2012 Australian Control Conference, 15th-16th November, 2012. Sydney, Australia

2012 Australian Control Conference
November 15-16, 2012, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

AUCC 2012 Keyword Index

A   C   D   E   F   I   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T  

Automotive ControlFrIT2.2, FrIT2.3, ThIT1.1, ThIT4.3
Complex SystemsFrBOP2.5, FrIT1.6
ConsensusFrAOP1.2, FrIT2.4, FrIT2.5, ThBOP2.2
Control ApplicationsFrBOP2.2, FrBOP2.3, FrIT1.1, FrIT1.3, FrIT1.5, FrIT1.7, FrIT2.6, FrIT3.2, FrIT3.6, FrIT4.2, FrIT4.5, FrIT4.6, ThAOP1.2, ThBOP2.1, ThBOP2.2, ThBOP2.4, ThBOP2.5, ThIT1.2, ThIT1.5, ThIT2.2, ThIT4.5, ThIT4.6, ThIT4.7, ThIT5.4
Control EducationThBOP2.1
Delay SystemsThIT1.2, ThIT1.3, ThIT2.4, ThIT2.5, ThIT2.6, ThIT5.2
Discrete Event SystemsThIT4.2
Distributed SystemsFrBOP2.5, FrIT2.4, FrIT2.5, FrIT3.7, ThBOP2.5, ThIT1.4, ThIT2.2, ThIT3.6
EstimationFrAOP1.1, FrBOP2.1, FrIT1.4, FrIT1.6, FrIT3.1, ThBOP2.3, ThIT3.1, ThIT5.5
Fault DetectionFrIT1.6, FrIT3.3, ThBOP2.3
Filters and FilteringFrBOP2.1, ThIT5.5
Flexible Manufacturing SystemsFrIT4.7
Fuzzy and Neural SystemsFrIT1.2, FrIT2.1, FrIT3.6, ThIT2.6
Intelligent and AI Based ControlThIT5.3
Linear Matrix InequalitiesFrIT3.2, ThBOP2.4, ThIT2.5
Linear SystemsFrAOP1.2, FrBOP2.4, FrIT1.3, FrIT2.3, FrIT3.4, FrIT3.8, ThBOP2.5, ThIT1.7, ThIT2.1, ThIT2.2, ThIT2.4, ThIT3.3, ThIT3.4
Micro and Nano SystemsFrIT1.3, FrIT4.2, FrIT4.5, FrIT4.6, ThAOP1.2
Model Predictive ControlFrIT1.1, FrIT1.7, FrIT2.6, ThIT4.1, ThIT4.7, ThIT5.4
Motion ControlFrAOP1.1, FrBOP2.2, FrIT2.2
Multi-agent SystemsFrAOP1.2, FrBOP2.5, FrIT2.5
Multi-dimensional SystemsFrBOP2.4, ThBOP2.4, ThIT1.5
Nonlinear Systems and ControlFrAOP1.3, FrAOP1.4, FrAOP1.5, FrIT4.1, ThAOP1.4, ThAOP1.5, ThBOP2.1, ThBOP2.3, ThIT1.4, ThIT1.5, ThIT2.3, ThIT2.7, ThIT3.1, ThIT3.2, ThIT3.3, ThIT3.5, ThIT3.6, ThIT4.3, ThIT4.6, ThIT5.1, ThIT5.6
Optimal ControlFrAOP1.3, FrAOP1.4, FrAOP1.5, FrIT2.4, FrIT3.5, FrIT3.8, FrIT4.3, ThBOP2.2, ThIT1.6, ThIT1.7, ThIT2.4, ThIT3.2, ThIT3.4, ThIT4.1, ThIT5.1
Process AutomationThIT1.6
Process Control & InstrumentationThAOP1.5, ThIT1.1, ThIT1.2, ThIT1.4, ThIT1.6
Quantum Control & EstimationFrIT4.1, FrIT4.3, FrIT4.4, ThAOP1.1, ThAOP1.3, ThAOP1.4, ThIT5.6
Real-time SystemsThIT1.1
RoboticsFrBOP2.1, FrBOP2.2, FrBOP2.3, FrIT2.1, FrIT2.6, ThIT5.3
Robust Control and SystemsFrBOP2.3, FrIT3.1, FrIT3.2, FrIT3.3, FrIT4.3, FrIT4.7, ThAOP1.3, ThIT1.3, ThIT2.1, ThIT2.3, ThIT2.7, ThIT3.1, ThIT3.2, ThIT3.4, ThIT4.3, ThIT4.6, ThIT5.3
Sensor Networks and Networked ControlThAOP1.5, ThIT4.4, ThIT5.2
Signal ProcessingThIT4.5
Smart StructuresFrIT1.2, FrIT4.2, FrIT4.5, FrIT4.6
Stochastic ControlThAOP1.4, ThIT5.1, ThIT5.4, ThIT5.6
System Modelling and IdentificationFrIT1.1, FrIT1.2, FrIT2.1, FrIT4.7, ThIT4.1, ThIT4.2
Time-varying SystemsFrIT3.1




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