ACD 2022 16th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis November 16-18, 2022  |  Nancy, France
16th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis
November 16-18, 2022, Nancy, France

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Last updated on November 9, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday November 16, 2022

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Cyberphysical Security of Critical Infrastructures - Prof. V. Puig
(Universitat Politčcnica De Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) - Spain)
Plenary Session
Chair: Ponsart, Jean-ChristopheUniversité De Lorraine
Observers and Estimation Regular Session
Chair: Gershon, EliHolon Institue of Technology
Co-Chair: Alrifai, YehyaUniv. Bordeaux, ESTIA INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY
16:00-16:20, Paper WeA1.1 
 H_infty Stochastic State-Multiplicative Uncertain Systems - Robust Luenberger Filters

Gershon, Eli (Holon Institue of Technology)
16:20-16:40, Paper WeA1.2 
 Anticipating the Loss of Unknown Input Observability for Sampled LPV Systems

Bainier, Gustave (Université De Lorraine), Ponsart, Jean-Christophe (Université De Lorraine, CNRS), Marx, Benoit (Université De Lorraine)
16:40-17:00, Paper WeA1.3 
 Luenberger Observer Design for Robust Estimation of Battery State of Charge with Application to Lithium-Titanate Oxide Cells

Immonen, Eero (Turku University of Applied Sciences)
17:00-17:20, Paper WeA1.4 
 Fault Detection and Diagnosis of PV Systems Using Kalman-Filter Algorithm Based on Multi-Zone Polynomial Regression

Alrifai, Yehya (Univ. Bordeaux, ESTIA INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY), Aguilera Gonzalez, Adriana (Estia - Institute of Technology), Vechiu, Ionel (ESTIA Recherche)
17:20-17:40, Paper WeA1.5 
 Parity-Space and Multiple-Model Based Approaches to Measurement Fault Estimation

Puncochar, Ivo (University of West Bohemia), Straka, Ondrej (University of West Bohemia)
WeA2 ROOM - E 210
Diagnosis and Prognosis Regular Session
Chair: Torres, LizethUNAM
Co-Chair: Galli, FedericaIRSEEM, Normandie University, UNIROUEN, ESIGELEC
16:00-16:20, Paper WeA2.1 
 Online Condition Monitoring of a Vacuum Process Based on Adaptive Notch Filters

Yakhni, Mohammad (Universite De La Rochelle), Cauet, Sebastien (University of Poitiers), Sakout, Anas (Université De La Rochelle), Assoum, Hassan (Beirut Arab University), El-Gohary, Mohamed (Beirut Arab University)
16:20-16:40, Paper WeA2.2 
 A Study of OBF-ARMAX Performance for Modelling of a Mechanical System Excited by a Low Frequency Signal for Condition Monitoring

Bautista Gonzalez, Oscar (University of Gävle), Rönnow, Daniel (University of Gävle)
16:40-17:00, Paper WeA2.3 
 Pre-Localization of Two Leaks in a Water Pipeline Using Hydraulic and Spatial Constraints

Torres, Lizeth (UNAM), Verde, Cristina (Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico)
17:00-17:20, Paper WeA2.4 
 Diagnosis and Failure Prognosis of Intermittent Faults: A Bond Graph Approach

Borutzky, Wolfgang (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)
17:20-17:40, Paper WeA2.5 
 Remaining Useful Life Estimation Based on Wavelet Decomposition: Application to Bearings in Reusable Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines

Galli, Federica (IRSEEM, Normandie University, UNIROUEN, ESIGELEC), Sircoulomb, Vincent (IRSEEM), Hoblos, Ghaleb (IRSEEM/ESIGELEC), Weber, Philippe (Universite De Lorraine), Galeotta, Marco (CNES)
the Harmony of French Cheeses and Wines - J. Diguet (Universite De
Lorraine, Nancy, France)
Plenary Session
Chair: Theilliol, DidierUniversity of Lorraine




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