WeC6.1
See also Linear Systems, Linear parameter-varying systems, Linear time-varying systems, Observers for linear systems, Predictive control for linear systems, Sampled data control, Stability of linear systems
Linear time-varying systemsFrA7.6, FrB4.3, FrC4.1, FrC4.2, FrC4.4, FrC4.6, ThB7.5, ThB7.6
See also Linear Systems
LMI's/BMI's/SOS'sFrA4.1, FrA5.5, FrA7.2, FrA7.4, FrA7.5, FrA8.3, FrB2.4, FrB7.2, FrC7.5, ThB6.6, ThB7.6, ThB9.5, WeA7.3, WeB1.6, WeB4.5, WeB7.3, WeC7.4
See also Computational Methods
Lyapunov methodsFrA8.4, FrC1.6, FrC8.6, ThA2.1, ThA2.3, ThA2.4, ThA2.5, ThA3.1, ThA8.4, ThA8.5, ThB8.1, ThC1.3, ThC1.6, ThC6.6, ThC8.5, ThC9.4, WeA3.6, WeA8.1, WeA8.5, WeB7.5, WeB8.1, WeB8.2, WeB8.3, WeB8.4, WeB8.5, WeC8.6
Machine learningFrB1.3, FrC1.6, FrC5.5, ThA6.3, ThA9.5, WeA4.1
See also Intelligent Systems
Manufacturing processesThB2.1, ThC3.6
MaritimeThB4.1, ThB4.2, ThB4.3, ThB4.4, ThB4.5, ThC2.1
Markov processesFrC4.3, FrC6.5, ThB1.6, ThC8.2, WeA3.3, WeA6.5, WeA7.6, WeB5.1, WeC2.4
See also Stochastic Systems
MechatronicsFrA4.4, FrB2.5, FrB7.6, FrC5.6, ThA1.1, ThA4.6, ThB5.5, ThB9.6, ThC3.2, ThC3.6, ThC4.5, WeA5.4, WeB3.4, WeC6.3
Medical signal processingWeC4.1
Metabolic systemsFrC2.6
See also Biological Systems
Model validationThA3.3, ThA5.3, ThA6.4, ThA9.4, WeA2.1, WeA2.2, WeB1.4
Model/Controller reductionFrA6.1, FrA6.2, FrA6.3, FrC8.5, WeC7.6
See also Modeling
ModelingFrA1.4, FrA7.3, FrB1.1, FrB2.2, FrB2.5, FrB3.4, FrB6.4, FrC1.2, FrC1.4, FrC2.1, FrC3.6, FrC7.1, ThA1.3, ThA1.4, ThA1.6, ThA3.3, ThA8.1, ThB3.1, ThB4.4, ThB9.5, WeA1.1, WeA1.2, WeA1.5, WeA1.6, WeA2.4, WeA6.6, WeB1.4, WeB2.1, WeC1.2, WeC2.5, WeC4.1
See also Behavioural systems, Differential algebraic systems, Model/Controller reduction, Reduced order modeling
Nano systemsFrA7.1
Network analysis and controlFrA2.6, FrA6.3, FrB1.2, ThA2.2, ThA4.1, ThA4.3, ThC1.3, ThC3.5, WeB7.1, WeB7.4, WeC7.1, WeC7.2, WeC7.3, WeC8.2, WePTP.1
Neural networksThC7.1, ThC9.1, WeC6.6, WeC8.2
See also Intelligent Systems
Nonlinear system identificationFrB6.5, FrC8.4, ThA4.6, ThA6.2, ThA6.3, ThA6.4, ThA6.5, ThA6.6, ThC6.1, ThC6.3, ThC7.2
Nonlinear system theoryFrA2.3, FrA2.5, FrA8.5, FrB2.6, ThB4.6, ThB9.4, ThC1.5, ThC2.3, ThC2.4, ThC3.2, ThC9.4, ThSSP1.1, WeA8.3, WeA8.4, WeA8.5, WeB8.4, WeC4.4, WeC7.5, WeC8.1, WeC8.4
Observers for linear systemsFrB4.1, FrB7.2, ThA7.4, ThB7.5, ThB8.3, ThB8.4, ThC7.4, WeB6.1
See also Linear Systems
Observers for nonlinear systemsFrA4.4, FrA7.4, FrC1.3, FrC1.5, FrC2.4, FrC5.2, ThA8.3, ThA8.4, ThA8.5, ThA8.6, ThB3.2, ThB8.1, ThB8.2, ThC3.4, ThC7.4, ThC8.3, ThC8.5, ThC8.6, WeA8.1, WeA8.2, WeA8.5, WeB5.6, WeC7.5
Optimal controlFrB2.2, FrB5.1, FrB5.2, FrB5.3, FrB5.6, FrB6.1, FrC1.1, FrC2.2, FrC4.1, FrC6.4, FrC6.5, FrC8.5, ThA1.4, ThA5.4, ThA5.5, ThA7.1, ThA7.6, ThB5.5, ThB7.1, ThB9.2, ThC4.3, ThC4.5, ThC5.1, ThC5.2, ThC5.3, ThC5.4, WeA4.1, WeA4.5, WeA5.1, WeA6.6, WeB1.5, WeB3.5, WeB5.3, WeB5.5, WeB6.5, WeC1.5, WeC3.4, WeC5.4, WeC5.5, WeC7.2
See also Optimization
OptimizationFrA1.5, FrA3.3, FrA5.1, FrA5.2, FrA5.6, FrB1.1, FrB1.2, FrB5.6, FrB6.6, FrC3.1, FrC6.2, FrC6.5, FrC8.1, ThA1.1, ThA1.2, ThA4.5, ThA5.2, ThA5.3, ThA9.2, ThA9.3, ThB1.4, ThB1.5, ThB4.1, ThB4.5, ThC4.1, ThC4.4, ThC5.5, ThC6.5, WeA4.3, WeA4.4, WeA5.5, WeA5.6, WeB5.3, WeB9.1, WeB9.3, WeC1.3, WeC1.6, WeC2.4, WeC3.3, WeC3.4, WeC5.2, WeC5.3, WeC7.6, WeSSP2.1
See also Game theoretical methods, H2/H-infinity methods, Optimal control, Optimization algorithms, Variational methods
Optimization algorithmsFrA3.2, FrA5.1, FrA5.3, FrA5.4, FrA5.5, FrA5.6, FrB5.5, FrB7.2, FrC8.2, ThA2.3, ThA5.6, ThB1.4, ThB3.6, ThB5.6, ThC5.1, ThC5.6, ThC6.1, ThC6.5, WeA3.1, WeA4.2, WeA4.3, WeA5.1, WeA5.2, WeA5.3, WeA5.5, WeA5.6, WeA6.5, WeB1.5, WeB5.2, WeB5.4
See also Optimization
Output feedbackThC3.4
Output regulationWeA1.2, WeC2.6, WeC8.3
Petri netsFrB8.1, FrB8.2, FrB8.3, FrB8.4
See also Discrete Event Systems
Power electronicsThC1.5, WeA1.3, WeA4.4, WeB1.1
Power plantsFrB1.3, FrB1.6, ThA1.6, WeC1.1
Predictive control for linear systemsFrB3.5, FrC2.6, ThA1.3, ThA5.5, ThB1.2, ThB1.3, ThB5.1, ThB5.2, ThB5.3, ThB5.4, ThB5.5, ThB5.6, ThB9.3, ThC4.1, ThC4.2, ThC4.6, ThC9.6, WeA2.1, WeA5.2, WeA5.4, WeB3.5, WeC5.1, WeC5.2, WeC5.3, WeC5.4, WeC5.5, WeC5.6
See also Linear Systems
Predictive control for nonlinear systemsFrA4.5, FrB2.3, FrB7.3, FrC1.1, FrC6.1, FrC7.4, ThA5.1, ThC9.5, WeA4.3, WeA4.5, WeA4.6, WeB5.1, WeB5.2, WeB5.3, WeB5.4, WeB5.5, WeB5.6, WeB9.2, WeB9.4, WeB9.5, WeC1.1
Process controlThA5.1, ThA5.5, ThB4.1, ThB5.1, WeA1.4, WeA2.1, WeA2.2, WeA2.6, WeB2.4, WeB2.6, WeB6.5, WeC5.1, WeC5.6
Quantized systemsThB6.2, WeA3.1
See also Hybrid Systems
Quantum controlFrB6.1, ThB8.3
Quantum information and controlThB8.3
Randomized algorithmsFrC6.2, ThA3.4, WeA7.6
See also Uncertain Systems
Reduced order modelingFrA6.2, FrA6.4, FrA6.5, FrB1.6, ThA5.3
See also Modeling
RoboticsFrA3.1, FrB3.1, FrB5.2, FrB5.3, FrB7.4, FrC5.6, FrC6.1, FrC8.6, ThB4.4, ThB4.6, ThC5.3, WeA6.1, WeA6.6, WeB3.1, WeB3.3, WeB3.4, WeB3.5, WeB3.6, WeB5.5, WeB6.1, WeC3.1, WeC3.2, WeC3.3, WeC3.4, WeC3.5, WeC3.6, WeC8.3
Robust adaptive controlThB9.1, WeB6.1, WeC6.2, WeC6.3
Robust controlFrA6.6, FrA7.1, FrA7.5, FrA7.6, FrA8.1, FrB2.3, FrB4.4, FrB4.5, FrB4.6, FrB6.3, FrB7.3, FrB7.4, FrB7.5, FrB7.6, FrC2.3, FrC3.5, FrC7.1, FrC7.3, ThB1.1, ThB4.2, ThB5.2, ThB7.2, ThC9.6, WeA3.2, WeA5.4, WeB2.2, WeB2.4, WeB3.2, WeB3.6, WeC2.1
See also Uncertain Systems
Safety critical systemsWeB4.1, WeB4.2, WeB4.3, WeB4.4, WeB4.5, WeB4.6
Sampled data controlFrA8.4, FrC4.3, FrC4.4, WeB8.5
See also Linear Systems
Sensor and signal fusionFrB5.4, FrC5.3, FrC5.5, FrC5.6, ThB8.5, ThC5.6
See also Signal Processing
Servo controlThC3.6
Signal processingThA8.2, WeB6.6
See also Signal Processing, Filtering, Sensor and signal fusion, Wavelets
Sliding mode controlFrB4.4, FrC3.5, ThB4.6, WeA8.2, WeA8.6, WeB3.2, WeC6.6
Stability of hybrid systemsFrC4.5, FrC8.6
See also Hybrid Systems
Stability of linear systemsFrB2.4, FrB4.6, FrB7.1, FrC4.4, FrC5.4, FrC7.5, ThB7.2, ThB7.3, ThB7.5, ThB7.6
See also Linear Systems
Stability of nonlinear systemsFrA7.4, FrA7.5, FrA8.5, FrB6.5, FrC4.5, FrC4.6, ThA2.4, ThC8.5, ThC9.4, WeA3.2, WeA8.4, WeB2.3, WeB3.6, WeB8.1, WeB8.2, WeB8.3, WeB8.4, WeB8.5, WeB8.6, WeC8.4
Statistical learningFrB6.4, FrB6.5, ThA9.6, ThB3.6, ThB6.3, ThB6.4, WeB1.3, WeC1.5
Stochastic controlFrA5.2, FrA8.6, FrB1.4, FrB6.2, FrB6.6, FrC4.1, FrC6.1, ThB3.6, ThB5.3, ThC5.4, WeA7.4
See also Stochastic Systems
Stochastic filteringFrA2.1, FrB5.4, ThA4.5, ThB3.2, ThB8.4, ThB8.5, ThC8.1, ThC8.3, ThC8.6
See also Stochastic Systems
Stochastic systemsFrA7.6, FrA8.1, FrB6.2, FrC3.6, ThB1.2, ThB1.3, ThB8.4, ThC8.4, ThC8.6, WeA5.2
See also Stochastic Systems, Markov processes, Stochastic control, Stochastic filtering
Supervisory controlFrB8.1, FrB8.2, FrB8.3, FrB8.4, ThA9.1
See also Discrete Event Systems
Switched systemsFrA4.1, FrA8.1, FrA8.2, FrA8.3, FrA8.4, FrA8.5, FrA8.6, FrC3.2, FrC4.5, FrC6.2, FrC6.4, FrC8.3, ThA2.3, ThB5.2, ThC6.6, WeB1.1, WeC2.5
See also Hybrid Systems
System reconfigurationFrA4.6, FrB3.6, ThA4.1, WeA2.3
Traffic controlFrC3.2, FrC3.4, WeA7.6, WeA8.3
Transportation systemsFrB3.5, FrB5.4, FrC3.1, FrC3.3, FrC3.5, FrC3.6, ThC9.5, WeA2.4
UAV'sFrA3.3, FrA4.2, FrB3.1, FrB3.2, FrB3.3, FrB3.4, FrB3.5, FrB3.6, FrB5.5, FrB5.6, FrC7.1, ThB4.5, ThC3.3, WeB5.6, WeB8.6, WeC2.6, WeC3.5, WeC7.4
See also Autonomous Systems
Uncertain systemsFrA1.5, FrA5.2, FrA6.4, FrA8.3, FrB2.6, FrB5.3, FrB7.1, FrB7.3, FrB7.4, FrB7.5, FrC3.1, FrC4.6, ThA7.3, ThA7.5, ThB1.1, ThB6.6, ThB9.5, ThC4.6, ThC8.1, WeA8.6, WeB2.2, WeB6.3, WeC7.3
See also Uncertain Systems, Randomized algorithms, Robust control
V&V of control algorithmsThA2.1, WeB4.1, WeB4.2, WeB4.3, WeB4.4, WeB4.5
Variational methodsFrB6.1
See also Optimization




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