Congreso Nacional de Control Automático 2023 (CNCA 2023)
October 25-27, 2023, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

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Last updated on November 7, 2023. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CNCA 2023 Keyword Index

C   D   E   M   O   P   R   S   T  

Cómputo para ControlJueT3S1.1, MieT2S2.5, VieT1S1.3
Control Basado en pasividadMieT2S3.1, MieT2S3.2, MieT2S3.3, MieT2S3.4, MieT2S3.5, VieT2S1.3, VieT2S3.1, VieT2S3.2, VieT2S3.3
Control ClásicoJueT1S2.2, JueT1S2.5, JueT1S3.1, JueT1S3.3, JueT1S3.4, JueT1S3.5, JueT2S1.1, JueT2S2.1, JueT2S3.2, JueT2S3.5, JueT2S3.6, JueT3S2.2, MieT2S2.3, MieT2S2.5, VieT1S1.5
Control de ProcesosJueT1S2.4, JueT1S3.3, JueT3S1.4, MieT1S1.5, MieT1S2.4, MieT2S2.1, MieT2S2.2, MieT2S2.3, MieT2S2.4, MieT2S2.5, VieT2S2.1, VieT2S2.2, VieT2S2.3, VieT2S2.4
Control de Sistemas LinealesJueT1S3.1, JueT1S3.2, JueT1S3.3, JueT1S3.4, JueT1S3.5, JueT1S3.6, JueT2S1.2, JueT2S2.2, JueT2S2.3, JueT2S2.6, JueT2S3.1, JueT2S3.3, JueT2S3.4, JueT2S3.5, JueT2S3.6, JueT3S2.5, JueT3S3.2, JueT3S3.3, MieT1S1.1, MieT2S1.5, MieT2S2.1, MieT2S2.3, VieT1S1.2, VieT2S3.1
Control de Sistemas No LinealesJueT1S1.1, JueT1S1.2, JueT1S1.3, JueT1S1.4, JueT1S1.5, JueT1S1.6, JueT1S2.6, JueT2S1.1, JueT2S1.5, JueT2S2.4, JueT3S2.1, JueT3S2.3, JueT3S2.4, JueT3S3.2, JueT3S3.4, MieT1S1.1, MieT1S1.2, MieT1S2.1, MieT1S2.4, MieT1S2.5, MieT1S3.1, MieT1S3.2, MieT1S3.4, MieT1S3.5, MieT1S3.6, MieT2S1.3, MieT2S1.4, MieT2S1.5, MieT2S2.2, MieT2S2.4, MieT2S3.1, MieT2S3.2, MieT2S3.3, MieT2S3.4, VieT1S2.1, VieT1S2.4, VieT1S3.2, VieT1S3.3, VieT1S3.4, VieT2S2.3, VieT2S3.2
Control DifusoJueT3S2.4, VieT2S1.3
Control Discontinuo (modos deslizantes)JueT1S1.3, MieT1S1.2, MieT1S3.1, MieT1S3.2, MieT1S3.3, MieT1S3.4, MieT1S3.5, MieT1S3.6, VieT1S2.1, VieT1S2.2, VieT1S2.3, VieT1S2.4, VieT1S3.4, VieT2S1.4, VieT2S3.1
Control ÓptimoJueT2S3.1, JueT2S3.3, MieT1S2.1
Control RobustoJueT1S1.3, JueT1S1.4, JueT1S1.5, JueT1S3.1, JueT3S2.3, MieT1S3.3, MieT1S3.4, MieT1S3.5, MieT1S3.6, MieT2S3.4, VieT2S1.4
Control SupervisorJueT1S2.3, JueT3S1.3, VieT2S1.1
Detección y Aislamiento de FallasJueT1S1.1, JueT3S3.1, MieT1S1.1, MieT1S1.2, MieT1S1.3, MieT1S1.4, MieT1S1.5, MieT1S1.6, MieT2S1.1, VieT2S1.2
Educación en ControlJueT1S3.6, JueT2S2.1, JueT3S1.2, JueT3S1.4, JueT3S1.5, MieT2S1.2, VieT1S1.3
Modelado e Identificación de SistemasJueT1S1.2, JueT1S2.1, JueT1S2.2, JueT1S2.6, JueT1S3.2, JueT1S3.4, JueT2S1.1, JueT2S1.2, JueT2S1.3, JueT2S1.4, JueT2S2.4, JueT2S2.5, MieT1S1.4, MieT1S1.6, MieT1S2.2, MieT1S2.3, MieT1S2.5, MieT1S2.6, MieT2S1.3, MieT2S2.4, VieT1S3.5, VieT2S1.2, VieT2S2.3, VieT2S2.4, VieT2S3.4
Otros Tópicos AfinesJueT1S2.5, JueT1S2.6, JueT1S3.6, JueT2S2.2, JueT2S2.5, JueT3S1.2, JueT3S1.4, JueT3S3.4, JueT3S3.5, MieT1S1.3, MieT1S2.1, MieT1S2.3, MieT1S3.1, MieT2S1.1, VieT1S1.1, VieT1S1.4, VieT1S1.5, VieT1S3.2, VieT2S1.1, VieT2S1.2
Procesos BiológicosMieT1S1.3, MieT1S2.2, MieT1S2.6
Procesos BiotecnológicosMieT1S2.4, MieT1S2.5, MieT1S2.6, MieT2S2.1, MieT2S2.2, VieT1S2.2
Redes NeuronalesVieT2S1.1, VieT2S1.4
Robótica y MecatrónicaJueT1S1.5, JueT1S1.6, JueT2S1.5, JueT2S3.2, JueT2S3.3, JueT3S2.1, JueT3S2.2, JueT3S2.3, JueT3S2.4, JueT3S2.5, MieT2S3.1, MieT2S3.3, VieT1S1.2, VieT1S1.3, VieT1S2.1, VieT1S3.2, VieT1S3.3, VieT1S3.4, VieT1S3.5
Sincronización de SistemasJueT3S1.1, JueT3S3.3, JueT3S3.5, VieT1S1.5
Sistemas AdaptablesJueT1S1.1, JueT2S1.5, JueT2S2.6, MieT2S1.4, VieT1S3.1
Sistemas BiomédicosMieT1S1.4, MieT1S2.3
Sistemas CaóticosJueT3S3.2, JueT3S3.4, JueT3S3.5
Sistemas de Eventos DiscretosJueT2S1.4, VieT1S3.3
Sistemas de Parámetros DistribuidosJueT2S2.3, MieT1S1.6, VieT2S2.4
Sistemas DiscretosJueT1S1.4, JueT2S1.2, JueT2S3.1, JueT3S3.1
Sistemas Eléctricos de PotenciaJueT1S1.2, JueT1S2.1, JueT1S2.4, JueT2S2.3, JueT2S2.5, VieT2S1.3, VieT2S3.3
Sistemas ElectromecánicosJueT1S3.5, JueT3S1.1, JueT3S1.3, JueT3S1.5, MieT2S1.3, MieT2S1.4, MieT2S3.2, VieT1S1.4
Sistemas Electrónicos de PotenciaJueT1S2.2, JueT1S2.3, JueT1S2.4, JueT1S2.5, JueT2S2.2, JueT2S2.4, JueT2S2.6, MieT2S3.5, VieT1S2.3, VieT2S3.2, VieT2S3.3
Sistemas EstocásticosJueT1S2.3
Sistemas Hombre-MáquinaJueT2S3.2, JueT3S1.5, VieT1S1.4, VieT2S2.1
Sistemas Mecánicos DiscontinuosVieT1S2.4
Sistemas Multi-AgenteJueT1S3.2, JueT3S2.1, JueT3S2.5, JueT3S3.3, MieT1S3.3, VieT1S1.2
Tecnología para ControlJueT2S2.1, JueT2S3.6, JueT3S1.2, JueT3S1.3, JueT3S2.2, MieT2S1.2, VieT1S2.2




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